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Stay out of my room.

[Wherever that ends up being. New faces, none of them even remotely familiar, and he's been here far too long to think anybody he knows will ever show up.

That's just as good. Edmund puffs out his cheeks --then remembers his this-thing is still on and he quickly shuts the feed. Hopefully the new hoard of barbarians will heed his... warning and... yeah.]
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[What is this? The communicator turns on to

a stick. A long, twisty, gloriously brown thing that is repeatedly poking its screen.

Holding the stick is a kid wearing shorts and long socks and a beige polo shit but that's not at all important. It's a kid, and he thinks he's getting closer to triggering an unexploded bomb every time he pokes the strange device. He looks far too bored to be doing what he thinks he's doing.]

Boring, stupid thing. Germans can't even make proper bombs, the pigs.

[Poke poke poke

Alright, he's getting bored and he's dropping the stick

and he's bending over to pick up some rocks. Can you guess what they're for?]

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