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[The device is turned on, adjusted, and then shows Cube's face.]

Ah, good evening, Discedo. I do hope you're all keeping dry.

Does anyone have any recommendations for living quarters? As much as I like where I am, I believe it's about time to-

[A flash of bright light fills the room as a loud crack of thunder follows. Not a second later, the little demon is knocked over by a blur of red and yellow. The communicator falls to the floor and slides to reveal Flandre clinging to Cube quite tightly.]

F-Flandre-chan! L-Let go! Too tight-- ack!

Le tonnerre, le tonnerre!

[Cube reaches for the communicator, gagging and trembling with all his strength to type something while the vampire has him in a death grip. Rather than send what he typed, the feed clicks off.]
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I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about the weather. I realize that it's rather awful now, but how was it during the summer? I remember there being reports of acid rain. Has that happened recently? And what about the conditions in Dissimulo? There are - or were, at least - things growing there, yes? Has anyone attempted to transplant crops to Discedo?

In addition, the Soup Kitchen - in Discedo - is open. And needs volunteers, if anyone is feeling charitable.

[From the sound of his voice, you'd better be feeling charitable.]

[ooc: soup kitchen info and signup here!]


Feb. 22nd, 2012 07:50 pm
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 [Danny shivers and rubs at his bare arms as he makes the post.  He had just discovered one of the drawbacks of not having his ghost powers here.  Specifically?  That without his ice powers running around in blizzards in a t-shirt and jeans was a bad idea.  But how was he supposed to know?  Ever since he'd gotten his ice powers he hadn't been feeling the cold at all.  Come on, he'd been in Antarctica without needing any kind of winter clothing.  

But right now?  From the way his teeth were chattering he was guessing he needed to find shelter soon.]

Um, hello?  C-can anyone hear me?

I think I might be in trouble.
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Less and less I like that Spetavi bit. It has quite the, how should I say, manipulated point of view. Half of what our Ms. Molly says is tainted by media bias, and let's be real! Nobody wants to watch that broadcast; we're forced into it. Moreover, it's quite dull.

((the video clicks on, and live is sitting in the Mariner Highschool. It seems he's found a very offical looking classroom to claim as his own. He sits on the desk, smiling at the screen.))

So what if we, for once, took things into our own hands. Give the people the news they need and want. I'm more of a newspaper journalist myself, but if a project like this can while away the hours, how could I deny the public of its right?

I've put sign up slips outside the principles office, since it's closer to the front, but I believe.... we could arrange a meeting for all of us? I'll contact everyone myself, so long as they leave a name and frequency.

Consider this my first official broadcast! And hopefully not my last.

((ooc; IC broadcasting proposal. Responding isn't really required, and I won't be putting up any sort of a log for their meeting. All that mess has been taken care of. ALSO, I should be PM'ng folks later today with segments and a few contact questions. Thank you~))
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[The feed turns on with a shock - indicating that the communicator has felt a little neglected lately - but there's no cry of annoyance or pain. Meryl pulls back so you can see why: rubber gloves.]

I know your tricks, you crafty little thing. It's good to see at least one thing that hasn't changed about this place.

Today is my birthday. I would be very thankful if one of the doctors could remove my chip as a present. I'm much more useful with powers than without. Once I am back at full-force, I can restart the Soup Kitchen in Discedo. My apologies for taking so long on it; I've been preoccupied as of late.

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