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[BZZZZZZZT--] Oh, wow. That was fuckin' wonderful, really. [and embarrassing. mostly embarrassing. everything is.] I'd insert more curses 'bout how much I hate this place an' a good chunk 'a the fuckers in it, but hey! I need a doc to take out my chip, stat.

I'll even throw a 'please' out there.

An' if yer wonderin', yeah. I was completely innocent in... that. Whatever the fuck that was. Stabbed right in the back, both figuratively 'n literally. Screw you, Sasuke. Screw. You. AN' WHOEVER STOLE MY SWORD 'N GODDAMN MASK. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
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[It had been awhile since Izaya's initial arrival here in Discedo and, contrary to what seemed to be a lot of the inhabitant's initial beliefs, for the most part the informant had been keeping his presence low. He wasted his days away by eavesdropping in on other's conversations, hacking locks (really, Shizu-chan? Sakura-san? Only 50%~?), and by doing whatever else was necessary to pick up some dismal, possibly useless, bit of knowledge that this place offered in relation to its inhabitants.

Which is why, if one were to wonder how Izaya wound up in this specific tree at this specific time, you could believe his claims of Shizuo chasing him up it like some yapping mutt or you could conclude that his endeavors were finally paying off.]

What do you think is necessary to push someone over that ambiguous, forbidden edge?

[Izaya's voice is low and yet there is still that echo of amusement within it as the video screen flickers on. However instead of the informant all you can see is a tree's branches blocking him out of sight from the two standing upon the ground some odd distance away.]

In this place where the only people we can trust are each other what would happen if that trust is betrayed? When a fragile mind finally snaps beneath the pressure and becomes a threat to us all?

[As the camera focuses the figures of Sasuke and Turkey become more defined. Sasuke's stance is clearly combative, chokuto already drawn and eyes trained solely upon his current target. Izaya's voice falls silent, like that of a memory long passed, when the observer becomes unable to focus upon anything more but the body of the avenger as Sasuke darts forward -- because naturally he makes the first move -- with average speed and abilities kept in check. Because of this, the nation parries easily, the metal clashing with a shower of sparks. He's almost smirking as he flicks his wrist to dislodge the swords from each other, sidestepping then to make a swing at Sasuke's side.]

Whose fault could be claimed in that moment when life and death hang upon the edge for them both? Do we seek out vengeance for the one defeated or believe the story of the survivor as we embrace the killer back into our midst?

[Turkey's blow is also met thanks to a sudden shift to a reverse grip, though it's not a favorable angle at which to defend. For a moment Sasuke does nothing, gaze flickering to Turkey and then to those swords as if he's made some sort of decision. And then, in a single instant, where the shinobi once was there is nothing at all. A flicker of an image is there in front of his opponent before suddenly appearing behind him, purposefully not allowing for time to react. Just as quickly seen is a spark of electricity darting along that chokuto before it's thrust forward into Turkey's back.

Turkey remains still for the moment, stunned. He reaches up to touch where the blade juts through his chest, but stops short; expression turning into one of a grimace as he wrenches himself away and begins to turn on the spot.

H-Hey, what the fuck, Sasuke--!!

[ The only auditory response Turkey's exclamation was granted is the crackle of electricity as the voltage is increased, traveling along the length of the sword and the blood now coating it. For the second attack there's no hesitation, and this time Sasuke is sure not to miss his spine. And he doesn't. His eyes are red when he meets Turkey's.

The nation means to say something more, but there's only blood; his scimitar falling inaudibly into the dirt, with its owner soon to follow. He doesn't get up.


[Izaya's laugh is a low, a mirthful chuckle that quickly grows in volume as the camera is flicked towards his own smiling face.]

Say, what do you think everyone? Is forgiveness the correct route? And if we forgave would we be able to forget the look on Turkey-san's face as he crumpled to the ground at Sasuke-san's feet?

I suppose the decision is up to you.

[And then the feed suddenly cuts off]
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[S H R I E K]

[yes, it was totally necessary to turn the device on before 'she' let out a bloodcurdling scream. enjoy that. turkey thinks it's kind of amusing though because holy shit, so high-pitched!!

'leanne' rights the camera, and looks a little more than displeased.

Holy hell!! I'd ask if this was the scientists' idea 'a a sick joke, but I already know the answer to that! Or else someone's got reeeaaaaal funny powers— by which I mean, not at all. Looks like it's happenin' to the lot 'a you too, hahahaha. I guess that part's funny! Misery adorin' company 'n all that, eh. I mean, I prolly struggle to lift up a goddamn gallon 'a water right now. [:|]

Anyway!♪ [change of tone. 'she' smiles; or rather, smirks.] Would the real me please stand up! If what I'm seein' is true, ya should know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
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((The feed starts out very...GREEN!! Looks like someone left their communicator in the grass. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the feed and NATURE for a little while. Guess it's the evening... Not much to see right now, you guys.But! Tune in. Sounds like things are indeed happening. The splashing of water faintly indicates where the feed originates. Occasionally the green wall of leaf is blown aside just slightly, showing off the shoreline and plain sky. You can guess it's a nice day out. Not sure why anyone would want to go swimming in this weather, or in THAT water. Crazy bastards, but isn't Discedo full of 'em.

