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[Hey Discedo.

Watanuki hopes you all have been wonderful lately, because he certainly has not. In fact, at this moment, Watanuki is dragging himself out of a ditch. He's not sure he remembers how he got here, but he's here now and he wants the whole world to know exactly how unpleased he is with his situation.

How is this even possible?!

[He grumbles under his breath, crawling the last bit out.]

How can you fall into a ditch and then come out a month later?!

[He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the sky. The phone falls to his side and only Watanuki's voice is heard before it ends.]

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[ yes, apparently Yukiteru is overcoming his social awkwardness for once to appear on the network - even if it's obvious he still seems a little awkward in talking to this many people at once.. ]

It really does seem like all of us got.. gifts of some sort, right? [ how else to call that random stuff they woke up with a few days ago.. ] It's a little weird, but it's not like it's bad to get these things, so I guess it can't be anything that bad..?

E-.. either way, I got a telescope. So I was wondering if we might be able to find out more about this place by looking at the stars.. Maybe there are some recognizable constellations? Has anyone tried anything like it before?

action part for yuno. )

[ Audio ]

Jun. 5th, 2012 03:09 pm
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Okay, well, it... it looks as though we have it under control now. I can't.. [ He begins to mutter something, clearly trying to sort through his thoughts. A snuff and shuffle. He sighs as he combs his fingers through his hair. ]

Ah-ah... You, all.. all of you. If there's anyone still, well, affected by the pollen you should.. What I want to say is, if you're still bothered by the pollen we would... like to know. We didn't want this to happen; so we will... administer antidotes if you need more. I presume the hospital has already received the first package...

[ There's a silence. He's drumming his fingers rampantly on the desk. ]

Good then, I'll just.. wait. --Right; good.

((ooc; This is an open scientist post; the hospital DID receive a package a few days into the event with various said antidotes, as stated here, that definitely quelled any effects if need be. Anyway, feel free to comment to Kevin or talk amongst yourselves here.))
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( Drool there is drool on the communicator and screen. After that there is teeth and gut wrenching sounds. After a bit the communicator falls and Yuki is shown on the floor wearing her green nightgown. Currently she is laughing and holding her head. )

Doesn't taste like blood....I need blood. Kaname said blood was good...good yes.

( She then stops laughing and jumps up. )

Yes I will do that. Yes Yuki do that. Hmmm a nice bucket of Sora's blood sounds divine. But what about others? Others? Yes. Drink their blood. Hmm yes.

( Yuki runs around and then falls down in front of her communicator and screams. )

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Yukkiiii— [ it's kind of a concerned whine coming from the background. ] We should go back to the apartment, Yukki. There are too many people just suddenly showing up.. it's weird. [ also potentially unsafe..! yuno has her own device in hand as she had just been observing all the unfamiliar (and frankly odd) faces showing up on the network just now— she isn't broadcasting though, and only shows up into the feed once she approaches yukiteru looking a little uneasy. ]

But.. Yuno, I'm actually trying to find out more about all of that right now. [ he offers her a small smile - it's a little awkward, since he knows she most likely won't agree with this plan, but this is a weird occurence in this place so it might be important, right? on the other hand, the last thing he wants is for her to randomly go around and maim some of these people..

the boy glances back to the device, his expression awkward - how does one deal with suddenly talking to such a crowd - but he's trying to seem confident..! .. just.. failing on it, but it's the intention that matters. ]

Um, that being said.. if there's anyone who knows more about all of this, please tell us? Or if you need more information about this place, I guess you can ask that at least, but I might not be the best person to ask about that.. [ what is self confidence. ]

I-- [ nope, quickly correcting himself. ] we'll [ happy now, Yuno?! ] try our best though..!

[ yukiteru your noble plunge into social situations is appreciated except not really, so yuno the overprotective girlfriend™ will be reaching over to his device right now— her hand already blocking the feed. ]

That should be fine.. I'm sure if anyone has any information they'll contact us now, so—

[ click goes the feed abruptly. at least she only turned it off and didn't take it from him like she had the initial urge to. SHE'S TRYING, REALLY. ]

[ * ooc: this is a joint post; feel free to run into them around the discedo area and action it up if you like, otherwise replies will come from both yukiteru and yuno! ]

[ Voice ]

May. 1st, 2012 12:21 pm
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 [ There is silence for a long, long time--He'd died, on that trip. He should be dead. Yet...here he was, a-ok. Breathing. Alive

The hell... ]

Hey...is everyone who went on that exploration trip okay? I--[ I died. I should be dead. ]--wanted to make sure those skin stealing bastards didn't get their hands on [ sakura ] anyone else, yeah? Just...let me know everything turned out okay. 

