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[Hopefully by now, most people on Fortuna have somehow received a prettily wrapped package containing four different varieties of home-made mooncake outside their doorstep. Those within Discedo had them hand-delivered; everyone else...hope they made it...]

Hey everyone! I know things have been really crazy recently, but if you have a chance [pause] and are in someplace where it's safe to do it [pause...], you should definitely go outside and take a look up at the moon! If you squint really closely, maybe you'll see Chang'e ( 嫦娥), the moon goddess who lives there, or the Jade Rabbit making medicine!

[A soft, kind of wistful laugh] At least, that's what I would say if we were at home...

Anyway, I hope all my packages made it safely, but even if it's not the same moon, you can definitely still eat the mooncake! There's 4 kinds: lotus-paste, red bean, green tea, and chocolate! Just for variety.

I included egg-yolk in a few of them, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it.

[Oh wait...] Yeah, and I guess it's China's birthday tomorrow too.

祝你生日快樂,老師! You're still old, by the way!

Oh, and I don't care if you changed to simplified, you're still going to have to get all your greetings in traditional from me! [Yes, Taiwan did just stick her tongue out in the video. How mature.]


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[Today, everyone will find an invitation in the form of text on their comms.]


Wang Yao


Anarchy Stocking

Request the honor of your presence at their marriage.

The ceremony will be held at the Mariner High School's gym, which can be found in Discedo between Marshall Street and Ingles Trail, on the 8th of August. All are welcome to join the couple's procession from their apartment to the gym in the morning, but the actual ceremony will begin at ten o'clock in the morning and the wedding feast will follow afterwards. All food and beverages will be free.


Jun. 11th, 2012 09:25 pm
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[China's all smiles as he gives a wave.]

Nihao! It has come to my attention that this year, or rather, in the year of 2012, the date for the Dragon Boat Festival is June twenty-third.

Activities for the Dragon Boat Festival include eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats. There is also a game where one tries to make an egg stand at exactly noon, and if you succeed you will have luck for the next year.

I would like to bring this traditional Chinese holiday to Fortuna, especially the boat races if it is safe to go rowing on the lake, aru. Then of course I will prepare plenty of zongzi for others to eat.
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[If anyone's out and about in Discedo, they might be treated to the somewhat eerie sight of Gin skulking about in his ever-present long black, crow-like trench coat and matching fedora. His hair isn't let loose today, gathered and hidden underneath his coat. He looks mildly less threatening today, in as much as a shady man constantly followed by ominously cawing birds can look nonthreatening, as he carried a lumpy bundle of cloth (on closer inspection, it might be made up of a pair of shirts) that clattered and tinkled with a metallic sound as he walked. Judging by the place he emerged from, it can be assumed that the sound was caused by him lumping together so many tins of canned food into his makeshift bag.

He looks almost as unfriendly as ever, unsmiling and perpetually glaring, only every now and then, his glare falters and he reaches up to angrily knuckle his eyes.

Instead of heading back to Dissimulo as quickly as he normally did after acquiring what he needed, he milled about, walking aimlessly through the street.

Care to approach?]
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( The feed opens up to an empty bed room. However if whoever is watching is to stay a few more seconds, they can hear two different voices yelling at each other. )

This part isn't that important. )( Not that anyone can see but Stocking changes quickly and appears in the feed. She sits down on the bed she and China share. She is followed by China and they both stare at the screen, both grabbing each other's hands. China begins to speak with a big blush on his face. )

Nihao...We both have a very important announcement that we would like everyone to hear, aru.

( Stocking faces China softly and stares at him lovingly. )

Well you see the thing is I really love Yao...a lot, and he loves me.

Y-Yes that is right. Also whether or not you noticed, Stocking has a ring on her finger. A wedding ring...I gave her that ring.

And I'm going to marry Yao, the one who gave me the ring.

( China's expression suddenly becomes confident. )


So I, Wang Yao, and my fiancee, Anarchy Stocking, would like to invite family, friends, everyone to our engagement party and wedding.

So that's it. If anyone decides to fuck this up, I will murder you.

[OOC: That's right, they are getting married for those of you who didn't know. Also red is China and blue is Stocking. Feel free to have your character freak out or scream in joy. ]
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[sup guys, there's a cat with a paper bag over its head. also a smilie on it.

it presses its paws to its communicator.

akjd dfg hjhfgjjjjjjjjjjjjj


(ooc: action for whoever wants it, he will literally be everywhere and anywhere.)
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[Well, this is an interesting sight. China's smoking opium from his pipe, but at the same time there's smoke coming out his nostrils every now and then. Why? Because... Well, he's got golden scales instead of skin, his pupils have become slits like those of a reptile, his fingernails have turned into claws, and... Is that a scaly tail behind him? He rubs at his temples.]

Aiyaa... What on earth happened this past week? I can't remember.

