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[It had been awhile since Izaya's initial arrival here in Discedo and, contrary to what seemed to be a lot of the inhabitant's initial beliefs, for the most part the informant had been keeping his presence low. He wasted his days away by eavesdropping in on other's conversations, hacking locks (really, Shizu-chan? Sakura-san? Only 50%~?), and by doing whatever else was necessary to pick up some dismal, possibly useless, bit of knowledge that this place offered in relation to its inhabitants.

Which is why, if one were to wonder how Izaya wound up in this specific tree at this specific time, you could believe his claims of Shizuo chasing him up it like some yapping mutt or you could conclude that his endeavors were finally paying off.]

What do you think is necessary to push someone over that ambiguous, forbidden edge?

[Izaya's voice is low and yet there is still that echo of amusement within it as the video screen flickers on. However instead of the informant all you can see is a tree's branches blocking him out of sight from the two standing upon the ground some odd distance away.]

In this place where the only people we can trust are each other what would happen if that trust is betrayed? When a fragile mind finally snaps beneath the pressure and becomes a threat to us all?

[As the camera focuses the figures of Sasuke and Turkey become more defined. Sasuke's stance is clearly combative, chokuto already drawn and eyes trained solely upon his current target. Izaya's voice falls silent, like that of a memory long passed, when the observer becomes unable to focus upon anything more but the body of the avenger as Sasuke darts forward -- because naturally he makes the first move -- with average speed and abilities kept in check. Because of this, the nation parries easily, the metal clashing with a shower of sparks. He's almost smirking as he flicks his wrist to dislodge the swords from each other, sidestepping then to make a swing at Sasuke's side.]

Whose fault could be claimed in that moment when life and death hang upon the edge for them both? Do we seek out vengeance for the one defeated or believe the story of the survivor as we embrace the killer back into our midst?

[Turkey's blow is also met thanks to a sudden shift to a reverse grip, though it's not a favorable angle at which to defend. For a moment Sasuke does nothing, gaze flickering to Turkey and then to those swords as if he's made some sort of decision. And then, in a single instant, where the shinobi once was there is nothing at all. A flicker of an image is there in front of his opponent before suddenly appearing behind him, purposefully not allowing for time to react. Just as quickly seen is a spark of electricity darting along that chokuto before it's thrust forward into Turkey's back.

Turkey remains still for the moment, stunned. He reaches up to touch where the blade juts through his chest, but stops short; expression turning into one of a grimace as he wrenches himself away and begins to turn on the spot.

H-Hey, what the fuck, Sasuke--!!

[ The only auditory response Turkey's exclamation was granted is the crackle of electricity as the voltage is increased, traveling along the length of the sword and the blood now coating it. For the second attack there's no hesitation, and this time Sasuke is sure not to miss his spine. And he doesn't. His eyes are red when he meets Turkey's.

The nation means to say something more, but there's only blood; his scimitar falling inaudibly into the dirt, with its owner soon to follow. He doesn't get up.


[Izaya's laugh is a low, a mirthful chuckle that quickly grows in volume as the camera is flicked towards his own smiling face.]

Say, what do you think everyone? Is forgiveness the correct route? And if we forgave would we be able to forget the look on Turkey-san's face as he crumpled to the ground at Sasuke-san's feet?

I suppose the decision is up to you.

[And then the feed suddenly cuts off]
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[Hopefully by now, most people on Fortuna have somehow received a prettily wrapped package containing four different varieties of home-made mooncake outside their doorstep. Those within Discedo had them hand-delivered; everyone else...hope they made it...]

Hey everyone! I know things have been really crazy recently, but if you have a chance [pause] and are in someplace where it's safe to do it [pause...], you should definitely go outside and take a look up at the moon! If you squint really closely, maybe you'll see Chang'e ( 嫦娥), the moon goddess who lives there, or the Jade Rabbit making medicine!

[A soft, kind of wistful laugh] At least, that's what I would say if we were at home...

