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[ The feed clicks on in an abandoned building. It is focusing on a small wooden table, light shining through the window behind it. For a place like this, it is somehow a rather nice image.

Sitting on this table is a loaf of bread.

After about ten seconds- gotta let you all soak in that bread- Jack walks into the frame, pulls up a little wooden chair, and sits facing the camera in a pose that may look familiar. On these small communicator screens, he may look like he's scowling. But anybody who looks and listens close will realize he's actually suppressing laughter. ]

I'm onto you, secret bread cult. [ he makes little quotes with his fingers on the "secret" ] I'm onto you.

[ and then he bursts out laughing.

comment on jack's continued bread-related adventures, discedo?? ]


Jun. 22nd, 2012 09:55 pm
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[When Conan had woken up that morning, it had been to a small stack of mystery novels and a pill case by his bed.  A very familiar pill case.

He'd scrambled out of bed and inspected all the items to the best of his ability.  The novels were simple enough.  Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and his father.  But the pills.... They looked like nothing more than cold pills, but this box was the one Haibara had been using to hide the prototype temporary cure for the poison that had turned him into this.  His hands shake slightly as he inspects them, but he knew that he had no method of testing them for himself.

At last he reaches for the communicator and makes a post.  As always, he locks it against Gin to the highest level he was capable of.]

Neh, has anyone else found anything interesting this morning?  I just found lots of mystery novels from home!

[Locked 60%  to Washu, Adam, Ran, and anyone else who knows the truth about 'Conan'.]

Check your rooms.  Something strange just happened.  

Is there any equipment around that can be used to test the chemical composition of drugs?


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Was that report needed? Especially at the end? Such information is not needed and especially to be described in that manner. How often does this happen?

Also, thank you all that came to my rescue. My injuries are healing and if there is a way that I can repay all of you for your kindness then please let me know. All that I can offer are my songs but I can try to find a way to properly repay you back.

Is my lord Brooke behaving himself?
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[Strange how this guy hasn't made a post in forever; the communicator sure remembered and gave him a nice shock for his troubles.]

I get it already: didn't use you so paying for it.

[He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, glad that he wasn't affected by the pollen going around. Actually, he and his ponyta were working on another little project and this post is a main reason to make it known.]

So if anyone remembers me saying that I was working on a dojo here in Dissimulo, I just finished up the last details. If anyone is looking for a sparring place or wants some lessons in defending, the doors at the high school gym are open.

[Filtered away from Makoto]

This is going to sound really odd but...does anyone know any good spots for a date?
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a man with fiery pinkish red hair trying his best to work the contraption, while a dragon sits next to him looking rather bored.]

This certainly isn't a poke-gear is it? Do you think this is how it works Dragonite?

[It seems to turn it's head to nod at him, but does little else, apparently on the look out for something.]

Well then, to anyone receiving this message, I am Lance of the Indigo League Elite Four. I woke up here finding myself with two thirds of my pokemon missing, and this device which I assume was left here by whoever is responsible. Whoever has done this, know that I will not tolerate any theft, and I especially do not appreciate being kidnapped here for whatever nefarious purpose.

If anyone knows anything about these thieves and kidnappers, I would appreciate answers so that I may teach them the true meaning of justice. I do not know where I am, or what has been done here, but I intent to find out.

[He nods solemnly at the device before turning off the device, apparently having managed to figure out how it works to a degree.]

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