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[BZZZZZZZT--] Oh, wow. That was fuckin' wonderful, really. [and embarrassing. mostly embarrassing. everything is.] I'd insert more curses 'bout how much I hate this place an' a good chunk 'a the fuckers in it, but hey! I need a doc to take out my chip, stat.

I'll even throw a 'please' out there.

An' if yer wonderin', yeah. I was completely innocent in... that. Whatever the fuck that was. Stabbed right in the back, both figuratively 'n literally. Screw you, Sasuke. Screw. You. AN' WHOEVER STOLE MY SWORD 'N GODDAMN MASK. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
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[It had been awhile since Izaya's initial arrival here in Discedo and, contrary to what seemed to be a lot of the inhabitant's initial beliefs, for the most part the informant had been keeping his presence low. He wasted his days away by eavesdropping in on other's conversations, hacking locks (really, Shizu-chan? Sakura-san? Only 50%~?), and by doing whatever else was necessary to pick up some dismal, possibly useless, bit of knowledge that this place offered in relation to its inhabitants.

Which is why, if one were to wonder how Izaya wound up in this specific tree at this specific time, you could believe his claims of Shizuo chasing him up it like some yapping mutt or you could conclude that his endeavors were finally paying off.]

What do you think is necessary to push someone over that ambiguous, forbidden edge?

[Izaya's voice is low and yet there is still that echo of amusement within it as the video screen flickers on. However instead of the informant all you can see is a tree's branches blocking him out of sight from the two standing upon the ground some odd distance away.]

In this place where the only people we can trust are each other what would happen if that trust is betrayed? When a fragile mind finally snaps beneath the pressure and becomes a threat to us all?

[As the camera focuses the figures of Sasuke and Turkey become more defined. Sasuke's stance is clearly combative, chokuto already drawn and eyes trained solely upon his current target. Izaya's voice falls silent, like that of a memory long passed, when the observer becomes unable to focus upon anything more but the body of the avenger as Sasuke darts forward -- because naturally he makes the first move -- with average speed and abilities kept in check. Because of this, the nation parries easily, the metal clashing with a shower of sparks. He's almost smirking as he flicks his wrist to dislodge the swords from each other, sidestepping then to make a swing at Sasuke's side.]

Whose fault could be claimed in that moment when life and death hang upon the edge for them both? Do we seek out vengeance for the one defeated or believe the story of the survivor as we embrace the killer back into our midst?

[Turkey's blow is also met thanks to a sudden shift to a reverse grip, though it's not a favorable angle at which to defend. For a moment Sasuke does nothing, gaze flickering to Turkey and then to those swords as if he's made some sort of decision. And then, in a single instant, where the shinobi once was there is nothing at all. A flicker of an image is there in front of his opponent before suddenly appearing behind him, purposefully not allowing for time to react. Just as quickly seen is a spark of electricity darting along that chokuto before it's thrust forward into Turkey's back.

Turkey remains still for the moment, stunned. He reaches up to touch where the blade juts through his chest, but stops short; expression turning into one of a grimace as he wrenches himself away and begins to turn on the spot.

H-Hey, what the fuck, Sasuke--!!

[ The only auditory response Turkey's exclamation was granted is the crackle of electricity as the voltage is increased, traveling along the length of the sword and the blood now coating it. For the second attack there's no hesitation, and this time Sasuke is sure not to miss his spine. And he doesn't. His eyes are red when he meets Turkey's.

The nation means to say something more, but there's only blood; his scimitar falling inaudibly into the dirt, with its owner soon to follow. He doesn't get up.


[Izaya's laugh is a low, a mirthful chuckle that quickly grows in volume as the camera is flicked towards his own smiling face.]

Say, what do you think everyone? Is forgiveness the correct route? And if we forgave would we be able to forget the look on Turkey-san's face as he crumpled to the ground at Sasuke-san's feet?

I suppose the decision is up to you.

[And then the feed suddenly cuts off]

( video )

Sep. 20th, 2012 10:53 pm
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[ This obviously isn't Yukio. Oh sure, it's his face and his body, but that expression could never belong to him. Seriously the closet approximation I could find is

and yet that still is not quite manic enough to describe the look on his face. It is a look that screams of sleep deprivation, hatred towards self and everyone else, and a tenuous grasp on sanity. This expression can only belong to one person. (And such a reason provides a convenient excuse for me to not upload any new icons and simply say "use your imagination to picture Yukio making these faces.")