Anyway, I hope all my packages made it safely, but even if it's not the same moon, you can definitely still eat the mooncake! There's 4 kinds: lotus-paste, red bean, green tea, and chocolate! Just for variety.

I included egg-yolk in a few of them, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it.

[Oh wait...] Yeah, and I guess it's China's birthday tomorrow too.

祝你生日快樂,老師! You're still old, by the way!

Oh, and I don't care if you changed to simplified, you're still going to have to get all your greetings in traditional from me! [Yes, Taiwan did just stick her tongue out in the video. How mature.]
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[ The camera flickers on when Shizuo seems to be rolling out of bed.

Half-asleep, he drags his face off of his pillow and grunts as he moves to sit up groggily, reaching up to scratch at his chest and yawn.

It takes him a few moments to realize that he's wading in the sweatpants he had worn to bed, secured dangerously loose around pale hips on do not belong to him. Blinking hard, eyes sensitive to the light, he rubs at them in disbelief and then stares at his hands.

And stares.
] What... [ Annnd stares. ] The... fuck...? [ Startled to high hell, he's picking up the recording communicator and staring into the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of his reflection. His eyes widen and he nearly drops the thing.

The image shakes and it's obvious he's running, slamming the bathroom door open. And then he drops it when he sees Izaya staring back at him, chest rising and falling as he tries to remember how to breathe properly.



[ About thirty minutes later Shizuo regains some semblance of calm.

Meaning, he hasn't calmed down at all and is currently stomping down the stairwell, tugging firmly on the drawstrings of his sweatpants, ready to give that flea a piece of his mind. Because when something went wrong, when situations got to the point where they were out of control, Izaya was the culprit.

Standing in front of Latimir 404, directly a floor down from his apartment, Shizuo pitches his leg back and goes to kick the door down. His toe meet the base of the door - really all he'd need to do normally was tap it and it'd buckle in - and stops.

Immediately, he drops to take a knee, holding his foot in his hand with a pained sound he hasn't heard himself make in months.

Knock knock, Izaya, your body has returned home.

*Note: The account "flearidden" will be used.
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((The feed starts out very...GREEN!! Looks like someone left their communicator in the grass. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the feed and NATURE for a little while. Guess it's the evening... Not much to see right now, you guys.But! Tune in. Sounds like things are indeed happening. The splashing of water faintly indicates where the feed originates. Occasionally the green wall of leaf is blown aside just slightly, showing off the shoreline and plain sky. You can guess it's a nice day out. Not sure why anyone would want to go swimming in this weather, or in THAT water. Crazy bastards, but isn't Discedo full of 'em.

More splashing; silence picks up. The leaf blocking your view rustles again, and a quick rush of the wind blows it momentarily out of the way.

While the scene was fleeting, anyone could rewind back and remind themselves that this is no joke. The pink haired doctor--Sakura, unsurprisingly--lays across the beach with her bodyguard over her. His mouth reaches down to touch hers. It's distant, but telling; the leaf replaces the scene almost immediately.

When it's finally blown out of the way again, some minutes later, she's sitting up, her arms swung around his neck. Shizuo is just then finding his way through this hug.))

((ooc; Backdated to the evening of the 16th over Shizuo's feed. They won't be responding to any messages until the next day (the 17th), MEANING by the time they say anything to anybody, they're caught up in the middle of Truth or Dare!!! Additionally, Sakura and Shizuo were in the hospital that evening, rather than returning home. Housemates should have gotten a message about not showing up. Here's a log if anyone cares for details HAHA.

BTW, for the event: Sakura is lies and obedience, Shizuo is lies and disobedience.))

[ voice ]

Aug. 13th, 2012 12:35 am
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 Hey, does anyone...have any, uh. Pa...per?

Kind of an emergency, thanks.
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[ Hong Kong has his comm set up for a completely intentional, confessional style video. He's not wandering around or flicking things into buckets of water or filming himself blowing something up. Well, he ought to do that eventually, but not today. ]

So, hey. I didn't realize it yesterday because of all the celebrating and stuff, but it looks like it's been a year since I got here. Doesn't really feel like it. I mean, I seriously never thought I was gonna be here for that long.