More splashing; silence picks up. The leaf blocking your view rustles again, and a quick rush of the wind blows it momentarily out of the way.

While the scene was fleeting, anyone could rewind back and remind themselves that this is no joke. The pink haired doctor--Sakura, unsurprisingly--lays across the beach with her bodyguard over her. His mouth reaches down to touch hers. It's distant, but telling; the leaf replaces the scene almost immediately.

When it's finally blown out of the way again, some minutes later, she's sitting up, her arms swung around his neck. Shizuo is just then finding his way through this hug.))

((ooc; Backdated to the evening of the 16th over Shizuo's feed. They won't be responding to any messages until the next day (the 17th), MEANING by the time they say anything to anybody, they're caught up in the middle of Truth or Dare!!! Additionally, Sakura and Shizuo were in the hospital that evening, rather than returning home. Housemates should have gotten a message about not showing up. Here's a log if anyone cares for details HAHA.

BTW, for the event: Sakura is lies and obedience, Shizuo is lies and disobedience.))


Aug. 20th, 2012 06:19 pm
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[The communicator slowly flickers on to show the surroundings of what appears to be a bathroom with someone in the shower. Just who it is though becomes quite clear by the pair of pure white wings. Water was on the floor as shower curtains plus wings do not mix. Leanne has her eyes closed, humming softly as the hot water hits her skin, causing enough steam to cover the more private parts of her body. No, she doesn't realize that the communicator is on and it records her for just a few more moments before timing out.]
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Well, fuck you too! I'm not gonna start every post like this, but it's Yuki Kuran's birthday tomorrow-- an' I'm too damn good at this, really. If ya haven't gotten to know her already, ya should get on that. An' make sure to spoil her, cuz she deserves that too! Then there are a few more important people I need some dates from, eheheh. Promise I won't be doin' this everytime but hey, this shit's priority, cuz frankly there ain't enough to celebrate here.


Anyway, uh, movin' on. To all the nation-like entities here an' whatnot...

[needless to say, his tone's changed somewhat.]

Don' tell me you've ever wished ya were a human, eh?
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[ Hong Kong has his comm set up for a completely intentional, confessional style video. He's not wandering around or flicking things into buckets of water or filming himself blowing something up. Well, he ought to do that eventually, but not today. ]

So, hey. I didn't realize it yesterday because of all the celebrating and stuff, but it looks like it's been a year since I got here. Doesn't really feel like it. I mean, I seriously never thought I was gonna be here for that long.

Even though it's not that long, I guess. Anyway, I'm just posting this because I kinda wanted to say thanks to everyone. I know this place is like, super ridiculous sometimes, but there's a lotta people who work hard to make it better for us.

So, thanks.

And don't laugh, okay? I'm being serious here.

[ With that, he looks aside, seeming kind of embarrassed. He then ends the feed. ]
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( Yuki's communicator is currently on the floor and broadcasting a little girl sitting in the shade covered up holding a plush bunny. She is currently crying and looking down at her bunny. )

O-Okasama....Okasama....Mama. Where are you? Why did you take me away from Otosama and Oniisan?

( She's crying softly but enough to be heard.

Small footfalls mix with the light crying until another set of legs pass the screen. As the other child crouches, it becomes obvious it's a younger Tatsumi. His face doesn't show much, except a tinge of boredom as he sighs. )

Let's go.

( He offers Yuki a smile before tugging on her sleeve. It becomes clear that the girl crying is a younger Yuki. She looks up at him and stops crying; a sad face still on her. Yuki grabs what she thinks is another toy (the communicator), then gets up and grabs his hand tightly. )

Let's go find your mom.

( Yuki nods. )

Her name is Juri Kuran...she has long curly hair...and hates rain.

[ooc: blue is Tatsumi. action and video are welcomed.]


Jul. 24th, 2012 12:22 pm
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I'm tired of this. I die here in the hands of a drag queen and a some weirdo, and I go back home. Then I die there in the hands of the person I thought was a mutual friend, and I come here.

