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( usually when yuki appeared on the video feed it was because she meant to. however today the feed opens up to loud screaming and the view of legs kicking and trying to plant themselves. shortly the feed blurs a bit and reappears to show yuki lying on the floor of a rather dark looking area. yuki is lying there for a bit and then gets up slowly, her hair, jacket, and face covered in dirt.

she sits up slowly and stretches a bit, blood scrapped against her neck and hands. of course the wounds healed but the blood remained. she looked around and then stood up. yuki looked up and then walked back a bit. she then began to scream. )

Help! I need somebody! Anyone? Hello? Is there anybody there?

( she turned and looked around for her communicator and then picked it up. looking rather worried and dirty, she spoke into it. )

I would like to request help please. I have no clue how I feel into this ditch, but this is the second time I've fallen into one.
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{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - http://cache.wists.com/thumbnails/e/bc/ebc228e1b0829aae3a8b59b34b4fc818-orig. Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.

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(text ;; anonymous)

Greetings Discedo and Dissimulo,

You may or may not have noticed but a certain nation often goes around posting others birthday's, yet we've never heard of his birthday. Well citizens, Sadik Adnan's birthday is next week on October 29 2012. Please send him lots of gifts.

- K

video )
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Hey everyone, it's Marco. [You know, in case you couldn't tell from him being... Marco :|]

This actually took a little longer than I meant it to, but a couple of my maps got trashed, and then I nearly lost them when we moved and then I had to get the right kind of bottles--

[Wait. None of you needed to know that. Scratch that and ignore.]

Ah that is -- [Dramatic extra pirate-y mode get!] -- ARRR! Listen up me hearties and mateys alike! Around the port o' call: Discedo, there be buried treasures just waiting to be found and dug up! I have 'ere on me six treasure maps, and there be telling what gold lies at 'dem ends of rainbows wherein treasure marrrrks the spot! [He's trying really hard. Pirates in his world don't talk like this, okay? He has to guess what people think pirates sounds like and fill it in from imagination.]

Be ye daring enough to give these clever puzzles an attempt and earn the treasure and stake yer rightful claim to it?

And if not, then this is just a reminder that the Northern Lights is still operating and a lot more fully stocked. Bring me treasure, more drinks, or whatever you can. If nothing else, food can go to other people or the soup kitchen. We also take blood. [Bloody Mary's and all that. Okay no, that's not why, but if you ask he will claim it is.]

Now get hunting! Come get yer treasure maps and team up to split the treasure! Ev'ryone playing must have at least one sturdy nakama with 'im or 'er to ensure their victory!

ooc information on the treasure hunts )


Oct. 6th, 2012 11:03 pm
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[Gellert has been scarce for a couple of months, since he'd gotten his chip out. The experience had drained him in a way he wasn't used to. Magic didn't work that way in his world. It didn't lessen as if on a counter, even though some spells could be exhausting to perform.]

[He appears now on the screen, looking more like his usual self again. Alert, his eyes bright with youthful enthusiasm. His tone is light, despite the threat in his words.]

I am myself once more. The villains of this place will not defeat me and I challenge them to face me now.

Surely you're not afraid of one wizard... But then, it would be wiser for you to be. Now that I am no longer subdued.
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[The feed starts off to show Leanne giggling and twirling about as she has once more, regained her own body. She goes to speak in Ancient Laguz, still giggling.]

My body! I have my body back! ILYANA! BROTHER! STEVE! MY BODY IS BACK! [SHE IS NO LONGER IN A MAN'S BODY! THAT FACT ALONE IS WELL WORTH CELEBRATION! She blushes a little from embarrassment but then soon a pure white light surrounds her and when the light ebbs away, there stands a human-sized pure white heron. The heron then moves towards the open window and leaps out before the communicator slowly shuts off. Yup! Someone is gonna be flying all over the city as Leanne misses her shifted form. So very very very much.]
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[When the video feed clicks on of it's own accord, Ilyana can be seen in a clearing in the captain's park, staring at a massive plant monster. This staring contest seems to go on for a few minutes until it fires a seed at her, which Ilyana promptly ducks to avoid. That's when Ilyana pulls out a massive book with a lightning bolt on the cover.]


