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[BZZZZZZZT--] Oh, wow. That was fuckin' wonderful, really. [and embarrassing. mostly embarrassing. everything is.] I'd insert more curses 'bout how much I hate this place an' a good chunk 'a the fuckers in it, but hey! I need a doc to take out my chip, stat.

I'll even throw a 'please' out there.

An' if yer wonderin', yeah. I was completely innocent in... that. Whatever the fuck that was. Stabbed right in the back, both figuratively 'n literally. Screw you, Sasuke. Screw. You. AN' WHOEVER STOLE MY SWORD 'N GODDAMN MASK. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
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Hey everyone, it's Marco. [You know, in case you couldn't tell from him being... Marco :|]

This actually took a little longer than I meant it to, but a couple of my maps got trashed, and then I nearly lost them when we moved and then I had to get the right kind of bottles--

[Wait. None of you needed to know that. Scratch that and ignore.]

Ah that is -- [Dramatic extra pirate-y mode get!] -- ARRR! Listen up me hearties and mateys alike! Around the port o' call: Discedo, there be buried treasures just waiting to be found and dug up! I have 'ere on me six treasure maps, and there be telling what gold lies at 'dem ends of rainbows wherein treasure marrrrks the spot! [He's trying really hard. Pirates in his world don't talk like this, okay? He has to guess what people think pirates sounds like and fill it in from imagination.]

Be ye daring enough to give these clever puzzles an attempt and earn the treasure and stake yer rightful claim to it?

And if not, then this is just a reminder that the Northern Lights is still operating and a lot more fully stocked. Bring me treasure, more drinks, or whatever you can. If nothing else, food can go to other people or the soup kitchen. We also take blood. [Bloody Mary's and all that. Okay no, that's not why, but if you ask he will claim it is.]

Now get hunting! Come get yer treasure maps and team up to split the treasure! Ev'ryone playing must have at least one sturdy nakama with 'im or 'er to ensure their victory!

ooc information on the treasure hunts )


Oct. 8th, 2012 12:28 am
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[It's been awhile Discedo. Have a good view of everyone's favorite genius.  Washu is sitting at her desk in her office at the hospital sorting through papers. A few moments later she lets down a small stack and smiles into her device.]

Out of curiosity, how many people in this city have medical training and to what degree? Can I have a show of hands please~? I want to know who I'm working with now that a few others have disappeared back home.

As for the rest of you, who wants to be a nurse~?

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[Things have been pretty quiet from this guy for a bit. However, he needs to address everyone about some of the recent changes after this craziness with the body switching.]

To everyone who has noticed, both Commander Kresnik and Lieutenant Enil have been sent home. So that means there isn't many people on the Watch as of now.

[Seriously, how many were left?]

For those who don't what I'm talking about, the Watch is like a volunteer force that tries to protect the cities when things go wrong or during monster attacks. It's been...lacking lately but I'm getting things together so we would be prepared if a situation happens. While a good portion of the problems may be scientist-involved it doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

If you're interested, you can contact me through this post or see me in person at the dojo in Dissimulo.

[And for most people, the feed ends. The next part...]

[Private to Watch members.]

If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.
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[This melody will be heard throughout the network. Listen to the sad, yet beautiful music. When the song ends, it becomes quiet, but only for a moment.]

Do you all truly know who you are? [He's in a rather philosophical mood today.] I mean not your name, but who you are. Do you know your true worth?

[Unseen by the network, he's sitting by the window of his and Stocking's apartment, looking up at the evening sky.]
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[Hopefully by now, most people on Fortuna have somehow received a prettily wrapped package containing four different varieties of home-made mooncake outside their doorstep. Those within Discedo had them hand-delivered; everyone else...hope they made it...]

Hey everyone! I know things have been really crazy recently, but if you have a chance [pause] and are in someplace where it's safe to do it [pause...], you should definitely go outside and take a look up at the moon! If you squint really closely, maybe you'll see Chang'e ( 嫦娥), the moon goddess who lives there, or the Jade Rabbit making medicine!

[A soft, kind of wistful laugh] At least, that's what I would say if we were at home...

Anyway, I hope all my packages made it safely, but even if it's not the same moon, you can definitely still eat the mooncake! There's 4 kinds: lotus-paste, red bean, green tea, and chocolate! Just for variety.

I included egg-yolk in a few of them, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it.

[Oh wait...] Yeah, and I guess it's China's birthday tomorrow too.

祝你生日快樂,老師! You're still old, by the way!

Oh, and I don't care if you changed to simplified, you're still going to have to get all your greetings in traditional from me! [Yes, Taiwan did just stick her tongue out in the video. How mature.]
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[There’s no handy video today.

That flat, monotonic way Flandre’s mumbling the words out is another sign of things being…not quite right.

