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[The feed starts off to show Leanne giggling and twirling about as she has once more, regained her own body. She goes to speak in Ancient Laguz, still giggling.]

My body! I have my body back! ILYANA! BROTHER! STEVE! MY BODY IS BACK! [SHE IS NO LONGER IN A MAN'S BODY! THAT FACT ALONE IS WELL WORTH CELEBRATION! She blushes a little from embarrassment but then soon a pure white light surrounds her and when the light ebbs away, there stands a human-sized pure white heron. The heron then moves towards the open window and leaps out before the communicator slowly shuts off. Yup! Someone is gonna be flying all over the city as Leanne misses her shifted form. So very very very much.]
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[There’s no handy video today.

That flat, monotonic way Flandre’s mumbling the words out is another sign of things being…not quite right.

Cube hasn’t come back from work yet. Is he lost? Is he stuck somewhere? Cube, where are you?

[Her voice briefly rises, plaintive.]


Off-communicator actionish things )


[Later, the following is amended to the entry. Flandre doesn’t trust herself to speak without her voice tearing itself to incomprehensible sobs.]

We’ll need someone to stay with, until Cube comes back.

The house is too big.
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[If you're around Discedo, you might notice one very patriotic looking soldier running down the street at a rather fast speed. Well, fast for a human that is. He doesn't look like he'll stop anytime soon, so forgive his rudeness if he runs by without saying hi.

Anyway, everything seems to be working out for him. He even jumps a few times, crossing a rather large distance with each jump. Feeling a little more confident that his abilities have returned, Steve starts to run a little faster. However, this all ends when he sharply turns the corner. He begins to lose his balance and stumbles along the road before crashing through the front window of a convenience store.

Hopefully you weren't picking anything up there.]

Ow... [He sits up and looks around, feeling guilty about ruining another store. Perhaps he should have waited longer...]

[ooc: Steve recently had his chip removed and started to practice in the streets. However, because he is the most graceful super soldier that ever lived, he just ruined one of the windows.

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[The communicator flickers on to show a little little standing in the midst of a small group of saplings, letting out chirps and whistles. A pair of fluffy-looking white wings adorn her back, folding as much she could against her back. She blinks at the communicator before drawing it close to sniff at it. What? Just what was this strange thing? She goes to poke the screen with a finger but with no success at figuring out just what it was. Finally though, the little girl speaks but not in English or any other familiar language, nope what she speaks is Ancient Laguz.]

I think that I might be lost? Has anyone seen my mommy or daddy? My brothers and where is my forest?... My mommy, where is my mommy? I want my momma.

[ooc; final post for a while! This is Leanne's chip removal post! Permissions post is here! Please fill out whenever you want. Have fun dealing with a BB!Heron for a week!]
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[Tuesday Sept, 4th]

[The communicator turns on with a loud scream coming from it. The next thing it will show is Leanne in a room within the Discedo hospital. She just starts shaking a little, bringing her hands to her face and cupping herself a little in her own wings as she remembers what happened. She.... She had died, how is she alive again? She lowers a shaking hand to her chest to touch the scar of where the blade killed her and frowns. She goes to speak out in Ancient Laguz.]

Brother? ..... Lady Ilyana? Are the both of you here or am I in another world? If you are there.... Please.... [And here might be just a few tears in her eyes.] Please come and get me if you are out there. [And here the communicator shuts off.]

[Thursday Sept, 6th]

[The communicator turns on to show Leanne still shaken a little over her death and revival but is mostly recovered. She is just humming a little bit to herself before she notices the communicator and she takes it in order to start the text.]

Time in this world.... It seems to fly by fast. How long have people been here and how one ages here? Another year of life to be given since you were born. What a place to spend that day of birth.

[ooc; Double-post so that I won't be spamming the comm. lol But yeah, please discate which day when replying and more then one thread is welcomed!]


Aug. 22nd, 2012 12:31 pm
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 Alright chumps listen up, because I'm only going to say this once:

I need to know a few things---When was the last time you got a physical, and why the hell have you waited so long to get another one? Especially in a place like this. Just look around, because who knows what god awful diseases are allowed to run rampant and unnoticed here.

Secondly, medical personnel. I need your attention and make it snappy. I'm going to need to meet up with all of you, preferably all at the same time--You know, like a board meeting in the depths of hell. So get your asses over here so we can set up a date that's good for all of us, and get a move on. This isn't something that can wait.


