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[The feed flips around for awhile as the person on the other side struggles to make it work, muttering strange-sounding curses under his breath, among other angry things.

Finally, he realizes he got it to work.]
Ah, wonderful. So that's how this tablet works, hmm? What a strange little thing, I can't even feel a trace of magic inside it. Whoever enchanted this scrying device must have been an incredibly weak sorcerer.

Now[And so the angry ranting begins.]

I don't know who you are or why you've brought me here, but you've picked both a poor time and a rude execution! Perhaps you've heard of my power, or perhaps you simply don't know what it is you're doing. Whatever the case may be, reverse it at once.

Do you have any idea what kind of power you're trifling with here?! I am not just any demon! No, I am more than a demon now, my power extends to the heavens themselves! I am the new God of this world! Tremble before me, you foolish mortals! Perhaps if your cowering amuses me, I will think to spare your sad, pitiful lives!

And while you're down there cowering, you can reverse this blasted spell you've put on me, or I'll curse the whole lot of you! I'll turn you all into tiny insects and crush you beneath my feet! So hurry it up, I'm getting impatient!
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Well, fuck you too! I'm not gonna start every post like this, but it's Yuki Kuran's birthday tomorrow-- an' I'm too damn good at this, really. If ya haven't gotten to know her already, ya should get on that. An' make sure to spoil her, cuz she deserves that too! Then there are a few more important people I need some dates from, eheheh. Promise I won't be doin' this everytime but hey, this shit's priority, cuz frankly there ain't enough to celebrate here.


Anyway, uh, movin' on. To all the nation-like entities here an' whatnot...

[needless to say, his tone's changed somewhat.]

Don' tell me you've ever wished ya were a human, eh?

( video )

Jul. 6th, 2012 10:53 pm
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[ So Marceline is just chillin in her house in Dissimulo. I would put an excellent description of the surroundings here to get a ~feel~ for the atmosphere but it's honestly too dark to see anything but Marceline's pale face illuminated by the communicator.

Speaking of which, she's got a new fashion statement. Damn can this vamp rock a mask. Don't worry, Turkey. She left a nice replacement for you. It's made out of paper mache and bears a beautiful face on it. Yes she is quite the trendy lady tonight. Even better, she looks to be in good spirits!

Like I was telling a friend of mine the other day, I can name a few kidnappers who are less accommodating than ours. I mean, c'mon! We've got room and board, there's never a dull moment, and now they're giving us a slice of home. Problem with one of my little gifts though: didn't really give me the equipment to play it on. Couldn't even send over Beemo, huh?

[ She holds up... a video cassette! God it's like the 1990s all over again. The title says Heat Signature. ]

If any of you techies out there can manage a way to play this, I'm all for hosting a movie night. Gotta say, this has to be one of my favorite series of all time! It's a pre-Mushroom War thriller, really has you on the edge of your seat.

And any of you fancy doc's out there? [ She winks under her mask. Oh babby. Yeah she definitely wants to keep this thing. ] I wanna have a little chat with you. Otherwise I'll have to come find you myself.
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[Action A]

[It's evening and China is in Dissimulo. He's sitting on a rock while the female Thestral he's been looking after is but a few feet away from him. She lifts her head to look into his sad expression, but she doesn't venture closer to him. When China turns on the comm, his expression quickly becomes more bitter than sad.]

I remember. Everything. [He closes his eyes before laughing dryly and facing the ground so his bangs cover his eyes.] And of course Japan gets sent home at this time, aru.

[When he lifts his head, the whites of his eyes have turned into a blood red color, but only briefly, for when he speaks his eyes return to normal.] Damn you scientists to Dìyù...

[Action B]

[It's very late in the evening when China returns to Discedo, feel free to stop him as he walks back to his and Stocking's apartment. Meanwhile, when China finally does reach his destination:]

I'm home.

text; 01

Apr. 23rd, 2012 04:27 am
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4ND TH3R3 1S NO 3SC4P3

non IC cut + non leetspeak translation )
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[sup guys, there's a cat with a paper bag over its head. also a smilie on it.

it presses its paws to its communicator.

akjd dfg hjhfgjjjjjjjjjjjjj


(ooc: action for whoever wants it, he will literally be everywhere and anywhere.)
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So... I'm supposed to use this to communicate? Turning it on was easy enough. Lesse here...

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Maybe I'm dreaming... [Selphie pauses to pinch herself.] OUCH! Hm... So I'm not dreaming then.

Where am I anyway? I've been lost before but never just dumped somewhere. This better not be a prank or somebody's gonna get it!

Squall? Irvy? Rinoa? Quisty? Zell? Sis?

[The sounds of Selphie's bootsteps are heard as she starts to get her bearings.] Huh... my Nunchaku's nowhere to be seen. Looks like I'll just have to improvise! I just need to find shelter or find supplies to make shelter.

Better get going then. A compass would be great right about now...


Apr. 6th, 2012 12:51 am
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[ There is nothing even remotely cheerful in Sasuke's expression as the video clicks on. Far from it. Please, stop watching while you can. ]

I think Sadiq Adnan is attractive. As a male, he is adequate.

That's all.