Cube hasn’t come back from work yet. Is he lost? Is he stuck somewhere? Cube, where are you?

[Her voice briefly rises, plaintive.]


Off-communicator actionish things )


[Later, the following is amended to the entry. Flandre doesn’t trust herself to speak without her voice tearing itself to incomprehensible sobs.]

We’ll need someone to stay with, until Cube comes back.

The house is too big.
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[There's cackling as "Terezi" switches to video. The screen is kind of blurry though because there's saliva all over the screen. Guess who's been liking their communicator.]

Why can't all of you just type in red? It would be the most delicious network since whenever networks were made!

But come and try and one up that delicious, cherry red. At worst, you will get a "YOU TRIED" from me. Hehehe.

Also, my friends should check in. Especially Dave and Karkat! I want to know if you two got switched so I can laugh at you. Maybe Karkat got swapped with his Prinny. I think I can handle a Karkat saying "dood" for awhile. It's better than his insistent ranting about possums!

[OOC: Dave swapped with Terezi, but he can never not use this as a chance to troll.]
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[She really needs to keep this damn thing away so it doesn't record crazy things. Like trying to control an out of control chocobo that is really pissed off at the moment. But what they see is not a girl but rather this:

For those who have no knowledge of what the heck is going on, that's Sora trying to calm down Klunk while stuck in the body of the bird's most hated person.]

Klunk, you know it's me! Please don't give me that look!

[And Klunk screeches as he raises a foot, attempting to attack "him" but just dodges out of the way. Instead, Sora jumps onto the bird's back and well...things led to another and there is a bucking chocobo running around Dissimulo followed by the screams of this weirdo. Mostly 'KLUNK STOP' or 'HEEL'.]

(OOC: Yep, Sora swapped with the resident watch line facer! Replies will come after an hour and under [personal profile] istheknightnow!)
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( high heeled boots are shown first when the feed opens up. then the right foot is lifted and steps upon the device. a small squeak can be heard before the screen cuts and re-opens to a fallen tatsumi. the body rolls over and stares at the communicator. 'he' gently whines in pain before the truffles on 'his' head clamp down on his head. )

Please I need shoes....these big high heeled ones are killing me! This is the fourth time I've fallen.

( 'tatsumi' suddenly turns pale. )

How does this even work...I think....I think the Gods hate me. Please put me out of my misery. I just want to go home!

( 'tatsumi' begins to cry. )

(ooc: replies from [personal profile] notsogay)
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[S H R I E K]

[yes, it was totally necessary to turn the device on before 'she' let out a bloodcurdling scream. enjoy that. turkey thinks it's kind of amusing though because holy shit, so high-pitched!!

'leanne' rights the camera, and looks a little more than displeased.

Holy hell!! I'd ask if this was the scientists' idea 'a a sick joke, but I already know the answer to that! Or else someone's got reeeaaaaal funny powers— by which I mean, not at all. Looks like it's happenin' to the lot 'a you too, hahahaha. I guess that part's funny! Misery adorin' company 'n all that, eh. I mean, I prolly struggle to lift up a goddamn gallon 'a water right now. [:|]

Anyway!♪ [change of tone. 'she' smiles; or rather, smirks.] Would the real me please stand up! If what I'm seein' is true, ya should know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
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[Alice is peering at the strange little communicator she woke up with, examining it even as it records. As much as she didn't like being bossed around, much less by a little sign reading "use this", there seemed to be little choice in the matter. Her face is shown much closer than is needed, still figuring out how the communicator works. In fact, only her yellow-green eyes fit onto the screen, scrunched in concentration, with her glasses reflecting some of the light of the device. It's not that she is behind in modern technology or anything, even if there's a new smart phone or whatever out every two weeks, but she'd like to blame how she is still disoriented. Yes.]

Ah, and that does- right. Strange, fiddly little thing- Ahem. Now. Is this someone's idea of a joke? It is not funny. Not at all. Tell me where I am and how to return home, and I'll only have my boss send you a strongly worded letter. Keep this up, and I'll personally kick your arse!

[Her eyes, still close to the screen, scan over the communicator for a moment.]

... Is anyone even getting this message? Am I talking to myself? Oh, this had better not end up on Youtube.

[Just. More glaring at the screen, waiting for something to happen.]
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[The feed opens to Namine sitting on the bed in her and America's apartment, looking up from it's position on the bed to show Namine's face and her sketchbook lying on the bed, with colored pencils strewn about. She looks pretty pleased, and moves the communicator to show a view of her sketchbook. She moves it back to her face before she starts talking.]

I was warming up by drawing myself, and I think it looks good so far! I still can't draw hands, though.

Does anyone want me to draw them? I'd love to get more practice!

