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[The video turns on, showing a bit of red hair above a book that clearly states "The Grimoire of Marisa" on the front cover and is outside on a roof somewhere. This is not normal because Marisa keeps that book under lock and key with spells upon those both to ward of anyone trying to get it. After a few moments the book is put down and it is seen to be a red haired little girl who looks very annoyed. She stands up, noticing the thing is on and picks up a staff, pointing it at the communicator.]

....Where is Mima-sama? Tell me or else I will have to search for her myself..And you will not like my methods.

[The video turns off after a small star shaped bullet hits the comminicator off where it was sitting.]

((OOC- Marisa got her chip out and is not happy because of this staff appearing. She has regressed to a few months before Story of Eastern Wonderland Story. She will likely attack anyone coming after her, although she isn't the best with her Danmaku at this point, and No Master Spark. BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT XD

EDIT- She's been found but is not happy still.))


Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:10 pm
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If someone wants a girl to 'Use this', they may want to include a users manual. For all anyone knows this could be one hell of a kinky bedroom toy.

[River quickly flicks on the video option and smiles into the screen. Don't mind the background of dark smoke. It's only a blown up turret or two. ]

Now, will someone be a dear and tell me where and when exactly I am? And perhaps where to find a hot meal and some decent clothes would be nice as well. I'm afraid I was in the middle of traveling when I ended up here and my luggage is no where to be found.

And Doctor? If you're out there, you could have just called Sweetie. You know I am always willing to play with you.
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{Well, well, well, look who's back. You'll see the view behind the Doctor's head consists of a view of Spero from the top of the University. And then the communicator buzzes and is prompty dropped with an 'ow', reverting the view to concrete and the Doctor's boots.

The man picks up the bloody thing again, but he doesn't seem to worry about it.

Hello, everyone! Sorry about that, I think my communicator shorted out or something... Should probably fix that... Can I fix that? {He trails off for a moment before remembering what he was meant to be doing.}

Anyway, sorry, again, about not being in touch, but I've been exploring this city! Spero, was it? There's loads of stuff here, I've learned a lot! Like orcas! Did you know there used to be orcas in the lake? Although, I havn't found out what happened to them all yet, but I suppose it might be the nuclear fallout, it does that sometimes, you know...

I'm coming back now, though, I've rather missed sleeping in a proper bed. And tea, I'd quite like a cup of tea.

[He'll be answering until he get's back to Discedo, and then you can come find him in person if you so desire. He might be a bit tired by that point though.]
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[There is an extreme close up of a young woman with pink hair and rose coloured eyes. She doesn't seem to really have a grasp on how to use the communicator.]

There was a sign that said "use this" but then it didn't have any instructions. That's not very nice, is it? It was hard to figure out how to turn it on.

[Her expression shifts a bit from one that had seemed in a generally good mood to one that was unsure if the device was really on or not. How did you tell? But after a few moments of turning the communicator around and over she offers a smile again.]

But... perhaps it's a bit like the things Yukari brings back with her at times. Something to simply figure out as you go!

[She makes a small light chuckle and tilts her head as she pulls the device away.]

But still... it's a little lonely being all on my own. I do hope there is someone else who will reply to this. You see... I'm a bit confused. This is a strange place and some strange things are happening....

[She looks off to the side and her concentration seems to wander for a moment.]

Maybe this is just a peculiar dream... maybe I read a fantasy story before going to bed....

[It takes a few moments for her to turn her attention back towards the camera]

But if it isn't, I would very much like to meet some people. Well, even if it is I wouldn't mind meeting someone. Sometimes the people you meet in dreams can offer important advice.

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