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((An innocent scene, really. Germany and Phoenix are sitting at a table, enjoying drinks together--well, Germany and his beer, Phoenix and his Grape Juice. You really couldn't get a calmer conversation, given the situation they're temporarily unaware of. They've been shooting the bull for a while now, discussing things of varying nature.))

How has Discedo been treating you then?

As great as a run-down monster-infested world. Ever since my daughter came it's like I'm always fighting off prospective boyfriends-- I mean watching out for monsters.

Ha, something I'm sure we could all reaOw....

((A pause--Germany blinks.)) Are you all right?

I don't think I'm drunk enough to be hallucinating. Is this table biting me? Is the table really biting me?

.......... ((FWOOOOSH You get about as much as the feed tipping before a most glorious black out.))

Really. Glorious is all I can say )

((The feed returns to normal, and a table growls, pinned into the wall, it's own leg protruding out of it's center. Phoenix and Germany stand side by side, looking only slightly damaged.

A hand goes up; the other knocks his fist against it.))

Well done.

((Germany grabs another beer, busts it open with his teeth. Phoenix grabs another grape juice and stabs the straw in. Heads back, swig of their drink, and the feed cuts out.))

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