Heh...they couldn't keep me down for long, huh? Yeah yeah, I'm too cool to be gone for good. [ He tries to sound boastful. Obnoxious.  Like himself. It sounds forced, though. He's too worried about Sakura and the others.

If they had died...would they come back, too? ]

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[There is a rather haggard-looking Hungary on the screen right now. She is also a rather pissed Hungary.]


the hell

was that weather?!

[And now she doubles over onto her kitchen table, out of breath and exhausted. It seems she's gotten caught in more than one of the weird storms this week. It's not fun to be out looking for food and then suddenly caught in a blizzard. Or snowstorm. Or hailstorm. Or whatever else. And then have to rush home as fast as possible.]

1 [Video]

Apr. 20th, 2012 10:09 pm
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[Suddenly, Discedo, you get this skinny teenager covered in snowdrifts. He's not sure what this communicator is, but it's probably some weird magical demon-lord kidnapper device!

So he tries to glare at it. It's a pathetic glare though, 'cause he's really just curious. And cold.]

Uhm, h-how dare you kidnap a demon lord?

[Teeth chattering.]

If you don't send me back, I'm gonna terminate terribly! And, and...and other evil stuff! Buuut if anyone can help me, I promise to spear my wrath! [He means spare]

Oh, I am also the Demon Lord Raenef V! I'm pretty dastardly and dangerous too.
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[ the feed is greeted with the amiable smile of girl with bright pink hair— and an even brighter spark in her eyes should one take notice. she seems to be outside given by the lighting. although it isn't visible in the feed, she's currently in the process of hauling a lot of wood; however, both the sweat and the odd movement from her exertion is plainly visible. when she speaks, it's in a polite yet excited manner. ]

Good day. If anyone can tell me the quickest way to acquire a hammer and nails in the Discedo area I would be very grateful. I'm a little busy so I don't really have time to play a guessing game with all the buildings in the area. If someone would spare me the tools his or herself that would be even better. Thank you.
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[Coming from China's comm today is a series of random notes from his bamboo flute. Doesn't sound like the usual expertise he displays. What about the whole "changing color phenomenon"? Well, he's already had his freak out, so now he's feeling slightly better. Then... you may or may not hear the sound of him taking in a big breath before--]


[The flute makes a very high pitch cry as China blows all his air into the instrument. Then, again, comes the--]


[He keeps doing it. Taking a deep breath. Blowing with all his might into the instrument. Hopefully no one becomes deaf because of him.]

[OOC: As a result from getting his chip removed, China's become a child again, a child who can't speak or understand any language besides his own. All tags will be answered with [personal profile] not4000yet. (Forgot, can't comment with that account since it isn't part of the discedo community.) This is only the first phase of the chip after effects. Feel free to yell at him, or whatever you like!]
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[Eric shows up on the screen, looking bewildered, and like he's skipped a night of sleep.]

T-tell me you guys hear that too.
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So there's this girl. She's really cool, yeah yeah! Almost as cool as me!!!!! Some of you might know her, actually--Her name's Yuffie. She's so cute!!! O(≧∇≦)O I don't know how to describe it but it's like my heart is beating really fast whenever I talk to her!~

Haha this is really embarrassing, but I guess I really like her. Like...like like her! I dunno what I should do about it, though!   (*´ο`*)=3 Help me out, guys. Should I tell her how I feel?

Or surprise her with something special?(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

[ ooc: THIS IS SO HIDEOUS. Anyway yup. Valentines virus strikes again Sksjdfwlkd. Naruto has no idea it's there, so uh. Yup!!! ]
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To share one's memories is to willingly offer a valuable piece of their lives; to take one's memories is to claim a part of their soul. Such a tenuous line should not be crossed, lest you are prepared to pay the price.

After all... not even this mockery of a world is immune to the laws of balance. |

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