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[The voice feature turns on and the first thing you hear is frantic screaming. The thing is if you can't speak Japanese, you won't understand a damn word she is saying. If you do understand...]

Leave me alone! Stop looking at me like that!

[She's panting and breathing heavily, screams turning into sniffles.]

I didn't kill them...it was the other one...! I'm innocent!

N-no, please don't come any closer! GET AWAY!!

[And the feed ends.]
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[She really needs to keep this damn thing away so it doesn't record crazy things. Like trying to control an out of control chocobo that is really pissed off at the moment. But what they see is not a girl but rather this:

For those who have no knowledge of what the heck is going on, that's Sora trying to calm down Klunk while stuck in the body of the bird's most hated person.]

Klunk, you know it's me! Please don't give me that look!

[And Klunk screeches as he raises a foot, attempting to attack "him" but just dodges out of the way. Instead, Sora jumps onto the bird's back and well...things led to another and there is a bucking chocobo running around Dissimulo followed by the screams of this weirdo. Mostly 'KLUNK STOP' or 'HEEL'.]

(OOC: Yep, Sora swapped with the resident watch line facer! Replies will come after an hour and under [personal profile] istheknightnow!)
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[Here's someone you haven't seen in awhile: your friendly neighborhood acrobat-turned-nurse! Funny that she vanished when the resident grumpy doctor did the same except this one came back. There's just one problem:

She's dirty, bloody, and some parts of her arms and legs are wrapped with make shift bandages. And when I say 'make shift', I mean ripped off parts of her shirt. She ran out of the house with nothing except her communicator (the thing followed her) so equipment? Nope, grabbed none. And where was she this week? Deep in the woods outside of town. REALLY DEEP.

Her steps were sluggish and choppy, like she didn't eat for a day or three. Then the device falls out of her hand, she obviously didn't give a shit about it and stopped in the middle of the town.

Where she suddenly slumped and passed out.]

((OOC: If replying by communicator, Sora will respond within a few hours. Commander HerpDerp will 'rescue' her but anyone doing action are welcome to find her after getting out of the middle of the street.))
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[You have an extremely confused and rather large pirate, one of about ten feet tall on the screen. And guess what? He's nooot happy about it.]

Who the hell thought they could shrink me... [He mumbles a bit to himself and fiddles with the device.]

Someone better give me a damn good explanation of what the hell's going on here. I doubt I should be here at all. I'm Edward Newgate, if you need to... talk to me and whatnot. [After a bit more fiddling, he drops the comm and the feed ends.]

[Newgate can be found pretty much anywhere in Discedo, as he's wandering around quite a lot.]
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It seems Flora's finally been returned home. Good for her, and good on the scientists, I say. A young lady like that doesn't exactly deserve to be trapped in a place like this. Then again, I wonder how much different this place would be if those who deserved it were the only ones here. Some of us need it as well, correct? The opportunities Discedo gives us are astounding...

Before I get distracted, I've two requests. I'm looking for a Japanese teacher, and perhaps a video camera. Not like the communicators, an actual video recorder. Perhaps there's someone who knows how to provide one? I may be able to find something broken for repair. As for the Japanese, we'll put my prior knowledge at 'zilch'.

Oh, and, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any other theories they have about Fortuna? I'm attempting to compile some things, and unfortunately it seems all my old papers were ruined, and well, no better place to begin except from the start!
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My Father's jacket. [This is a side of Marco few in Fortuna have ever seen before. And if they're all lucky, no one will ever need to see it again. His tone is deathly serious, quite but deadly and threatening. In no uncertain terms does it brook arguing with him. Not without a severe level of masochism anyway, and even then, it wouldn't be wise.]

There are a lot of things I can put up with in this place. A lot I have put up with. Having Pops' jacket stolen is not one of them. Everyone's got twenty four hours to return it safely or I'm going to tear this place apart to find it.

[Oh he's serious too. Might want to ask what that's all about.]
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[The camera turns on to show more of those doughy little puffs: this time, there's two boy mochis that look like a familiar tsundere doctor and a pineapple head pirate. The first one is raising his eyebrows off screen, only to have Layla zoom out and headbutt him off the table. Ouch man.]

Hey, what are you doing?

[Sora then appears on the screen, carrying another mochi that looks like the line facer commander derpbutt. Which Marco mochi sees and tries to tackle for some odd reason. Just another day in her life.]