Aug. 20th, 2012 06:19 pm
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[The communicator slowly flickers on to show the surroundings of what appears to be a bathroom with someone in the shower. Just who it is though becomes quite clear by the pair of pure white wings. Water was on the floor as shower curtains plus wings do not mix. Leanne has her eyes closed, humming softly as the hot water hits her skin, causing enough steam to cover the more private parts of her body. No, she doesn't realize that the communicator is on and it records her for just a few more moments before timing out.]
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[For those of you who may be at Marco's bar you might notice a piano in the corner that wasn't there a month or so ago, and a skeleton sitting at it. For those of you who aren't at Marco's Bar, you can see him on broadcasting it on the communicators.]


[He's currently playing an endless loop of this song as he speaks.]

Good evening everyone! This is Brooke here to liven up your nights with a little piano music, brought to you kindly by me, and the nice scientist man who was kind enough to give me a piano! Yohohoho! I was wondering, was anybody looking into making any requests, or perhaps commissioning me to write them a piece? I've been in the works for a while on a song for China and Stocking, and it's nearly complete! So my time slots for such things is opening back up again!

[He pauses and takes a swig of rum]

Hey Marco? Got anymore of this stuff? I suppose I'm okay with the cheap stuff too if you don't want to splurge on me. I know with your old man back, liquor is going to be a much rarer commodity.

[Brooke goes back to his lively playing, and looks back up at the communicator again.]

Lastly I'm doing a bit of a survey! Which is better? Women who wear panties? Women who wear boxers? Or women who go commando? This will be purely anonymous though, to protect the integrity of our wholesome young men and women! And if any young lady is feeling daring enough, to tell us what kind of undergarment they wear, that's fine too! Yohohoho!

This has been Brooke the Bard, goodnight ladies and gentlemen! Yohohoho!

[OOC: By the way, we have a bunch of cheaters in this poll :P I've gotten at least three votes boxers that aren't even in this comm. xD I'm watching you non-discedo peoples. I swear it's a Marco conspiracy!]

Poll #11089 Panties
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 19

Which is the best on a woman? Panties, Boxers, or going Commando?

9 (47.4%)

8 (42.1%)

7 (36.8%)

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My Father's jacket. [This is a side of Marco few in Fortuna have ever seen before. And if they're all lucky, no one will ever need to see it again. His tone is deathly serious, quite but deadly and threatening. In no uncertain terms does it brook arguing with him. Not without a severe level of masochism anyway, and even then, it wouldn't be wise.]

There are a lot of things I can put up with in this place. A lot I have put up with. Having Pops' jacket stolen is not one of them. Everyone's got twenty four hours to return it safely or I'm going to tear this place apart to find it.

[Oh he's serious too. Might want to ask what that's all about.]
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[If anyone was walking around Discedo, you'll probably spot a soldier standing against a building. That wouldn't be too unusual of a sight, except that this soldier had a giant red, white, and blue shield strapped to his back. He also didn't seem to be bothered by the rain, but he was also wearing a blue helmet with a giant A in the middle of it.

Anyway, there was a small frown on his face as he worked the communicator in his hands, obviously not used to this kind of technology. However, he'll get at least the basic video function working in a few minutes.]

Is... is this working? [Steve looked at the video feed with a somewhat confused expression. He was uncertain about using this thing in the first place, but with his enhanced abilities suddenly disappearing and the thought of the serum only being temporary because of that, he decided to use it. Besides, he wanted to find Bucky and the others as fast as possible. Sneaking around in this place didn't really get him anywhere.]

This is... Captain America. [He seemed a little awkward admitting that.] Does anyone the coordinates of our current location? Or a brief description will help as well.
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Was that report needed? Especially at the end? Such information is not needed and especially to be described in that manner. How often does this happen?

Also, thank you all that came to my rescue. My injuries are healing and if there is a way that I can repay all of you for your kindness then please let me know. All that I can offer are my songs but I can try to find a way to properly repay you back.

Is my lord Brooke behaving himself?
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[The communicator flickers on to show the outskirts of the city but more importantly, a woman with pure white wings sleeping. The woman shivers a little before stirring....

She blinks and gains a confused look on her face, instantly moves to stand up, wings ruffling a little. A quick glance around before she speaks in Ancient Laguz.]

What is this?.... Where am I? Brothers? Mother? Father? Where is this?!

[She talks a few steps before wincing. She lifts the helm of her dress to examine her now bleeding feet. A small frown moves on her face before she lets go of her dress with a deep breath and sings....

Her song however doesn't last long as a flock of Keese has caught unto the scent of fresh spilled blood and the comms shuts off after that last image is shown.]

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