[ooc: yes i will actually do this i'm so sorry world]
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[Hello Discedo, live from an indoor home Gohl is this gothic lolita who might look familiar. See that crown on her head, it's real! See those tears coming down her eyes, those are real too. Perona continues to cry cause her life sucks at the moment and it's her third time being dropped in Discedo's paradise.]


You scientists are insensitive, rude, and this place is still ugly, and it stinks! [No powers again, sobsobsob.]

Take me back to that creepy castle now!

[End feeder.]
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[Aradia is sitting in Karkat's apartment, as cheerful as can be, wearing a colourful blue and purple polkadotted party hat ontop of her hood. You can tell it's Karkat's apartment because he's sitting behind her, bawling into his hands. His party hat is periwinkle and covered in an obscene amount of glitter, which is starting to collect around his head and shoulders as he weeps openly.

Clive is also there, his upper half sticking out from under the couch, a fashionable blue and red swirled party hat placed over his face. He doesn't appear to be moving at all.]

Hi! I'm Aradia, I just arrived here today, and it's very nice to meet you all! Karkat already gave me the basics of this place, about the city and the scientists and the chips, and about who else from the game is here—hi guys!—but I'm sure there are things he forgot, so if there's anything really important I should know I'd appreciate hearing it. I'd also love to meet everyone, so you're all invited to my corpse party!

[gesturing at Clive's unconscious body]

It's at... [pauses thoughtfully, then turns around to look at Karkat] Hey, where is this hivestem again?

[Karkat: still too busy crying to answer.]

Oh. Well, it's not a very tall hivestem, and it's next to the water! But I can go check outside if that's not specific enough.

Anyway, everyone is welcome and I have lots of hats!
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Doth the smutty raven mate with the snow-white heron?
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[Tuesday Sept, 4th]

[The communicator turns on with a loud scream coming from it. The next thing it will show is Leanne in a room within the Discedo hospital. She just starts shaking a little, bringing her hands to her face and cupping herself a little in her own wings as she remembers what happened. She.... She had died, how is she alive again? She lowers a shaking hand to her chest to touch the scar of where the blade killed her and frowns. She goes to speak out in Ancient Laguz.]

Brother? ..... Lady Ilyana? Are the both of you here or am I in another world? If you are there.... Please.... [And here might be just a few tears in her eyes.] Please come and get me if you are out there. [And here the communicator shuts off.]

[Thursday Sept, 6th]

[The communicator turns on to show Leanne still shaken a little over her death and revival but is mostly recovered. She is just humming a little bit to herself before she notices the communicator and she takes it in order to start the text.]

Time in this world.... It seems to fly by fast. How long have people been here and how one ages here? Another year of life to be given since you were born. What a place to spend that day of birth.

[ooc; Double-post so that I won't be spamming the comm. lol But yeah, please discate which day when replying and more then one thread is welcomed!]
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( the feed opens up to a rather tall looking kinda guy with blue and pink hair holding a plush cat. he is currently sitting on a bench somewhere and is looking rather bored. )

Excuse me but I'm looking for my brother, Panty Anarchy. Tall guy with blonde hair, trying to get into ladies pants. Ya know to be honest he has pretty low standards but in the end he kinda has to so ladies would want to sleep with him. After all he is kinda small if you know what I mean.

( he chuckles slightly and crosses his legs. )

Well I guess I should ask, I can kinda tell this isn't anywhere home. I mean come on this place is filthy and disgusting. Who even lives here? Not me. So where am I? And where's the cake? I'd kill for some Jean-Paul Heaven or Whity-White's special roll cake with tea. Oh! A Belgian chocolate fondant would be good too! Right Honekoneko?

( stocking looks down at his cat and plays with his tongue. )

Oh by the way my name is Stocking Anarchy. You know in case you find Panty, whoever may be watching this.
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[The video feed clicks on as Ilyana is rushing to the body of her fallen friend.]

Leanne! Please, open your eyes! Please don't be dead! I... I promised I would protect you... please don't... don't

[Ilyana pulls out her physic staff, trying desperately to heal her... but she is beyond the point of saving, and the chip prevents her from using it regardless. At this point Ilyana is breaking down into tears.]

You can't die Leanne... you have your brothers and you were going to marry Naesala, and everyone loves you... please Leanne I...

[Ilyana whimpers while holding Leanne in her arms. There is a fatal wound through Leanne's chest, and her pure white wings are stained with her own blood.]

I... I'm sorry Leanne... I'm so sorry. I promised to protect you and I... [Ilyana gasps between tears] I've failed you... and everyone.

[Ilyana holds Leanne even closer to her trying to hold back the tidal wave of tears.] What... what good am I as a mage if I can't even use my magic... not even to protect the ones I love. Leanne I...

[Ilyana simply weeps as the video feed cuts out.]


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