I wonder if they get attracted to people and that's why they stay.

[Then she looks at the camera and smiles a little.]

It's been a year since I arrived to Fortuna but it hasn't felt that long. I know a lot of people might look back and think about going home, and I do too, but looking at what happened here...I'm actually happy. There are things I haven't seen back home or just doesn't exist. People that I've met here and are friends with...

While this place has the bad I can't doubt that but it also has the good. If it wasn't for this place...I don't think I could be as strong as I am now.

Well, I thought I would at least say that. And the mochis are getting a little restless minus this one here. [Pointing to the line facer who hops back on the table.] So I guess they wanted to say hello as well.
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[He wakes up with a gasp like he'd been drowning, eyes darting about in a panic. What had happened? Why was he in the middle of the street?

...and was it raining on him? Really!?

With a groan he got to his feet and fished around for the network device. Time to check the damage.]

Right so...that was fun. A completely pointless trip nowhere, thanks 'Powers that be' I admire your logic.

[There's a huff and he wipes the rain water off his face in annoyance.]

I don't particularly like being fucked with so, next time you want to send me 'home,' a little warning would be nice.

Oh, and let me guess: I've been re-chipped, haven't I? You all certainly know how to make a bloke feel welcome.

[All right, that's enough bitching.]

Oi, no one's blown up my hospital, have they?
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Owen Harper's gone.

[The message is short and quick but it needed to get out there sooner than later if someone really needed it. Texting was better because to be honest, she wouldn't sound so good to everyone. It was really heartbreaking to lose someone here...even worse if they didn't have a home to go to anymore.

If anyone is out exploring the woods tonight, they'll find Sora huddled against a big tree and hugging Layla Mochi. No surprise that she's been crying rather hard either.]
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[When the camera turns on, the first thing everyone sees is two sets of neutral eyes. Or more like an expression of eternal deadpan. Some might believe that one of them belonged to a certain tsundere redhead but when they bounced away (yes, bounced), they were revealed to be those cute little blob things that Spectavi reported on before.

Yes, that is an Ange Mochi but the other one wasn't familiar to anyone except one other person: the owner of the communicator.]

Sora! Sora!

[The odd mochi called out to the girl on the ropes, who gave out a yelp and nearly fell down off screen but her voice was definitely heard.]


[The camera then gets a better look at 'Layla': a mochi with blue eyes and short blonde hair with a calm and cool expression.]

Wait, you're-

[Then Ange Mochi hops over and looks up at the acrobat, who looks just as confused.]

I think your owner isn't here...oh boy...

((OOC: Action parts are at Sora's training spot outside of town.))
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--llo? Someone? Any--

[ The feed starts, showing someone's shoes, and a small, bright red ferret blinking up. The view quickly changes as Bolin ditches the communicator in favor of his friend, finally coming into view, addressing--yes, that's right, the ferret. He's talking to the ferret. ]

Pabu! Oh, you have no idea how good it is to see you, buddy. Do you know if Mako's around? I can't find--

[ He's interrupted by the sound of trash cans falling over. He turns quickly, coming face-to-face with one of the larger local monsters. And boy does it look happy to see him, jaws wide and claws ready. Bolin doesn't seem concerned as he shifts into a stance, raising an arm up to punch at the air, towards the monster.

Nothing happens.

Bolin stands there shocked, no--horrified, as the monster's teeth sink into his arm.

What happened to his bending?

The pain seems to snap him back to reality, and he shoves the monster off, turning to run. Pabu, bless his soul, nabs the communicator and scampers after Bolin--climbing onto his shoulder once he catches up.  The feed is bumpy for a while, little paws on the screen with a lovely picture of the sky.

Once he's lost the monster he stops, crouching low behind some rubble to catch his breath. ]

Just what is this place?

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[Hello Fortuna, have a Sora who happens to be a little bug-eyed at the moment. Why? Well, all these people of course! Did anyone give her too much drugs?]

...is there more people here or is it just me?
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...I'm sorry this is late but I can't wait any longer.

[Her voice sounds rushed and slightly panicked; it was due to another nightmare. They started up again but more frequent and vivid. And that was not a good sign.]

When can we get these machines out of me?

(OOC: Failed filter. Feel free to respond to this.)
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[Luffy's voice comes on not too long after docking back in Discedo, but his usual enthusiasm is definitely not there. His voice is a bit serious, yet with a tang of guilt in there.]