Even though it's not that long, I guess. Anyway, I'm just posting this because I kinda wanted to say thanks to everyone. I know this place is like, super ridiculous sometimes, but there's a lotta people who work hard to make it better for us.

So, thanks.

And don't laugh, okay? I'm being serious here.

[ With that, he looks aside, seeming kind of embarrassed. He then ends the feed. ]


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[Today, everyone will find an invitation in the form of text on their comms.]


Wang Yao


Anarchy Stocking

Request the honor of your presence at their marriage.

The ceremony will be held at the Mariner High School's gym, which can be found in Discedo between Marshall Street and Ingles Trail, on the 8th of August. All are welcome to join the couple's procession from their apartment to the gym in the morning, but the actual ceremony will begin at ten o'clock in the morning and the wedding feast will follow afterwards. All food and beverages will be free.
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[ At his feet, there's a piece of paper. Looking up and down the hall, Shizuo slowly crouches and plucks the neatly folded item from the crack under his door. His eyebrow raises, he turns it this way and that, then pulls it open unceremoniously, the sound of crinkling.

Why not, right? It might be a grocery list Bolin wrote and dropped outside the door on his way out or something. So he begins to read it. It doesn't take him long. There are only three lines of print.

A long moment of silence pervades the communicator. But when he speaks, it's barely a whisper.

... Kasuka...

[ If one waits long enough through the din that follows - namely the abrupt crash from Latimir 504's door being torn from its hinges - there's harsh breathing and quick movements, like he's throwing stuff into a bag.

Then, the sound of running. He spares Bolin a curt farewell on his way out the door, skidding into the hallway.
] Fuck, fuck! [ It's clear where he's headed. Discedo station.

If anyone wants to join him, they'll have to catch up, because he is flat out.
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My Father's jacket. [This is a side of Marco few in Fortuna have ever seen before. And if they're all lucky, no one will ever need to see it again. His tone is deathly serious, quite but deadly and threatening. In no uncertain terms does it brook arguing with him. Not without a severe level of masochism anyway, and even then, it wouldn't be wise.]

There are a lot of things I can put up with in this place. A lot I have put up with. Having Pops' jacket stolen is not one of them. Everyone's got twenty four hours to return it safely or I'm going to tear this place apart to find it.

[Oh he's serious too. Might want to ask what that's all about.]

( text )

Jul. 4th, 2012 06:58 pm
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[ ooc: Since I'm lazy, I won't be setting up a log, but I'll have a comment at the top of this entry open for action. If you decide to throw a character at the "party," feel free to threadjack and talk with any other characters! Otherwise you're just stuck with America wallowing on you. You're also free to handwave it as "yeah they'll come by later and party with America all night awww yeah" since I'm sure everyone's busy for THE GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR. Just let me know if you do want to handwave it!

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I want to get my chip removed. How do I go about that?


ac man. all about that activity check. )
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[ When the communicator turns on, you are immediately able to tell that Shizuo is in some kind of distress.

Not because you can see him, all you seem to be looking at is an expanse of sky and a few blond hairs like he's laying next to the device. The hoarse breathing and disoriented muttering is a dead giveaway though and he doesn't look like he's ready to walk around for a while yet. This might be because he's trying to sort out what happened in his head, but frustrated groaning signifies he hasn't had much luck.

A seagull circles him, perhaps a hint to where he is. Near water of some sort, the lapping of waves against something is making a noticeable sound in the receiver. The shoulder of a crumpled white shirt comes into view finally, his face following suit. He decided to sit up after all.

... I need... [ He closes his eyes and rubs at one of them tiredly; his voice is husky, he's pale, shaking, sweating, his hair is in complete disarray and there seems to be dried blood on his collar. ] I need help. Don't know what happened...

[ Shizuo never asks for help, but this time seems different. ] Don't know where I am. Don't know how I got here. I was... where was I... I can't feel anything.

