Aug. 21st, 2012

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[ The video clicks on and there sits Suigetsu against a blank wall, looking proud of himself. ]

Guess who's baaack! Yeah, bitches, my chip is out and I am feeling fucking fantastic right about now. So I thought it was high time I introduced myself to anyone who missed my arrival... or to those who wanna hear my name again, heh!

[ He throws his hands behind his head and grins broadly, sharp teeth shining in the dim light. ]

I'm Hōzuki Suigetsu and I have a passion for blades. You know me now, I don't really want to know you, but let's talk business and pretend we're mutually benefitting from our conversation! I'm a collector of rare and valuable swords. And I mean good quality things, none of this dented, chipped and broken shit, understand?

Any and all information will interest me; I have nothing to give to you in return - willingly or otherwise. But who knows. Maybe there's someone out there who is just plain damn nice~

Suigetsu, out!

[ For those who do not understand Japanese, there's a text following the video: ]

I'm looking for swords and their owners, any info helps a lot~
And I mean decent swords. No obvious junk or useless pieces of rust.
There are pretty exotic ones around this place, I can feel it. >:}

[ *Note: Suigetsu is suffering from being entirely truthful and complete obedience! ]


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