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 [Hello to everyone in Dissimulo this evening! If you're out and about, you might see this woman walking around the town. Her mission: to find out more about this place. There's just two things you need to know:

One, do not sneak up on her. She will find out and clobber you with a rock. A cougar tried that and it ended up dead. Blame instinct.

Two, she doesn't talk much and isn't the friendliest person. So if she ignores you at first, don't worry. But feel free to try and talk to her...

Just watch out for those stray memories that's been going around because her's are not pretty.]

(OOC: So yep, action post! Enil's around both Discedo and Dissimulo tonight and terrible memories are a definite with her. Have fun!)
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Memory )
[Here's Yuffie sitting on a high ledge of a building in Discedo and...still wearing shorts. Yeah, it totally feels like summer time out here.]

I don't even know any of these people. Well, with the exception of Square. [Yuffie its pronounced CUBE.]

Thought I really was suffering from a concussion when I hit my head. Seems to be pretty common with a lot of people from what I see.  Gotta say..some of the stuff I've seen is pretty MESSSED UP. You know who you are.

Some of you got some real issues you know that? But hey, I've seen worse. I'm not one to judge. Some of these are pretty hilarious and nice. It's like television playing in your head. Just without the remote. I guess this is better than fighting more of those mummies. The burning dead don't make for good BBQ. In fact they smell, pretty bad. I don't think any amount of sauce can fix that either.

Oh, another thing. I hear Cube gives good massages.  You might want to get in on some of that. Though I already called first dibs.

[[ooc: If you like a different memory for Yuffie just say so. I just put that one up there just because. Can write out more directly to you too!]]

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[The yell is accompanied by an all too familiar BZZZZZT of the communicator as the device drops to the ground, giving a nice view of Japan shaking his hands off with a startled expression. He seems to be out near the lake, dressed in completely normal winter clothing aside from Turkey's Ottoman Empire hat thing balancing awkwardly on his head. He fixes it so it's less over his eyes and kneels down to the communicator with a frown.]

Ah, my apologies... I had intended to speak once I arrived at a nice destination, but it seems such devices are not so patient. [Irritation is there, underneath his polite way of speaking... But he eventually sighs, wrapping his scarf a bit more closely around his neck as he continues to walk, looking to the communicator.]

As some may know, I am the creator of the map program that many should have seen by now. That being said... I am interested in programming other things, though I cannot say I am sure where to begin. Is there anything useful that is needed? Or perhaps it is fine to do games... Ah, if such a thing interests you, please be sure to fill out the form at the end of this post. I will put it up shortly.

[He raises a hand up to fix that hat again, finally seating himself on the ground near the lake.] Though on one more note... Has everyone viewed memories that are not their own by this point? ...I am simply curious. [The video shuts off there, and as promised, it's just a few seconds later before the text is added.]

Please fill out this form if you are interested in asking me to program something.

Thank you. 人(--*)

[Feel free to run into Japan around Discedo too if you'd like! I'd be fine with him seeing any and all memories from you guys so go for it, and just ask if you want to see anything of Japan's.]


Feb. 5th, 2012 09:43 am
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[For the first time ever, Marco gets a loud shocking zap. Normally he's way more on top of this thing. For an entire year he's always made sure to watch the thing like a hawk. Must be a special occasion for it to trip him up now. At first glance, Marco appears to be crying, but upon realizing the video got turned on, he stuffs the comm under a pillow. Then mumbles something incomprehensible through the pillow, which keeps being zappy thanks to the comm. So his face comes back into view as he takes the pillow off; deadpan as ever.]

Damn thing...

I guess I haven't been using it much since the switch, eh. [Like... at all. Good job Marco.]

I've just been busy. [Which explains nothing of the tears :|] So how is everyone? Having fun with the mummies? [And then because he's not used to it, he thinks he turned it off, but nope.]

Oi Japan! The hell is with this route? It's so sad! Stop making me fall in love with a pigeon!

Uwah... it's okay dove boyfriend, I'll stay with you no matter how short it is!
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[The feed turns on and Dean is being a ham it seems. He smiles into the camera which is held at an angle and shakes slightly as he walks. There's classic rock being played through the little speakers, which probably sounds a little funny to any of you, but he's getting good use out of his bran new music player program!

(Thanks Scientists and also Sam for showing him how to freaking work it. He's not keen on iPods and stuff but hey, beggars can't be choosers and he's got his music!)

So. First I gotto kick my furniture's ass, and now you're tossing Mummies at us? I mean, really?

What the hell.

[His eyes are forward, though he occasionally glances at the camera as he talks. He's outside in Discedo, breath whisping in the chill of the air. He's bundled well and armed, but you can't see that yet. He seems to spot something and smirks, addressing the viewers.]

Well, if it's entertainment you want then... enjoy the view.

More under here... )


Jan. 29th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Is a non-working vacation too much to ask for? I mean, come on. One day off. After what happened last week I deserve that.

[A dark-haired teenage boy is scowling unhappily into the camera. He sighs heavily and drags a hand through his hair. Somehow it always ended up like this.]

Okay,so let me just get this straight. I've been kidnapped. Again. Stuck in a creepy looking city that is seriously in need of a little urban renewal. And on top of all of that my powers are shorted out?

Could this possibly get any worse?

[He freezes and moans miserably.]

...Oh, great. I think I just jinxed myself.
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[Unlike new arrivals who shake or accidentally switch on the text function and perform a perfect rendition of a keysmash, the feed turns on to a blue haired woman dressed in a peculiar military uniform. She stares at the screen with a neutral expression, preferring to keep whoever has access to the machine she had found beside her guessing how she was truly feeling. When she speaks, there's an echo to it.]

I have found a note attached to this device telling me to ‘use this’ but did not see anyone within my vicinity. If anyone hears this message, please contact this frequency as soon as possible. I am in what looks like an underground tunnel but there are strange messages and-
[She just stares off to the side, not flinching at the sight of blood. She had seen plenty of it before back home. It was no different.] other signs of life.

[She doesn’t move for a couple seconds until she sighs. It would be pointless to ask for information when she would not give any herself. It was only fair after all…then again, what she is known for is not telling the truth and she didn’t know anyone in this place. There was no use in letting the thing record more.]

That is all.

[And she cuts it.]
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It's okay, I won't hurt you.

[China can't be seen since the comm is in his bag, but he can be heard, along with a hissing noise. The screen whites out for a moment as China opens his bag, letting light flood into it. He gives it a curious glance when he realizes it was on before turning it towards a female Thestral that is on the ground and bleeding from a large wound on her side.]

She's hurt, but she will not let me come close. She won't even eat the fruit I toss to her. I'm worried that whatever did this to her will come back, aru. Any suggestions? ...Also, what is she? [He sends the mare a glance.]
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Hey. Scientists...

I don't know if you do requests but uh, I figure you can make an exception seeing as it's going to be my birthday in a few days or so.

Anyway, I want a cassette player, batteries to run it and my cassette collection from home. Does that sound reasonable? I'm kinda going a little crazy without my music so... if you could do that for me that'd be great.

[Casting his eyes off in thought he then adds with a sigh, mostly speaking to himself,]

Man... I wish I could get laid on my birthday.

[He then realizes he left the comm on and smiles innocently. You weren't supposed to hear that... But he quickly covers up his goof by switching to his bedroom eyes.]


[A wink, then he shuts the feed off.]

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