[ With that he lays back down, slowly but surely, to wait for a reply. ]

[ Shizuo has gotten his chip removed anonymously! He's experiencing the removal sickness and his abilities, if angered, will go haywire, but other than that there are no other symptoms present. He just doesn't know where the fuck he is, but he hasn't looked at his map.

Edit: Gin found him! Everything but action is welcomed so hard. ]
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Father's day! Ah, a lovely day, I will say; remembering the male who, hopefully, raised us all with love and care. No, I'm not about to ask all of you about your fathers--I'm not really the intrusive sort, though...! I do have a sort of puzzle for all of you. It's one that I would love to tell my own father.

PUZZLE 011: Two masked men

The puzzle works like this. I'm going to tell you a scenario, and using yes or no questions you must deduce exactly what is happening in this situation. I can only answer yes or no--or other variants of those two answers--so make sure to ask the right questions! No limit to how many you ask, of course... Here's your scenario:

A man leaves home and, after making three left turns, he ends up back at home, and finds two masked men waiting for him.

So, can you deduce what's happening here?

((ooc; wow i forgot to add that this is audio. Okay whatever i just like my htmls.))


Jun. 11th, 2012 09:25 pm
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[China's all smiles as he gives a wave.]

Nihao! It has come to my attention that this year, or rather, in the year of 2012, the date for the Dragon Boat Festival is June twenty-third.

Activities for the Dragon Boat Festival include eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats. There is also a game where one tries to make an egg stand at exactly noon, and if you succeed you will have luck for the next year.

I would like to bring this traditional Chinese holiday to Fortuna, especially the boat races if it is safe to go rowing on the lake, aru. Then of course I will prepare plenty of zongzi for others to eat.
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[Static starts across the voice feed, followed by some mumbling. It seems someone accidentally clicked it on while they were fiddling with the device.]

Dude, do you remember alchemizing these? I don't remember anything like this in my sylladex... Man, speaking of, where is my sylladex?

Why are you asking me? My sylladex launched my sword into the closest tree it could find. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to yank it out with a broken foot? Thanks by the way. I really wanted my toes to get touchy with your hammer. You don't even know. I'm going to get some heinous infection all up in this shit and you're going to have to amputate my foot to save my life or something. Except I refuse, but then we'll get attacked by a swarm of who the fuck even knows and tragically take them down, going down with them. You'll weep over my bloodied corpse. Why Dave? How could you leave me? You were the only bro I could have ever had such a rad bromance with. Now I have nothing. Sweet delicious tears. [Yeah, Dave has no idea where he's going with this too.]

[There's a snort and laughter from the other voice, and even without seeing it's pretty obvious someone is rolling their eyes.]

That didn't even make sense, Dave! But I guess I am sorry that the princess got his foot broken by a hammer that is not even that heavy. Can you ever forgive me?

I take offense to that. How dare you not keep my fragile, maiden tendencies to heart. I have a very delicate complexion going on. But I'll forgive you because I love you. Seriously though, where the fuck are we? I'm two years too early to be wherever we're supposed to be. Fuck if I know. Everything is kind of vague and I think I stopped giving a shit or two since nearly being a victim of trashy novels involving foursomes.

[There's a rustle of fabric. Dave had plopped down next to John, even if you can't see it.] What are you doing?

I am trying to figure out how this thing works. And I am pretty sure I am three years too early to be at the new session. Jade said it would take that long and I just sent you guys that letter. And isn't it kinda weird that we are the only ones here?

[There's more rustling as John fiddles with the functions, turning the communicator over in his hand.] Whoa! I think this thing is on.

Oh my god. You didn't get to see Karkat freak out. It was like the most embarrassing thing. You literally nailed him in the face and he had some major mental breakdown and everything.

Oh shit really? Ok. That's cool I guess. Ask someone where we are. Also if they have a can opener.

Haha, oh man, really? That sounds like something worth seeing! Ok, ok, uhh... Hello? Can anyone hear us? [He's not going to ask your dumb question about the can opener, Dave.]

