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Name:[ D I S C E D O ]
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This game is now CLOSED
If you wish to play in the musebox, please head over to [community profile] afterdiscedo


You wake alone in an unfamiliar city. No matter which direction you look the world around you shows signs of abandonment and despair. Try to recall how you got hertrye and you may catch the last moments of a fading memory. Blurred faces, a bright light, and possibly a lab table are all that can be recalled.

"Use This"
A simple message left on a rectangular device. Flip it open and discover how alone you're not. There are others who were taken from their homes. They call this world "Fortuna." You hear about scientists and how they brought you here. Some mention strange happenings. Others blame their misfortunes on their kidnappers. On top of it all, nothing is like how it should be. Death isn't permanent, the world is in shambles, and the creatures that roam the streets are beyond tolerable.

You're defenseless. Your abilities, magic, strengths, whatever made you stronger than human is gone. Hidden. Try all you like, but there is something inside you, under your skin, preventing anything from working.

In a world this disrupted, things can only get better. Right?

Maybe you'll make some friends, start a new life, learn new abilities. Perhaps you will explore the world, or help rebuild, or wreck havoc. And who knows? Maybe someday you'll even find a way home!


Discedo is a panfandom adventure/survival roleplay game with a slice-of-life feel set in a post-apocalyptic world.

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