( Yuki grunts a bit. )

I remember everything. Brook I'm going to beat you up for being a pervert to my human self, Turkey I am going to ignore you now for only liking my human self, and everyone else, it's best if you tell me where the one with the red hair is and the one with the blue hair is.

ooc: not to worry she won't take it out on Tatsumi and Grell just yet. also I realize the old Grell was the one who killed her so when she finds that out, she'll just leave him alone.
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Wowwww, an' here I thought everyone here kinda peaceful! Guess I was wrong, yer true colors are showin'. 'S called "Fortuna's First Great War (AD)"— [...] not the greatest ring to it, but I guess it'll have to do 'til I hear a better one. I've heard worse! So I'll be the neutral party an' swoop in at the last second on the clearly winnin' side. It's a great plan, dunno why more 'a ya nations don' try it more often. An' succeed.

But anyway, I've got somethin' more important, so stop fightin' over stupid shit for like five seconds an' listen up.


Yep! Sasuke's!! I bet he'll say he wanted it to be a ~secret~, but don' listen to him cuz everyone's gotta know. So I hope ya can get yer gifts together in record timin' if ya didn'. Iunno why ya wouldn' want the attention 'bout that anyway, 's not like he's turning fifty or somethin'. [... most likely.]

Ya can drop 'em off at 1113 in Dissimulo.♪ Thanks!!


Jun. 20th, 2012 10:19 am
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[ As soon as that feed starts it's the auditory element and not the visual one that's the real attention-grabber, camera pointed at an unhelpful angle for recording the scene. The unmistakable sound of a fist making impact can be heard, followed then by the much wetter noise of metal piercing flesh and an inhuman cry of pain. It's clearly the tail end of some fight or another, that's for certain.

Still, only a certain dour shinobi is caught in the footage and not his now suspiciously silent opponent, thanks to the aforementioned poor camera placement. He flicks blood from the knife in his hand with one quick motion of his wrist, glancing over as an afterthought. It's only then that he notices that he's being recorded at all, a "che" following before Sasuke's approaching the discarded communicator and kneeling down before it.

What a pain... [ That bloodied hand turns it off. ]
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[ When the communicator turns on, you are immediately able to tell that Shizuo is in some kind of distress.

Not because you can see him, all you seem to be looking at is an expanse of sky and a few blond hairs like he's laying next to the device. The hoarse breathing and disoriented muttering is a dead giveaway though and he doesn't look like he's ready to walk around for a while yet. This might be because he's trying to sort out what happened in his head, but frustrated groaning signifies he hasn't had much luck.

A seagull circles him, perhaps a hint to where he is. Near water of some sort, the lapping of waves against something is making a noticeable sound in the receiver. The shoulder of a crumpled white shirt comes into view finally, his face following suit. He decided to sit up after all.

... I need... [ He closes his eyes and rubs at one of them tiredly; his voice is husky, he's pale, shaking, sweating, his hair is in complete disarray and there seems to be dried blood on his collar. ] I need help. Don't know what happened...

[ Shizuo never asks for help, but this time seems different. ] Don't know where I am. Don't know how I got here. I was... where was I... I can't feel anything.

[ With that he lays back down, slowly but surely, to wait for a reply. ]

[ Shizuo has gotten his chip removed anonymously! He's experiencing the removal sickness and his abilities, if angered, will go haywire, but other than that there are no other symptoms present. He just doesn't know where the fuck he is, but he hasn't looked at his map.

Edit: Gin found him! Everything but action is welcomed so hard. ]
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Woahhh, yeah, lotta people here! But there are way more important things to talk 'bout, right? Since everyone an' their dogs have covered that topic. Like dreams! 'A the vivid variety.♫ 'Cept if yer talkin' 'bout it in the borin' philisophical way, in that it means absolutely fuckin' nothin' to ya! [that's a jab at you, greece. obviously.] But I had a dream I was a cat, an' a lotta you were in it! 'S my firs' one where any I've met here were in it, so I guess that would it slightly more important than usual.

That was a while ago, but I've been kinda busy since, so!♪

I've also felt different since then! Better, I guess. More... homely. Hahaha! Speakin' 'a nationhood, I'm surprised the lotta you are gettin' so... cozy here. Not that that's a bad thing; maybe it's jus' that yer gettin' a lil' too used to bein' human, heheh.

[filtered to america]

Ya up for tryin' out this hookah I found sometime?

1 [Video]

Apr. 20th, 2012 10:09 pm
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[Suddenly, Discedo, you get this skinny teenager covered in snowdrifts. He's not sure what this communicator is, but it's probably some weird magical demon-lord kidnapper device!

So he tries to glare at it. It's a pathetic glare though, 'cause he's really just curious. And cold.]

Uhm, h-how dare you kidnap a demon lord?

[Teeth chattering.]