[ooc| john is in blue, dave is in red!]
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[ Hello, residents of Fortuna. This feed has turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation. Its participants seem to be discussing something Quite Serious, if their tone is to be believed. Let's listen in, shall we? ]

If you thought you were safe, you thought wrong. )

Hundre— Ah… is your comm on? Oi oi they're gonna see what we did to the ceiling!

That's cool, they're bound to find out eventually. Hey, Marco, d'you think people ship us too?

Oh, if they do, we should give them a show, eh? [ Pirate leer and leans in suggestively as he turns it off. ]
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Well, look at this. Fresh verdure, artistically forwrought walkways, monsters a--((BANG))--plenty. It's a regular party here, isn't it? And really, I've never met a friendlier crowd. It says use this, but it seems it's only brought me more trouble that its worth each time....

Hold on--Damn these Malboro...

((The feed clicks off with another bang. When it returns, Balthier is feeling equally casual as when he'd started his message.))

There, I seem to have subdued the majority of my company, or at least for the time being. Now, to business: I hear a few voices coming from this radio; care to have a little chit chat any of you? Citizens of the empire, villagers of Jahara; Humes, Seeq, Bangaa alike. I don't rightly care one way or the other. So long as I can return to Balfonheim as soon as possible.

I'm really not in the mood. ((REALLY. not in the mood.))

02 [video]

Jun. 2nd, 2012 10:23 am
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[ As far as afflictions go, Shizuo's are quite... mild.

He tugs at his collar and fans his flushed face with his hand, obviously feeling the scorcher of a day... but it's not even hot out...

Damn... not a good day for this.

[ His bartender's uniform. It needs to go, but he has nothing else to wear and he's never been a flashy person. So pocketing his bow-tie and throwing his dark vest over his shoulder, he walks around the streets of Discedo hoping to cool down. ]

Bolin! BOLIN! Shit...

[ Oh. And he's searching for his long lost brother Bolin Heiwajima. He's pretty adamant about it, he's been looking everywhere. So if you see him, throw him a bone, guys; he's having hot and cold flashes, has a missing brother, he's fucking lost and his memory is playing tricks on him.

Beware, though. Shizuo seems to think everyone he meets along his journey is a person from his life in Ikebukuro. The good and the bad.

And there are many, many people better left forgotten.
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal Ilyana gorging herself on all manner of delicious looking foods, like pizza, apple pie, sheppard's pie, chocolate chip pie... what do all these things have in common? Why yes they are PIES! There even may be a PI in there too. What's truly remarkable though is that they are all growing off of the trees surrounding her. It is a feast of wonderfully strange pies, and Ilyana is taking advantage of every bite she can get her hands on.]

Theefe pief arf reeaphy goof!

(These pies are really good!)

If anfyonf wanfs anyf fof fhem, (If anyone wants any of them) [She takes a moment to stop and swallow] I suppose I could share too. I don't know what incredible magic created these beautiful and wonderful trees, but I'd protect them with my life.

[And she's back to eating them again.]

[ Voice ]

Jun. 1st, 2012 03:05 pm
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 Yeah, so now that my arms healing up nicely--Or. Well, I think it is. Sometimes I look at it and it's a-ok, and other times it's kind of...bleeding horribly. But you know, It doesn't hurt so I figure it's alright. I guess. I don't know what made me to think I could take on a monster, anyway. I should have just run...

Right, but that's not the point of this little announcement here. I'm actually...looking for my brother? I don't know why, but I never really thought to ask anyone about it when I first got here---Probably because, you know, this place is pretty...yeeeeaaaah, so it never actually crossed my mind, but--I'm really, really hoping he's here. We've always had each other's backs,you know? So...

He goes by Shizuo. Tall guy, kind of angry. He's blonde and likes to wear shades. If anyone's seen him around please let me know? Or... I mean, Shizuo if you hear this let me know where you are. It's been like...a week, man!

[ ....... ]

Wait. Why does Pabu have wings?

[ ooc: Bolin was hit by both memory loss and memory gain, and currently thinks he's from Ikebukuro and that Shizuo is his brother! And also random hallucinations. Wooo. ]

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