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Ouch! Ugh, what a piece of shit. Do the scientists want their captives to die? I mean, honestly. So pointless, it just means more work for them. Stupid...

[ ...

then he's trailed off for several moments, as if momentarily forgetting what he's supposed to be doing. actually, that is exactly what. his voice is weaker, tired.

... Yeah. I'm only using this because I need something, not to chitchat with a bunch of idiots. I haven't eaten in two days because everything is awful and I can't leave. Not right now, anyway. Or I don't want to. You all should be grateful, by the way. I'm suffering for your safety as I don't think anyone here is as a) selfless or b) smart enough to know how not to screw up everything within a five mile radius.

[and that didn't really make a lick of sense. he seems to realize this.]

I think I said the point in there somewhere, I don't care because my stats are about to take a debuffing and I'mgonnahavet—

[BUT NOPE NOPE TOO MUCH TALKING. thankfully, he does manage to turn it off before all of discedo can hear the lovely noise of retching.]
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((The feed starts out very...GREEN!! Looks like someone left their communicator in the grass. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the feed and NATURE for a little while. Guess it's the evening... Not much to see right now, you guys.But! Tune in. Sounds like things are indeed happening. The splashing of water faintly indicates where the feed originates. Occasionally the green wall of leaf is blown aside just slightly, showing off the shoreline and plain sky. You can guess it's a nice day out. Not sure why anyone would want to go swimming in this weather, or in THAT water. Crazy bastards, but isn't Discedo full of 'em.

More splashing; silence picks up. The leaf blocking your view rustles again, and a quick rush of the wind blows it momentarily out of the way.

While the scene was fleeting, anyone could rewind back and remind themselves that this is no joke. The pink haired doctor--Sakura, unsurprisingly--lays across the beach with her bodyguard over her. His mouth reaches down to touch hers. It's distant, but telling; the leaf replaces the scene almost immediately.

When it's finally blown out of the way again, some minutes later, she's sitting up, her arms swung around his neck. Shizuo is just then finding his way through this hug.))

((ooc; Backdated to the evening of the 16th over Shizuo's feed. They won't be responding to any messages until the next day (the 17th), MEANING by the time they say anything to anybody, they're caught up in the middle of Truth or Dare!!! Additionally, Sakura and Shizuo were in the hospital that evening, rather than returning home. Housemates should have gotten a message about not showing up. Here's a log if anyone cares for details HAHA.

BTW, for the event: Sakura is lies and obedience, Shizuo is lies and disobedience.))


Aug. 20th, 2012 06:19 pm
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[The communicator slowly flickers on to show the surroundings of what appears to be a bathroom with someone in the shower. Just who it is though becomes quite clear by the pair of pure white wings. Water was on the floor as shower curtains plus wings do not mix. Leanne has her eyes closed, humming softly as the hot water hits her skin, causing enough steam to cover the more private parts of her body. No, she doesn't realize that the communicator is on and it records her for just a few more moments before timing out.]
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[That is a wonderful video feed of...dirt. That is. Dirt. By golly, dirt sure is interesting.

The sound of scratching is heard and you can guess that whatever Dave is doing, it's dragging the phone across the ground.
] Jesus dicks. How the flying fuck does this even work.

Hey, uh. This is on right? I'm pretty much fucked if it isn't. If anyone can come pick me up, I'm in the cemetery. I'm basically a sitting duck right now. Haha, that's actually kind of ironic right now. But yeah. John? Actually, anyone really. It would be pretty much the most appreciated thing since slice bread if I could get some help.

[There's a long line of cussing and some stumbling noises followed by a thud.] So, I'll just chit chat with you guys while I wait for my ride. I'm totally missing an entire days worth of time and hey, today I woke up part chicken. I think this is going to be a pretty swell week. And by swell, I mean really shitty.

[OOC: Dave is back from an anonymous chip removal! He's part bird for the week.]
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[ Hong Kong has his comm set up for a completely intentional, confessional style video. He's not wandering around or flicking things into buckets of water or filming himself blowing something up. Well, he ought to do that eventually, but not today. ]

So, hey. I didn't realize it yesterday because of all the celebrating and stuff, but it looks like it's been a year since I got here. Doesn't really feel like it. I mean, I seriously never thought I was gonna be here for that long.