If you haven't guessed it yet, Yukio's voice is a raspy half-shout as he just laughs and laughs like a stereotypical cartoon villain. When he finally does stop cackling the crazy grin is still on his face.

Not so high and mighty now, are you, nameless white haired abomination who I once challenged to a fight but had to issue a rain check because I twisted my ankle? And let me just say how glad I am that our battle was halted. This body's a fucking powerhouse of death and despair! You've got the power of dimensions at your finger tips, right?

[ It is at this point that Yukikat pulls out a fucking lighter and starts drifting his fingers over it jesus christ. His eyes water but he doesn't cry out. (No worries, though, it's only close enough to have the same effect as getting burned with a hot glue gun while making cosplay and then HATING YOUR FUCKING LIFE BECAUSE SURE A BAND AID WILL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM BUT YOU HAVE MORE SHIT TO SEW). ]

NOT ANYMORE. ENJOY YOUR BLISTERS, BITCH. If we'd faced off I bet I never would've landed a single fucking blow on this worn porcelain that you call skin.

[ PUNCHING HIMSELF IN THE FACE. REPEATEDLY. Some blood trickles from his lips from being cut on his teeth. Still smiling though. ]

Gonna look a whole lot fucking better with bruises! You're welcome. Now when you walk down the street everyone will point at you and say, "You are not nearly as hideous as you were before. Whoever fucked you up certainly did a service for this world. If I had to stare at you one more second I would've died from your ugly."

Oh, what's that? All this is superficial and won't actually cripple you?

[ Pulling out some... cream, or milk, or cottage cheese, it's pretty hard to tell. There is also some rather questionable looking meat wrapped in moldy bread.

Yukikat proceeds to inhale all of this Of course he gags continuously and downs everything with a grimace. To his credit he manages to keep it down long enough to settle in his stomach.

Have fun with your intestinal distress. I can tell you right now that awful things are going to be coming out of both ends for days, each instance more painful from the last, leaving every one of your orifices sore and bloody and violated by the stench of your body trying to shit out your soul.

Now who out there is suffering from a communicable disease? I'm going to come and lick you.
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[Aradia is sitting in Karkat's apartment, as cheerful as can be, wearing a colourful blue and purple polkadotted party hat ontop of her hood. You can tell it's Karkat's apartment because he's sitting behind her, bawling into his hands. His party hat is periwinkle and covered in an obscene amount of glitter, which is starting to collect around his head and shoulders as he weeps openly.

Clive is also there, his upper half sticking out from under the couch, a fashionable blue and red swirled party hat placed over his face. He doesn't appear to be moving at all.]

Hi! I'm Aradia, I just arrived here today, and it's very nice to meet you all! Karkat already gave me the basics of this place, about the city and the scientists and the chips, and about who else from the game is here—hi guys!—but I'm sure there are things he forgot, so if there's anything really important I should know I'd appreciate hearing it. I'd also love to meet everyone, so you're all invited to my corpse party!

[gesturing at Clive's unconscious body]

It's at... [pauses thoughtfully, then turns around to look at Karkat] Hey, where is this hivestem again?

[Karkat: still too busy crying to answer.]

Oh. Well, it's not a very tall hivestem, and it's next to the water! But I can go check outside if that's not specific enough.

Anyway, everyone is welcome and I have lots of hats!


Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:13 pm
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I want to take the time to say what I've been feeling for only a short amount of time.

I love this world as much as I love my own world, and all of you in it. [ There is so little emotion here as he is typing. Well, aside from perhaps a little surprise at the fact that he reached for his communicator to say one thing and something completely different resulted. Yep, Sasuke certainly does have all lies for this event! ]

And I do not want to ask for anymore details on what occurred in Lachesistein. Keep those things to yourselves.

[ Video ]

Aug. 22nd, 2012 02:02 pm
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 [ So the first thing you see is PINK. Oh god there is so much pink, what the hell is th--oh, it's just Naruto's hair. Lately, he's been mostly keeping under-the radar, in hopes that the color would wash out. But it was becoming  more and more evident that he was going to be stuck with the pink hair for a while. Which was irritating in and of itself, if it weren't for recent events.

Events which made him even more irritated. Regardless! He plans on complaining about something. And since he can't complain about some things, he'll complain about his hair! ]

Oi Fortuna, hey. Make sure to use any weird hair shit the scientists give you, yeah? They can do some pretty cool stuff! Like turn hair pink! It doesn't wash out either, not that I've tried a million times or anything, yeah? Which is awesome, 'cause now I'll have pink hair forever.