[To those of you who may have heard Leanne speak, this is the ancient tongue that Ilyana is speaking. As if out of nowhere, a massive storm cloud appears and rains lightning down from the heavens. The plant like monster is blasted with enough lightning to burn it to almost nothing but ash.]

I... I can't believe it... it worked? But... how? How did I get my powers back?

[The video feed shuts off at this point.

A few hours later, the device turns on again and Ilyana can be seen sorting through plants.]

If anyone needs potions or the like... I'm going to start making some now that I seem to have my powers back. If anyone has any herbs or other exotic materials they'd be willing to part with, I'm certain something good can come of it. Also... I'll accept payment in the form of food or enormous quantities of raw materials for my potions. I could also use paper, quills, ink, and wood... preferably carved into the form of a staff.

[Ilyana doubles over as if in pain before slumping over to lie on the ground for a few minutes]

But first... does anyone have any food they can spare me? ... Please?

(ooc: Feel free to talk to Ilyana during the first or second parts of the post. For those of you who prefer action posts, Ilyana is in discedo at the Captain's Park.)
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[She had known almost immediately upon waking that everything was not as it had been the night before. For starters, she was no longer the proper gender. If that wasn’t odd enough, closer inspection revealed that the body she now resided in belonged to someone else, someone familiar. If their encounters had been relatively brief.

How fascinating.

When she finally picks up the communicator, residents of Fortuna are greeted with The Doctor, dressed with an oddly feminine touch and a distinctly softer accent.

As much as I appreciate having the opportunity to fully explore the opposite sex, perhaps a bit of warning, next time?

(ooc: Replies will be coming from [personal profile] ineleven.)
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[Well that sure isn't Vaati.

"Crocker" is looking extremely grumpy, and also wearing the most flamboyantly pink shirt to ever exist.]

Whoever is responsible for this, you'd best undo it now. I will not be made to live in this... this pathetic human body! I demand retribution!

Goddesses, it's annoying enough that my magic has been sealed, trapping me in his hideous form is just adding insult to injury!
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[ The feed turns on abruptly.

Lo and behold, two unlikely people stand in front of the camera, clearly unaware they've just gone live. By the way Suigetsu's standing, it's extremely clear the mind inside doesn't belong to the original body.

Sakura's figure, on the other hand, is pulling a very sassy pose. Hands on her hips, wearing a very uncharacteristic pout.

Okay, that's the plan. Did that sink in or do I need to fucking spell it out for you? It really isn't that hard to understand!

Yeah, I got it, I don't need another lecture from you.

Look, bitch. If this works, I won't have to see your ugly mug ever again. So shut up and concentrate.

[ There's a scoff from Sakura as she turns away and Suigetsu does the same, creating a lengthy distance between them in the apartment. They lean forward, sink low into a running stance. ]


[ They sprint at one another and the eventual impact resounds throughout the room with a loud splash and a deafening THUD. It's obvious that slamming into one another to make their souls jump back into their respective bodies was absolutely retarded.

So now Sakura had been reduced to nothing but a scattered puddle on the floor and Suigetsu is crumpled on the ground holding his large, bruised forehead, having crashed into the opposing wall.


[ Dramatic pause. ]


[ *Note: Suigetsu is pink text and Sakura is blue. The accounts "pinking" and "hydraulic" will be used respectively. ]
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[Alice is peering at the strange little communicator she woke up with, examining it even as it records. As much as she didn't like being bossed around, much less by a little sign reading "use this", there seemed to be little choice in the matter. Her face is shown much closer than is needed, still figuring out how the communicator works. In fact, only her yellow-green eyes fit onto the screen, scrunched in concentration, with her glasses reflecting some of the light of the device. It's not that she is behind in modern technology or anything, even if there's a new smart phone or whatever out every two weeks, but she'd like to blame how she is still disoriented. Yes.]

Ah, and that does- right. Strange, fiddly little thing- Ahem. Now. Is this someone's idea of a joke? It is not funny. Not at all. Tell me where I am and how to return home, and I'll only have my boss send you a strongly worded letter. Keep this up, and I'll personally kick your arse!

[Her eyes, still close to the screen, scan over the communicator for a moment.]

... Is anyone even getting this message? Am I talking to myself? Oh, this had better not end up on Youtube.