Hey everyone, it's Luffy. I'm just checking in to see that you guys got the medical attention or rest you need. [He'll rest in his own room soon. He's silent for a bit longer, and then begins to speak again.]

And... I'm sorry I couldn't keep us all safe. I'll try harder next time, I promise--! [It's hard to tell if he's reassuring himself or the others. But his voice cracks slightly, and he just has one last thing to say.]

I'm... really, really sorry for the people who died.

[And now he's going to just go to his apartment and stay there for a while.]

Private call to Marco )

Video; 001

Apr. 22nd, 2012 11:36 pm
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[The video clicks on at an odd angle, first catching a flash of feet (or rather legs disappearing in the floodwaters) as it tilts upward, past a leather clad torso and finally unsteadily framing a rather damp, rather irritated looking woman. On closer inspection, she almost looks--tired.]

I seem to have arrived at a rather unfortunate time. I don't suppose there's anyone willing to direct me somewhere dry.
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[ When Jack woke up in the hospital Friday night, he tried to sleep it off.

Of course, you can't sleep up being brought back from the dead, but he was so delirious at the time he didn't know any better- for a second he thought he'd had a bad dream of some sort and his head hurt, so he just rolled over in the bed again. It wasn't until he woke up again some hours later that he felt fine enough to realize this was not the great outdoors.

So, if you feel like turning on your communicator at 2 in the morning, you'll be greeted with a deep shaky breath- more of a "brr" than anything, judging from the weather ]

...Hey, uh, is anybody who works at the hospital still here? I mean, not on the exploration thing. I think there might be some people who need help. [ he's actually the only one- he just hasn't realized it yet. ] Oh, if you're from the exploration...where are you? I'll come find you.

[ ooc: Anybody worried should be able to find him on the third floor of the hospital, room 310. Though he might walk around a bit ]
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[The camera turns on and shows the ground being covered in water. It looks like someone is kind of stuck in a tree at the moment and while it wasn't too deep for Sora, there still remained a little problem:

Those mutant fish that keep jumping up and trying to bite her legs.]

Sorry to bother everyone but does anyone know how to get rid of these things?

[Nope, not bothering to say 'I'm cold and wet and I need someone to get me out of this tree'.]
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[When the video feed switches on there is a faint, spider's web line across the center of the image, as if the lens of the camera itself is cracked.]

[Hakuba is looking slightly less put together than is his norm, hair askew and coat jacket bundled tightly around one of his hands, obscuring it completely from view. His shirt sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the look he's giving the device could almost be considered bemused, under the circumstances, even if he does look a bit strained.]

Somehow when the note said "use this", I don't imagine it meant as a blunt weapon.

While I'm certain it's far too much to ask for the proper authorities to be called in this situation as that would rather contradict my being here in the first place, I don't suppose it could be too outrageous to request some sort of bandages or antiseptic, could it?

[He frowns slightly as a thought occurs to him and tightens the jacket around his hand a little bit more.] I'm not going to need some form of tetanus or rabies shot after being bitten by one of these... creatures, will I?

((OOC: Hakuba has landed in DISCEDO... and been promptly attacked by a monster D:))

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[A pair of shrewd green eyes shows up blinking on the screen. The camera pulls back; England is lowering the device examining it--and apparently isn't aware it's recording yet because he's caught mid-sentence:]--the damn thing anyway. "Use this"... Can't even cast a spell, no need to be cheeky.

Of all the ways to pull a prank, this one's got to be the most moronic. [He knits his brows in concern as his footsteps crunch over the ground. He's searching, looking for anything familiar. A prank was one thing, having his magic become null was another. But, strangest of all was the empty sensation at the back of his mind.

England chews the side of his mouth in thought.]
That's odd... [He stops abruptly, head snapping up. He fixates on a building, the camera angle low, peering up so it leaves his head and shoulders in clear view. A prank was his first thought and he'll hold onto that until he knows better, but... God, he'd prefer this landscape over the emptiness that's crawling over his mind and he'll be damned if he stands there and simply accepts it for what it is.

He shakes his head.]
H-hah, nothing--nothing to worry about I'm sure, I--

[And then he notices the communicator's screen properly and he leans in.]

Is-- Was this thing recording?! How long-- Agh! There's nothing to see here--! If anybody can see or hear this broadcast, and I feel such a fool for thinking anything of it, I demand an explanation for this nonsense at once!

[And with that, he shuts off the device.]


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