May. 28th, 2012

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Red… Red… Red…

If I have to find myself in a strange new place, is a little RED too much to ask for? Nothing at all here is red.

[He satisfies himself that it is working.]

Listen! Whoever is out there! I’ll have you know that you’ve kidnapped a REAPER! Now, what do you think of that? I know you’re all just DYING to correct your horrible, horrible mistake. So, I would say it’s to your advantage to fix this bloody mess, unless you want to find yourself AN ACTUAL BLOODY MESS!

Whatever you do to me, just know that my handsome William and my beloved Sebas-Chan will do ANYTHING to get me back. Do you hear me? Anything. I will be rescued. And when I am?

[He goes into a sing-song voice.] You’ll be sooo-ooo-ooo-rryyy!

Ah-ahn! Those handsome men, fighting against all odds to rescue their beautiful beloved! It’s too… too wonderful! Coming to snatch me from the arms of my cruel… inhuman… brutal… strong… dominating… masterful captors! Who without mercy even at this very moment are Ahh-ahn!! [Swooning in a fit of ecstasy, he falls onto the ground, out of frame.]


[His head pops up again, and he peers into the camera.]

Hey! Where are my brutal strong captors? What kind of a kiddy operation are you running here?

I hate this place already.
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Just where the HELL am I?!
[There was an annoyed grunt. Amber eyes looked around in annoyance at her surroundings. There didn't seem to be anyone around.]

What a dump...just who did we piss off this time now to be transported somewhere else? This is getting REAL old! I didn't even do anything this time! Well, lately anyway.

[There wasn't any members of the royal family around. No galaxy police. It seemed pretty barren here.]

This place doesn't even look familiar. Someone got a lot of balls kidnapping me.

[Though she was here before, Ryoko had no recollection of this place. She was less than thrilled about being in a place she didn't know. Better access the situation then. What better way than flying up in the air and looking to see exactly where she was. didn't work out that way. It kinda ended up with her face kissing the ground in the dirt. Ow....]

Ugh...W-what the...I can't fly?!

[Gets up and dusts herself off while clenching her fists.]

You're some REAL cowards taking my powers away. I don't know how you did it, BUT I'M PISSED. COME ON OUT YOU COWARDS. DON'T THINK I CAN'T KICK YOUR ASS WITHOUT THEM.
[Because she will. And now she noticed the communicator that says 'use this'. There's a sneer of annoyance.] this thing on?  You creeps are you enjoying your little show!? You better return my powers or someone's getting their face re-arranged!

Just what the fuc--
[The audio soon crackles and the feed cuts short.]
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[Denzel is at his table in his bedroom as his bed can been seen in the background as well as a green bird perching there. However, in red marker on the wall there seems to be all kinds of writing. Complex quantum physics on how tons of wormholes are being wrapped. As well as questions;

What caused the writing on the walls in Spero?
Where do the scientists live? Space? Underground?
How similar is their technology to my own?
Why was David sent back? Do we have all a purpose to fulfill?
Something is strange about the telescope in the Spero’s observatory…
Why are there orcas’s in fresh water?
Magical mirrors?
Dissulmo = sparkle party
Spero = green monster
Discedo = mummy

Fairies R Real.

With lines as well like he's counting the time.
Denzel himself can be seen in front of the camera with a stack of books off to the side has another book open that appears like a book bomb, that Crocker seems to be engulfed in. The man is mumbling to himself]

What is their angle?

[Continues to poke at the book bomb that is defused with pillars and screwdrivers. Along with crackers and carrots, scattered about]
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{The Doctor is smiling at the camera, but he... doesn't look very well. He's pale and sweating, and if you're paying attention, you might notice he isn't really looking straight at the camera. Like he's not sure where it is. Then he coughs and starts speaking French.}

Oi, Amy, je pense que j'ai peut être besoin d'un peu d'aide. Je n'arrive pas à trouver la bouilloire. {He laughs like that is just the funniest thing he's heard all week, then switches to Russian.}

И Вы должны сказать Рори прекратить трогательные моя обойти.

{The screen slips sideways and clatters to the floor, then spins around a bit before it settles on the Doctor again, who's collapsed to the floor. He coughs, then mutters something in Gallifreyan. It's a beautiful language, but none of you will understand him.}

[Pollen event post, and the Doctor's contracted about a third of the list. Blindness, cold flashes, dizziness, fatigue, hallucinations, sickness... Poor thing's just a mess.
I know Maresuke already said Cube would come and help him, but if anyone else wants to come take care of him that's cool too. If he answers the communicator, it'll probably be in any language from English to Judoon, and he might call you any number of different names.

Also, the translations are from Google, so they might not be accurate

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