[Just. More glaring at the screen, waiting for something to happen.]
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[You'd think she'd figure out when to hide the camera portion of this device by now. Marisa can be seen working on something in a clearing of the forest. There are a few orbs of light floating around, illuminating the area so she could see. She hadn't told anyone she'd be leaving the city, and was hoping they would not find out unless this worked. She'd spent long enough on this project and had gotten some sleep again before trying this. She's mumbling to herself and checking a few sheets of paper while she does so, trying to make sure everything was right before she got started.

She's at this for a few minutes before standing up and nodding at the ground. She walks over to the device and puts the papers down. There are runes and numbers on the papers that might look familiar but it's away from the camera too fast to make heads or tails of it. With that she moves back to whatever she was working on and steps carefully towards the center. She stops and concentrates, the outer circle around her glowing a bright white color. It slowly forms a barrier between herself and the outside of the circle. For a moment, nothing can be seen and then it turns translucent enough to somewhat see what she is doing.

She takes a moment to tap the barrier and nods before turning back around and to what she was focused on before. She starts to glow and chant softly, the inner part starting to react. At first there is a blob that glows a purplish blue hue before quickly changing to a deep endless black. It wobbles around a bit, starting to shape into what looks like to be a portal. She slowly stops chanting and watches. After a few minutes she speaks, sounding exhausted but surprised.

It...worked? Really? First try? Well that's a sho-


[Well...Whatever she was doing, that didn't work. Those papers she placed down and her hat go flying past the camera. Marisa flew backwards into the protective barrier hard. She slid down it and sat there for a moment, her face was hidden by black soot. She grimaces as she slowly stands up and dispels the protection ring. As she walks closer to the middle, there is a secondary explosion, sending her flying again. This time there is a cry of pain and a thud heard in the midst of the explosion before everything settles down. The video had been knocked askew as well. All that can be seen is the trees and grass scorched from both explosions.

There is pure silence. No sound of the witch speaking or moving, no monsters showing up. Just...Nothing. Not even the orbs of light going out. The video times out and shuts off. What just happened here...? What was she doing and by herself? You would think she would have figured out that this place does not like to be messed with.

((OOC- Marisa is out cold after that last explosion so she will not respond to her comm at all. Those orbs will stay functional for about a half an hour and then will go out, making it a bit easier to find her.))
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[The communicator flickers on to show a little little standing in the midst of a small group of saplings, letting out chirps and whistles. A pair of fluffy-looking white wings adorn her back, folding as much she could against her back. She blinks at the communicator before drawing it close to sniff at it. What? Just what was this strange thing? She goes to poke the screen with a finger but with no success at figuring out just what it was. Finally though, the little girl speaks but not in English or any other familiar language, nope what she speaks is Ancient Laguz.]

I think that I might be lost? Has anyone seen my mommy or daddy? My brothers and where is my forest?... My mommy, where is my mommy? I want my momma.

[ooc; final post for a while! This is Leanne's chip removal post! Permissions post is here! Please fill out whenever you want. Have fun dealing with a BB!Heron for a week!]
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[Aradia is sitting in Karkat's apartment, as cheerful as can be, wearing a colourful blue and purple polkadotted party hat ontop of her hood. You can tell it's Karkat's apartment because he's sitting behind her, bawling into his hands. His party hat is periwinkle and covered in an obscene amount of glitter, which is starting to collect around his head and shoulders as he weeps openly.

Clive is also there, his upper half sticking out from under the couch, a fashionable blue and red swirled party hat placed over his face. He doesn't appear to be moving at all.]

Hi! I'm Aradia, I just arrived here today, and it's very nice to meet you all! Karkat already gave me the basics of this place, about the city and the scientists and the chips, and about who else from the game is here—hi guys!—but I'm sure there are things he forgot, so if there's anything really important I should know I'd appreciate hearing it. I'd also love to meet everyone, so you're all invited to my corpse party!

[gesturing at Clive's unconscious body]

It's at... [pauses thoughtfully, then turns around to look at Karkat] Hey, where is this hivestem again?

[Karkat: still too busy crying to answer.]

Oh. Well, it's not a very tall hivestem, and it's next to the water! But I can go check outside if that's not specific enough.

Anyway, everyone is welcome and I have lots of hats!


Sep. 6th, 2012 06:30 am
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Have you ever woken up with a craving for everything, ever? [No, but seriously. The courthouse has been taken over. Boxes of cigars, the most unhealthy food he could get out of the shops possible, a single bottle of booze (it's hard when you've got a pirate emperor's son hoarding it all) and apparently.... smooth rocks? Go on and hazard a guess what that's about. But seriously, if there's a minor vice, it seems he's been addicted.]