[ wait. ]

Shit! I mean, I love having pink hair!

[ Yeah this is just Naruto. Looking kind of mortified. What is he saying!? ]
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[ The communicator clicks on. Immediately the sound of dripping, a hollow sort of clawing and then a loud splash crackles through the speakers. ]

No, I don't want to record, how do I- can't turn this off, where's the button for this... shit, this is embarrassing. Ah, whatever. [ Suigetsu has had no shame for the majority of his life anyway, why start feeling sheepish now? It's clear, however, that the communicator is half-submerged in water held in what appears to be a bathtub. It's why the audio is muffled, why the video is bubbly and obscure.

He tries to gather his liquid form up, managing a head and shoulders, but his skin is oozing and he drops right back down again. The most he can handle at the moment is getting his chin above the surface, hair fanning out around him.

Fuck this!




[ For anyone in 1113 in Dissimulo, Suigetsu might need some help. He's feeling kind of hungry and a lot bored. He doesn't mind whining like a little bitch about his condition, especially to his teammate. There's a long pause before he decides to try him again. ]

Sasuke, answer me, I know you're out there! You can't avoid me forever!

[ He splashes around for a bit, mouth submerged so he can blow tiny, angry bubbles. Then he resorts to more indirect methods. Soon, he may explore the pipes, but for now, he settles into his porcelain basin. ]

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Wowwww, an' here I thought everyone here kinda peaceful! Guess I was wrong, yer true colors are showin'. 'S called "Fortuna's First Great War (AD)"— [...] not the greatest ring to it, but I guess it'll have to do 'til I hear a better one. I've heard worse! So I'll be the neutral party an' swoop in at the last second on the clearly winnin' side. It's a great plan, dunno why more 'a ya nations don' try it more often. An' succeed.

But anyway, I've got somethin' more important, so stop fightin' over stupid shit for like five seconds an' listen up.


Yep! Sasuke's!! I bet he'll say he wanted it to be a ~secret~, but don' listen to him cuz everyone's gotta know. So I hope ya can get yer gifts together in record timin' if ya didn'. Iunno why ya wouldn' want the attention 'bout that anyway, 's not like he's turning fifty or somethin'. [... most likely.]

Ya can drop 'em off at 1113 in Dissimulo.♪ Thanks!!
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[ It takes him a while, but he figures out how to turn the feed on. He's been trying for hours, after all. It's high time he makes his debut. ]

Heh. Gotcha. [ The sharp bite of a laugh comes from the mouth of pointy teeth aimed at the camera, a pair of violet eyes creasing as they narrow. He pulls the device away from him a distance, holding it out so the viewers can get a good look at who they're dealing with. There's something laying dead behind him, a smear of red on his cheek. And he doesn't look amused, despite the dry smirk he's wearing. ]

Finally decided to work, huh? Guess I should really figure out where I am, I'm beat… [ Maybe walking around aimlessly was a bad idea. Now he's even more lost. ] Ahhh, those idiots definitely ditched me again. I rest for one second and gone… what am I chopped liver?

[ Out of habit he sucks on the straw of his water bottle, looking away a moment to think. ] I'm getting real tired of this game.
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It seems Flora's finally been returned home. Good for her, and good on the scientists, I say. A young lady like that doesn't exactly deserve to be trapped in a place like this. Then again, I wonder how much different this place would be if those who deserved it were the only ones here. Some of us need it as well, correct? The opportunities Discedo gives us are astounding...

Before I get distracted, I've two requests. I'm looking for a Japanese teacher, and perhaps a video camera. Not like the communicators, an actual video recorder. Perhaps there's someone who knows how to provide one? I may be able to find something broken for repair. As for the Japanese, we'll put my prior knowledge at 'zilch'.

Oh, and, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any other theories they have about Fortuna? I'm attempting to compile some things, and unfortunately it seems all my old papers were ruined, and well, no better place to begin except from the start!
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[The video shows moth-ridden sheets with a variety of stains in the background, but the foreground's barely more interesting than that: all it shows is Gin's white-gloved hand carrying tray of ball-shaped doughy snacks covered in sauce.]

... is this some sort of absurdly simple experiment or did someone simply feel compelled to make me takoyaki and break into my home to give it to me?

Can't say I'm fond of your stalkerish method of delivery, but I'd like to know who made it, even if it does look appetizing.

So. Don't be shy.


