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i dont rightly feel i owwe anyone wwho might be residin in this place a damn introduction but ill alloww this one exception
be grateful
im eridan ampora prince a hope and i knoww damn wwell i deservve a full explanation elucidatin wwhere and wwhy im in this wworld
this is hardly evven wwithin a close proximity a wwhere i should be and wwhile im not outright complainin about these unexpected turn of evvents i feel it wwithin my fuckin right to be informed a wwhere i am and wwhy
is there evven anyone i knoww here
ivve my staggerin doubts on that though
pretty damn sure theyre all back on that horrid meteor wwith their alienatin pretentious self-absorbed attitudes
or maybe just dead
either wway is this evven truly reachin anyone
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[ So here's Jack, sitting on the steps of one of the clothing stores. As the feed starts, he's poking a rather nice gash on his left cheek- his hand jerks back as he looks at the camera. ] So I'm not...well, crazy, right? The furniture's attacking us. See, my doorknob bit me! [ He gestures to his cheek, then looks to something offscreen for a moment- his expression is nervous, but he laughs. ]

I think they're trying to bring buildings here, too, but it's not working. Do you guys recognize any of these places, too? There's a place here, near the department store, that I thought might've been something from my school. But it's from somewhere else. Maybe they're trying to bring a bunch of people at once!

[ But were the people in those buildings back then real...? He's still not sure. In any case, whether you're walking around the streets of Discedo or not, you should bug him. ]
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wwoww rude!
you dont go around judgin people for their quadrants
and it isnt evven official so thats just gossipy gossip you bitchass motherfuckers
go roll in your owwn phlegm or wwhatevver type of humor you assholes havve
you havve four of them accordin to this book

and for the record dont judge me!

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