[ And it clicks off. Helpful hint? A bet has gone awry. ]

( voice; )

Apr. 1st, 2012 03:51 pm
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I think this is a long overdue announcement. My girly heart just can't bear this secret anymore! Or something stupid like that. My heart's actually been still for like, a thousand years now, so it's more full of coagulated blood and maggots than secrets. But I guess that's why it can't bear it anymore! It's too frail from all the creepy-crawlies eating it!

[ She is having way too much fun with this. Actually, she usually has fun with elaborate blackmail schemes, but it's been a while since she's had a whole audience to mess with. Marceline gives a dramatic sigh––you know, the kind you'd hear from the ~damsel in distress~ in a particularly old movie. ]

World, get ready for a shocker, because here it comes: I, Marceline the Vampire Queen, am the girlfriend of Sadiq What's-his-Face.

[ From the way she's talking, you can pretty much imagine her doing this. ]

He's just as scrumptious as a strawberry cupcake! Underneath his jerky exterior, there's a man with a heart of gold and cinnamon and whatever else you can imagine that's awesome. We hold hands all the time. It's fantabulous. I don't even mind that he's so sweaty.

So why am I telling you all this? Oh, no reason! Just thought I'd bring a little light into your dismal lives. And to prove that not all vampires are heartless maneaters. I'm sure my schnookems will readily agree.

[ Yeah she's semi up to date on current events. Hey, may as well make the most of this arrangement. (Not that she really cares if people view her badly but some days it's good to know that garlic won't be thrown at you.) ]

That's all. You can all continue on with your daily routines now.
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... Okay, fuck that. Seriously?! That is the last goddamn damn thing I need right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold!! Snow is the worst shit on the planet, no exceptions!! All right, maybe there are some exceptions, but not many!

Anyway, know I've been kinda sparse... I guess if there's anythin' someone needs help on, lemme know! Might as well make good use 'a my time stuck in here, heheheh. When the snow melts, that i--

[--then the (allegedly broken) stove behind him. bursts into flames. nbd.]


[leaping up from where he'd been broadcasting, tearing his coat right off, and attempting to suffocate that flame good. with... varying results. anyway, there's a few more minutes of cursing and him beating the fire with it, before the feed times out.]


locked to marceline, sasuke )

( video; )

Feb. 8th, 2012 07:11 pm
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[ Marceline looks none too happy with the recent happenings. Who knows what people could see in her mind? Hell, they might actually get the impression that she's not as bad she seems, and who wants that? That would be boring. ]

Uuuugghhhhhhhhh. [ Letting out some frustrated growls as she tunes her bass axe. ]

Thought I was done with this whole memory business when I told off my ex. At least I'm not passed out this time. Whatever, as long as none of my memories get erased. Any bonehead tries that, and I suggest you take a good long look at the memory of what happened to my ex when he tried it.

[ I'll give you a hint:

She sighs. Honestly, she can't really be mad if someone accidentally sees something.

Look, here's the deal: you catch a glimpse of anything embarrassing, just leave it, alright? I'll do the same. Unless you're a certain lucky guy named Sadiq.

[ Griinnnnn. ]

While I'm here, any docs around? My whole "look around for the chip myself" thing didn't exactly work as planned.

[ She holds up an arm wrapped entirely in rags. ]

I haven't had an infection in, well, forever, so we best hurry this up.

[ ooc for memory event: if your character wants to see any of Marcy's memories, lemme know! Anything from AT is up for grabs if you're familiar with the series. If not, be prepared for some craziness. ALSO SHE IS SITTING ON THE ROOF OF HER HOUSE IN DISSIMULO so action is welcome! ]


Jan. 17th, 2012 10:59 am
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[Gellert appears on the screen, looking more subdued than he was last year. He's youthful again but the dementors took some toll - he looks tired but he'll soon recover.]

That was quite the experience... How do you people cope without magic?
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[The feed begins with Homura absentmindedly looking at a ring on her left hand, turning it around a few times to reveal the gem on the other side.]

Is it a new year already...? I-I know I've only been here a few months, but I guess it's just a little weird. It's still March back home... [Repeating the same month over and over. but anyway, that's not what she wanted to talk about.]

U-Um, I was wondering... who knows how to remove chips? I'd like t-to get mine removed, if possible...
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Vincent...! Hey, Vincent! C'mon! Where the heck are you?!

[The feed would turn on to show a face...well, you couldn't really see their face at all since it was shrouded by their cowl with yellow button eyes. A pout formed on her lips in annoyance.]

Oh, sure I swoop in saving your life in the most awesome fashion and don't even get a thank you, kiss my ass or...'Yuffie you're the greatest ninja ever my darling, here let me give you my materia to show my eternal devotion' You jerk.

[Okay he wouldn't say it like that, but a thank you would be in order or something! With that big hole in his chest she was worried, but  it looked like it had already starting healing up pretty fast remarkably.

Then there was this thing she found on her. This wasn't her phone. It was  much different mayb ea little better, BUT dammit she didn't have her contacts on here and she couldn't get in touch with Reeve, Cid or anyone else!]

Ugh, this isn't even mine. If someone is playing a joke this isn't funny.

[She had been studying it and watching a few random posts pop up on the network. She was currently perching on a high lamp post observing the device.]

Anyone mind giving a girl a hand and telling me where I am?
Oh..!  And have you seen a really tall guy anywhere? Pretty pale, carries a gun, wears a lot of red and black, kinda looks like a vampire...not much fashion sense I know. Tell him he's gonna get it when I get my hands on him!

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