((Because if Gin received something like cartridges or something else useful, that'd just make things too easy for him. Instead, he receives a snack. :3))


Jun. 20th, 2012 10:19 am
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[ As soon as that feed starts it's the auditory element and not the visual one that's the real attention-grabber, camera pointed at an unhelpful angle for recording the scene. The unmistakable sound of a fist making impact can be heard, followed then by the much wetter noise of metal piercing flesh and an inhuman cry of pain. It's clearly the tail end of some fight or another, that's for certain.

Still, only a certain dour shinobi is caught in the footage and not his now suspiciously silent opponent, thanks to the aforementioned poor camera placement. He flicks blood from the knife in his hand with one quick motion of his wrist, glancing over as an afterthought. It's only then that he notices that he's being recorded at all, a "che" following before Sasuke's approaching the discarded communicator and kneeling down before it.

What a pain... [ That bloodied hand turns it off. ]
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Father's day! Ah, a lovely day, I will say; remembering the male who, hopefully, raised us all with love and care. No, I'm not about to ask all of you about your fathers--I'm not really the intrusive sort, though...! I do have a sort of puzzle for all of you. It's one that I would love to tell my own father.

PUZZLE 011: Two masked men

The puzzle works like this. I'm going to tell you a scenario, and using yes or no questions you must deduce exactly what is happening in this situation. I can only answer yes or no--or other variants of those two answers--so make sure to ask the right questions! No limit to how many you ask, of course... Here's your scenario:

A man leaves home and, after making three left turns, he ends up back at home, and finds two masked men waiting for him.

So, can you deduce what's happening here?

((ooc; wow i forgot to add that this is audio. Okay whatever i just like my htmls.))
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[ Hello, residents of Fortuna. This feed has turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation. Its participants seem to be discussing something Quite Serious, if their tone is to be believed. Let's listen in, shall we? ]

If you thought you were safe, you thought wrong. )

Hundre— Ah… is your comm on? Oi oi they're gonna see what we did to the ceiling!

That's cool, they're bound to find out eventually. Hey, Marco, d'you think people ship us too?

Oh, if they do, we should give them a show, eh? [ Pirate leer and leans in suggestively as he turns it off. ]
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[ There's the sound of quiet, fearful breathing. A gasp. Some rustling as she stands and...quickly falls to her knees once more. She doesn't have it in her to stand. ]

I'm---alive? But...[ But how? ]

[ Some time later a text goes out: ]


What day is it?


May. 19th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This has gotta be some kind of… screwed up dream…

[ There's lightly panicked breathing, albeit calm for one who has just woken up in a strange world. Adrenaline is high, but there's no one around for him to blame, nothing around for him to throw.

A blond man in bartending regalia lights a cigarette, unconcerned with the fact that the communications device is making a small documentary: Inside the Pocket, the untold story. There's a grunt of disproval, he obviously realizes something's amiss after a quiet beep alerts him to the piece of technology hidden from view.

What the hell is-… a phone…?

[ He's obviously stressed, his voice clipped, strained as though he's trying to keep his wits about him. The feed shakes, the image blurs from a violent motion, a rough hand locked around the camera. A thumb moves and you finally see the man's face.

… He looks quite angry, a tick at his brow, a twitch at his jaw where his teeth are clenched around the filter of his abused cigarette. Like an animal backed into a corner.

Spyin' on me now? Tch. I don't get it -- whaddaya want me to do?

[ The image takes on a new angle; Shizuo holds the camera up, pointing it down towards his face at a rather artistic angle and he stares up into it with a squint over his sunglasses as though trying to decipher an unintelligible code. ]

Well… fuck this. Fuck you. Like I'll make it that easy!

[ Expression darkening, the cigarette he can be seen holding snaps between his fingers. The device loses focus immediately, white noise flickering briefly when the uneven ground catches it, managing to land with its camera pointed up at grey sky.

Just in time to record the heel of a dress shoe dropping down on the lens.

Problem solved!


May. 13th, 2012 01:19 am
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[ With all this commotion, another post will likely do nothing but add to the noise and chaos. And yet Sasuke chooses to make one anyway, the video starting with a clear shot of that nearly always impassive expression. At least it's a good sign that the message will be short. ]

New people? It has been noisier than usual. Did someone do something to trigger this? It seems like too much... [ Read: bothersome. This last bit is muttered before the feed cuts off altogether ]

[ ooc: action for anywhere in Dissimulo, also! I can think of reasons to make him wander. ]


May. 8th, 2012 07:43 pm
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People have mentioned bringing others to this world before. I want to know if it's possible.

[ Always short and to the point. ]
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