[His pipe falls from his mouth as he prepares for a sneeze and when he does sneeze a fireball shoots from his mouth, going out the open window and hitting a random Prinny, causing a huge explosion outside. China seems unfazed, though, as he puts his pipe back into his mouth.]

I wonder how my dragon horse is doing. I have not been able to visit her this past week, aru.
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[It almost feels like home, with the humidity and the rain today, but this place is too... concrete to be anything close to home. Is it strange to be homesick? After spending years just wanting to get away from the wars and get some peace and quiet, Vietnam has finally gotten it but this... is not the right kind of peace and quiet. It's eerie.]

[Two days after arriving, she realized that this pretty plastic-glass thing is actually a telephone that sometimes does video. A lot of deliberation went into this because if the people here are dangerous, then Vietnam may have just given away her location and signed herself to the slaughter. Audio was safest. Her curiousity wins this time, though.]

Allo! [Oh god, that sounded too perky and too French. Let's try that again in English. Vietnam can do this.] Hello. [That sounded like the right intonation, but a little too solemn, maybe try that--no, no Vietnam. Leave it be.] I am--[pauses, should she really say?]... someone, it does not really matter. [awkward laugh.] Can anyone say what this place is? Maybe a date too. This is... really not 220 BCE, is it?

[A long pause.] Thank-you.
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[Coming from China's comm today is a series of random notes from his bamboo flute. Doesn't sound like the usual expertise he displays. What about the whole "changing color phenomenon"? Well, he's already had his freak out, so now he's feeling slightly better. Then... you may or may not hear the sound of him taking in a big breath before--]


[The flute makes a very high pitch cry as China blows all his air into the instrument. Then, again, comes the--]


[He keeps doing it. Taking a deep breath. Blowing with all his might into the instrument. Hopefully no one becomes deaf because of him.]

[OOC: As a result from getting his chip removed, China's become a child again, a child who can't speak or understand any language besides his own. All tags will be answered with [personal profile] not4000yet. (Forgot, can't comment with that account since it isn't part of the discedo community.) This is only the first phase of the chip after effects. Feel free to yell at him, or whatever you like!]
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[There's sounds of China playing his bamboo flute. No specific song, just a couple of notes. However, some of the notes begin to fail. There's a tremble in them until they come out as nothing more than a raspy sound. Unseen by others, China takes his flute away from his lips.]

I never got to tell her what I wanted I say.

[If anyone wants to run into him, he's sitting on a tree branch within Discedo's Horizon Park.]
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[China's sitting comfortably near his low table with a puzzled look on his face.]

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was dressed in a female Beijing Opera costume and I was singing and dancing. Maybe I drank too much at the Lantern Festival, or something, aru.

[He pauses to drink some of his green tea, which was sitting in a teacup on the low table.]

By the way, what's this I keep hearing about memories? Are you saying the dream I had was actually a memory? [Guess who hasn't had any experiences yet.]

[OOC: Hey man, this is China. Anyone is free to view memories ranging from his (lonely) childhood, to his dynasties, the wars, present day, and the Christmas he spent with Stocking here in Discedo (since that's the first and only real memory he's recalled of Discedo so far).]
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[ It's late in the afternoon; the sun is still out, but just barely, the light shading orange and red as it starts to dip below the horizon. Soon, it will darken, winding down through twilight and evening and then night.

Not that it mattered at all, really, since this room, the old gymnasium of the high school, high ceilinged and spacious, if slightly drafty, is full of light. 

There are round paper lanterns
strung up in the rafters among the beams, bright cheerful colors, some with designs in bold black ink, others in delicate little paper-slit curves and angles, and still others painted on with colors, tiny landscapes and flower motifs. Considering the surroundings, the effect is merry, happy, hopeful. Beneath the lanterns are a few round tables - none of them the same size, exactly, but all covered with different colored tablecloths and set with clean, if mismatched, bowls and utensils.

And food. They looked a bit strange, if you weren't used to them: sticky-sweet  湯圓  (元宵), made out of glutinous rice and different flavored fillings, such as peanut and sesame, floating, still-warm in the light soup that they were cooked in; 
, also sweet, though laid out in squares on plates instead of bowls; pyramids of mandarin oranges; and in the middle of each table, a pile of red envelopes with candies inside them. Chairs around the tables and benches and seats pulled from somewhere are scattered throughout the room, for comfort.

You may have followed a red, hand-lettered sign or signs, posted up at various parts of the city, with arrows pointing you in the right direction, or possibly word-of-mouth to this location, whether out of curiosity, courtesy, boredom, or pity. Welcome to the Lantern Festival, the last day of the Lunar New Year ( 農曆新年 ) or Spring Festival ( 春節 ). 

There are red banners on the walls (though not very high up) and sitting at a rectangular table right by the door into the gymnasium is Taiwan, with a pile of differently shaped lanterns behind her, smiling, ready to greet you. ]

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