Jan. 25th, 2012

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Less and less I like that Spetavi bit. It has quite the, how should I say, manipulated point of view. Half of what our Ms. Molly says is tainted by media bias, and let's be real! Nobody wants to watch that broadcast; we're forced into it. Moreover, it's quite dull.

((the video clicks on, and live is sitting in the Mariner Highschool. It seems he's found a very offical looking classroom to claim as his own. He sits on the desk, smiling at the screen.))

So what if we, for once, took things into our own hands. Give the people the news they need and want. I'm more of a newspaper journalist myself, but if a project like this can while away the hours, how could I deny the public of its right?

I've put sign up slips outside the principles office, since it's closer to the front, but I believe.... we could arrange a meeting for all of us? I'll contact everyone myself, so long as they leave a name and frequency.

Consider this my first official broadcast! And hopefully not my last.

((ooc; IC broadcasting proposal. Responding isn't really required, and I won't be putting up any sort of a log for their meeting. All that mess has been taken care of. ALSO, I should be PM'ng folks later today with segments and a few contact questions. Thank you~))


Jan. 25th, 2012 10:14 am
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[Conan struggles to open his eyes.  It was cold.  So very cold.  He couldn't move.  Could barely find the strength to stay conscious  What happened?

And then he remembered.

...The dam.  The bombs.  Starting an avalanche to stop the flood.  Ran's scream in the car far below as the avalanche had swallowed him up.

The weight of the snow pressing down on him.  The silence.

And then... Ran had called his name.  Called for Shinichi.

At the memory he forces his eyes to slit open.  This...  This was Dissimulo?  That was his communicator lying by his hand?

Conan didn't have the energy to move or call out.  But maybe he could reach this.  Painstakingly slowly he forces his hand to move and presses the video button.]

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Haven't seen France around...........

moping )

Oh yea. Don't anyone go into the museum for a couple of days. Repairs to be made.

(((For those still in his apartment, Greece is just sort of rolling around with a cat plush toy and reading his cat manga and wearing his cat ears from Christmas two years ago. Meow meow.....))

((ooc; anyway, once I get all the information set up, the aquatic life section in the museum has been opened up as of now! Wooohooo.))


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