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{The Doctor currently looks extremely pleased.}

Good morning, everyone! Hope you're all doing well and all that. Lovely wedding, last week. Weddings, always fun. {He grins.}

I've got some exciting news, though! I've finally fixed my screwdriver! {Which he then holds up. It's a little bulkier than normal, due to having to use improvised parts.} Now I can help out a bit more. Fix things, make things... Perhaps that's why I'm called the Doctor, eh?



Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[Today, everyone will find an invitation in the form of text on their comms.]


Wang Yao


Anarchy Stocking

Request the honor of your presence at their marriage.

The ceremony will be held at the Mariner High School's gym, which can be found in Discedo between Marshall Street and Ingles Trail, on the 8th of August. All are welcome to join the couple's procession from their apartment to the gym in the morning, but the actual ceremony will begin at ten o'clock in the morning and the wedding feast will follow afterwards. All food and beverages will be free.


Jun. 1st, 2012 06:24 pm
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Well, this is inconvenient. I would suggest that if you haven't gone outside yet, don't. Just trust me, this isn't fun. Or at the very least wear something over your nose and mouth.

[She accidentally knocks the video on with her bad arm just as she's raising her right hand to discharge pent up energy right into a generator. The device sparks a little but seems to be able to handle the sudden discharge and continues to hum. Once the blast ends, she lowers her arm and tilts her head a little as if listening to something.

No, Washu was far from happy. This was simply too annoying for words! And guess what, she's taking it out on equipment in her own special way.]

[So Washu is suffering from blindness, a nasty case of too much energy and paralysis of her left arm. ^^; And she's not happy about it.]

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{The Doctor is smiling at the camera, but he... doesn't look very well. He's pale and sweating, and if you're paying attention, you might notice he isn't really looking straight at the camera. Like he's not sure where it is. Then he coughs and starts speaking French.}

Oi, Amy, je pense que j'ai peut être besoin d'un peu d'aide. Je n'arrive pas à trouver la bouilloire. {He laughs like that is just the funniest thing he's heard all week, then switches to Russian.}

И Вы должны сказать Рори прекратить трогательные моя обойти.

{The screen slips sideways and clatters to the floor, then spins around a bit before it settles on the Doctor again, who's collapsed to the floor. He coughs, then mutters something in Gallifreyan. It's a beautiful language, but none of you will understand him.}

[Pollen event post, and the Doctor's contracted about a third of the list. Blindness, cold flashes, dizziness, fatigue, hallucinations, sickness... Poor thing's just a mess.
I know Maresuke already said Cube would come and help him, but if anyone else wants to come take care of him that's cool too. If he answers the communicator, it'll probably be in any language from English to Judoon, and he might call you any number of different names.

Also, the translations are from Google, so they might not be accurate

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{Well, well, well, look who's back. You'll see the view behind the Doctor's head consists of a view of Spero from the top of the University. And then the communicator buzzes and is prompty dropped with an 'ow', reverting the view to concrete and the Doctor's boots.

The man picks up the bloody thing again, but he doesn't seem to worry about it.

Hello, everyone! Sorry about that, I think my communicator shorted out or something... Should probably fix that... Can I fix that? {He trails off for a moment before remembering what he was meant to be doing.}

Anyway, sorry, again, about not being in touch, but I've been exploring this city! Spero, was it? There's loads of stuff here, I've learned a lot! Like orcas! Did you know there used to be orcas in the lake? Although, I havn't found out what happened to them all yet, but I suppose it might be the nuclear fallout, it does that sometimes, you know...

I'm coming back now, though, I've rather missed sleeping in a proper bed. And tea, I'd quite like a cup of tea.

[He'll be answering until he get's back to Discedo, and then you can come find him in person if you so desire. He might be a bit tired by that point though.]

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