Even though it's not that long, I guess. Anyway, I'm just posting this because I kinda wanted to say thanks to everyone. I know this place is like, super ridiculous sometimes, but there's a lotta people who work hard to make it better for us.

So, thanks.

And don't laugh, okay? I'm being serious here.

[ With that, he looks aside, seeming kind of embarrassed. He then ends the feed. ]


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[Today, everyone will find an invitation in the form of text on their comms.]


Wang Yao


Anarchy Stocking

Request the honor of your presence at their marriage.

The ceremony will be held at the Mariner High School's gym, which can be found in Discedo between Marshall Street and Ingles Trail, on the 8th of August. All are welcome to join the couple's procession from their apartment to the gym in the morning, but the actual ceremony will begin at ten o'clock in the morning and the wedding feast will follow afterwards. All food and beverages will be free.


Aug. 2nd, 2012 03:45 pm
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[When the video pops on, Washu is sitting at her desk in her office at the hospital. Don't mind the clutter. She's still reorganizing.]

Alright, listen up. I have a few things to say. First, as everyone may now know, the chip location has been revealed by one of our lovely scientists. One of the ones not trying to kill us. Because of the delicate placement, I really need to ask everyone not to try and remove it themselves. Please come to the hospital and located a medical professional better equipped for extraction.

Unless you want to be deaf~. Then by all means, go for it. I just want to be able to watch and laugh at your stupidity~.

Second~. If anyone sees a statue that looks like an angel covering its eyes with its hands, please run away and let everyone know.

Now~ For my last point before everyone decides to ask. Yes, I will do chip removals. IF you are interesting enough.

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[ The communicator clicks on. Immediately the sound of dripping, a hollow sort of clawing and then a loud splash crackles through the speakers. ]

No, I don't want to record, how do I- can't turn this off, where's the button for this... shit, this is embarrassing. Ah, whatever. [ Suigetsu has had no shame for the majority of his life anyway, why start feeling sheepish now? It's clear, however, that the communicator is half-submerged in water held in what appears to be a bathtub. It's why the audio is muffled, why the video is bubbly and obscure.

He tries to gather his liquid form up, managing a head and shoulders, but his skin is oozing and he drops right back down again. The most he can handle at the moment is getting his chin above the surface, hair fanning out around him.

Fuck this!




[ For anyone in 1113 in Dissimulo, Suigetsu might need some help. He's feeling kind of hungry and a lot bored. He doesn't mind whining like a little bitch about his condition, especially to his teammate. There's a long pause before he decides to try him again. ]

Sasuke, answer me, I know you're out there! You can't avoid me forever!

[ He splashes around for a bit, mouth submerged so he can blow tiny, angry bubbles. Then he resorts to more indirect methods. Soon, he may explore the pipes, but for now, he settles into his porcelain basin. ]

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[Hey Discedo.

Watanuki hopes you all have been wonderful lately, because he certainly has not. In fact, at this moment, Watanuki is dragging himself out of a ditch. He's not sure he remembers how he got here, but he's here now and he wants the whole world to know exactly how unpleased he is with his situation.

How is this even possible?!

[He grumbles under his breath, crawling the last bit out.]

How can you fall into a ditch and then come out a month later?!

[He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the sky. The phone falls to his side and only Watanuki's voice is heard before it ends.]



Jul. 10th, 2012 12:48 am
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"Use this"? How am I supposed to use this piece of trash...?

[groangroangroan whiiine. the kid looks displeased, as do 90% of the people who first arrive here. he taps the red light with a gloved finger, continues to glare into its camera.]

... Right. So there's obviously peopl—

[he breaks off mid-sentence, eyebrows furrowing. turning, the camera swivels with him to catch sight of a department store and then his apparent cause for alarm*. but mental berating aside for not noticing the thing before it's literally within meters of him, yukio smiles. glances at the camera and tucks it into a coat pocket. enjoy the view of darkness for a while. calmly:]

Invaders must die.

[nope. she continues to move strangely, her crying more audible, it's as if it's she that's yet to notice him.]

What the hell.. I said, 'invaders must die'!

[a thud. the scraping of claws against broken cement, yukio taking a few faltering steps backward.]


[WHAM. the recording ends.]

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