Nothing is making this headache go away.

I'd take pills, but at this point I'd probably get addicted to them too. God damn it. Anyone got a solution? Or something?

And Washu, that motorcycle ride will come... whenever this headache goes away. Damn.

[ooc: Right I got sick with bad timing (always) so this is pretty late. Smoker's chip event is still in effect, anyone else can have their characters addicted to and/or craving anything you feel like! Sorry it's late! It runs through the 7th though if you still want to get a post in!]
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[The familiar sound of a BUZZZAP! can be heard along with a yelp. A figure picks up the comm before tossing it across the room. A better look of the figure shows a pale female, between the ages 10-12, with some strange features. Light green eyes with red markings around her eyes and arms. Her hair is also in a strange style but is pure white with more red markings and tuffs in it that could be.... Ears? And there is a small fluffy tail behind her as well and she moves back to the comm and picks it up.]

What is this and where am I?

[A brief pause.]

What is my name?
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Why?! Why oh why?!

[Brooke can be seen on screen trying to blow into a harmonica... but.]

Oh the tragedy... the TRAGEDY!! Yohohoho! I cannot play the blues about not having any lips, if I cannot play the harmonica to go with it. And I can't play the Harmonica without lips! Oh the ironic tragedy!

[He's laughing so hard, but also crying buckets.]

I guess I'm finally paying my dues,
Because I got the no lips blues!

I tried to play a harmonica,
Cause it sounds awful sweet,
But I cannot play without lips,
And that isn't very neat.

I don't have a saxaphone,
And guitar just won't quite work,
And complaining I don't have lips,
Just makes me sound like a big jerk!

Oh, I don't want to whine,
Complain, Refute, or Shout,
But without any lips,
I should just get the heck out,

Yeah I can only lose,
For singing this kinda blues,
Cause baby, baby, baby!
I got the... nooooooooooo lips blues!

[And with the end of his song, Brooke crashes his head into his desk.]

(OOC: So Brooke is addicted to the blues for Smoker's chip event. So roughly half his tags will be sung in the blues.)
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[Tuesday Sept, 4th]

[The communicator turns on with a loud scream coming from it. The next thing it will show is Leanne in a room within the Discedo hospital. She just starts shaking a little, bringing her hands to her face and cupping herself a little in her own wings as she remembers what happened. She.... She had died, how is she alive again? She lowers a shaking hand to her chest to touch the scar of where the blade killed her and frowns. She goes to speak out in Ancient Laguz.]

Brother? ..... Lady Ilyana? Are the both of you here or am I in another world? If you are there.... Please.... [And here might be just a few tears in her eyes.] Please come and get me if you are out there. [And here the communicator shuts off.]

[Thursday Sept, 6th]

[The communicator turns on to show Leanne still shaken a little over her death and revival but is mostly recovered. She is just humming a little bit to herself before she notices the communicator and she takes it in order to start the text.]

Time in this world.... It seems to fly by fast. How long have people been here and how one ages here? Another year of life to be given since you were born. What a place to spend that day of birth.

[ooc; Double-post so that I won't be spamming the comm. lol But yeah, please discate which day when replying and more then one thread is welcomed!]
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( the feed opens up to a rather tall looking kinda guy with blue and pink hair holding a plush cat. he is currently sitting on a bench somewhere and is looking rather bored. )

Excuse me but I'm looking for my brother, Panty Anarchy. Tall guy with blonde hair, trying to get into ladies pants. Ya know to be honest he has pretty low standards but in the end he kinda has to so ladies would want to sleep with him. After all he is kinda small if you know what I mean.

( he chuckles slightly and crosses his legs. )

Well I guess I should ask, I can kinda tell this isn't anywhere home. I mean come on this place is filthy and disgusting. Who even lives here? Not me. So where am I? And where's the cake? I'd kill for some Jean-Paul Heaven or Whity-White's special roll cake with tea. Oh! A Belgian chocolate fondant would be good too! Right Honekoneko?

( stocking looks down at his cat and plays with his tongue. )

Oh by the way my name is Stocking Anarchy. You know in case you find Panty, whoever may be watching this.


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