If you don't send me back, I'm gonna terminate terribly! And, and...and other evil stuff! Buuut if anyone can help me, I promise to spear my wrath! [He means spare]

Oh, I am also the Demon Lord Raenef V! I'm pretty dastardly and dangerous too.
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[sup guys, there's a cat with a paper bag over its head. also a smilie on it.

it presses its paws to its communicator.

akjd dfg hjhfgjjjjjjjjjjjjj


(ooc: action for whoever wants it, he will literally be everywhere and anywhere.)
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[When the video feed switches on there is a faint, spider's web line across the center of the image, as if the lens of the camera itself is cracked.]

[Hakuba is looking slightly less put together than is his norm, hair askew and coat jacket bundled tightly around one of his hands, obscuring it completely from view. His shirt sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the look he's giving the device could almost be considered bemused, under the circumstances, even if he does look a bit strained.]

Somehow when the note said "use this", I don't imagine it meant as a blunt weapon.

While I'm certain it's far too much to ask for the proper authorities to be called in this situation as that would rather contradict my being here in the first place, I don't suppose it could be too outrageous to request some sort of bandages or antiseptic, could it?

[He frowns slightly as a thought occurs to him and tightens the jacket around his hand a little bit more.] I'm not going to need some form of tetanus or rabies shot after being bitten by one of these... creatures, will I?

((OOC: Hakuba has landed in DISCEDO... and been promptly attacked by a monster D:))


Apr. 6th, 2012 12:51 am
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[ There is nothing even remotely cheerful in Sasuke's expression as the video clicks on. Far from it. Please, stop watching while you can. ]

I think Sadiq Adnan is attractive. As a male, he is adequate.

That's all.

[ And it clicks off. Helpful hint? A bet has gone awry. ]
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[It almost feels like home, with the humidity and the rain today, but this place is too... concrete to be anything close to home. Is it strange to be homesick? After spending years just wanting to get away from the wars and get some peace and quiet, Vietnam has finally gotten it but this... is not the right kind of peace and quiet. It's eerie.]

[Two days after arriving, she realized that this pretty plastic-glass thing is actually a telephone that sometimes does video. A lot of deliberation went into this because if the people here are dangerous, then Vietnam may have just given away her location and signed herself to the slaughter. Audio was safest. Her curiousity wins this time, though.]

Allo! [Oh god, that sounded too perky and too French. Let's try that again in English. Vietnam can do this.] Hello. [That sounded like the right intonation, but a little too solemn, maybe try that--no, no Vietnam. Leave it be.] I am--[pauses, should she really say?]... someone, it does not really matter. [awkward laugh.] Can anyone say what this place is? Maybe a date too. This is... really not 220 BCE, is it?

[A long pause.] Thank-you.

( voice; )

Apr. 1st, 2012 03:51 pm
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I think this is a long overdue announcement. My girly heart just can't bear this secret anymore! Or something stupid like that. My heart's actually been still for like, a thousand years now, so it's more full of coagulated blood and maggots than secrets. But I guess that's why it can't bear it anymore! It's too frail from all the creepy-crawlies eating it!

[ She is having way too much fun with this. Actually, she usually has fun with elaborate blackmail schemes, but it's been a while since she's had a whole audience to mess with. Marceline gives a dramatic sigh––you know, the kind you'd hear from the ~damsel in distress~ in a particularly old movie. ]

World, get ready for a shocker, because here it comes: I, Marceline the Vampire Queen, am the girlfriend of Sadiq What's-his-Face.

[ From the way she's talking, you can pretty much imagine her doing this. ]

He's just as scrumptious as a strawberry cupcake! Underneath his jerky exterior, there's a man with a heart of gold and cinnamon and whatever else you can imagine that's awesome. We hold hands all the time. It's fantabulous. I don't even mind that he's so sweaty.

So why am I telling you all this? Oh, no reason! Just thought I'd bring a little light into your dismal lives. And to prove that not all vampires are heartless maneaters. I'm sure my schnookems will readily agree.

[ Yeah she's semi up to date on current events. Hey, may as well make the most of this arrangement. (Not that she really cares if people view her badly but some days it's good to know that garlic won't be thrown at you.) ]

That's all. You can all continue on with your daily routines now.
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... Okay, fuck that. Seriously?! That is the last goddamn damn thing I need right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold!! Snow is the worst shit on the planet, no exceptions!! All right, maybe there are some exceptions, but not many!

Anyway, know I've been kinda sparse... I guess if there's anythin' someone needs help on, lemme know! Might as well make good use 'a my time stuck in here, heheheh. When the snow melts, that i--

[--then the (allegedly broken) stove behind him. bursts into flames. nbd.]


[leaping up from where he'd been broadcasting, tearing his coat right off, and attempting to suffocate that flame good. with... varying results. anyway, there's a few more minutes of cursing and him beating the fire with it, before the feed times out.]


locked to marceline, sasuke )
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