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{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.


Oct. 6th, 2012 11:03 pm
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[Gellert has been scarce for a couple of months, since he'd gotten his chip out. The experience had drained him in a way he wasn't used to. Magic didn't work that way in his world. It didn't lessen as if on a counter, even though some spells could be exhausting to perform.]

[He appears now on the screen, looking more like his usual self again. Alert, his eyes bright with youthful enthusiasm. His tone is light, despite the threat in his words.]

I am myself once more. The villains of this place will not defeat me and I challenge them to face me now.

Surely you're not afraid of one wizard... But then, it would be wiser for you to be. Now that I am no longer subdued.
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[She really needs to keep this damn thing away so it doesn't record crazy things. Like trying to control an out of control chocobo that is really pissed off at the moment. But what they see is not a girl but rather this:

For those who have no knowledge of what the heck is going on, that's Sora trying to calm down Klunk while stuck in the body of the bird's most hated person.]

Klunk, you know it's me! Please don't give me that look!

[And Klunk screeches as he raises a foot, attempting to attack "him" but just dodges out of the way. Instead, Sora jumps onto the bird's back and well...things led to another and there is a bucking chocobo running around Dissimulo followed by the screams of this weirdo. Mostly 'KLUNK STOP' or 'HEEL'.]

(OOC: Yep, Sora swapped with the resident watch line facer! Replies will come after an hour and under [personal profile] istheknightnow!)
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[The chip removal operation had gone well enough and, afterwards, Washu had opened a doorway to allow Eric and Crocker to take Gellert directly back to his house in Dissimulo. Gellert was only half conscious for all of this.]

[Once home all is quiet for a time until Gellert begins waking up more and abruptly his powers exlode - after being contained for so long.]

[It starts out as a glow around him and this switches on his device, activating the video. Then sparks, as if somebody is trying to start a fire, appear around his body. He's shaking as then suddenly the sparks turn into bolts of light, striking at various places and leaving burn marks, although nothing catches on fire. There's another bright flash and the video stops.]

[Action open for Eric, Crocker, Washu and anyone in the vicinity of house #1118 in Dissimulo who may notice the disturbances. This will go on all week. Gellert will reply to any other comments during times his body is not reacting badly to the chip removal.]
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[ The video clicks on and there sits Suigetsu against a blank wall, looking proud of himself. ]

Guess who's baaack! Yeah, bitches, my chip is out and I am feeling fucking fantastic right about now. So I thought it was high time I introduced myself to anyone who missed my arrival... or to those who wanna hear my name again, heh!

[ He throws his hands behind his head and grins broadly, sharp teeth shining in the dim light. ]

I'm Hōzuki Suigetsu and I have a passion for blades. You know me now, I don't really want to know you, but let's talk business and pretend we're mutually benefitting from our conversation! I'm a collector of rare and valuable swords. And I mean good quality things, none of this dented, chipped and broken shit, understand?

Any and all information will interest me; I have nothing to give to you in return - willingly or otherwise. But who knows. Maybe there's someone out there who is just plain damn nice~

Suigetsu, out!

[ For those who do not understand Japanese, there's a text following the video: ]

I'm looking for swords and their owners, any info helps a lot~
And I mean decent swords. No obvious junk or useless pieces of rust.
There are pretty exotic ones around this place, I can feel it. >:}

[ *Note: Suigetsu is suffering from being entirely truthful and complete obedience! ]
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[Here's someone you haven't seen in awhile: your friendly neighborhood acrobat-turned-nurse! Funny that she vanished when the resident grumpy doctor did the same except this one came back. There's just one problem:

She's dirty, bloody, and some parts of her arms and legs are wrapped with make shift bandages. And when I say 'make shift', I mean ripped off parts of her shirt. She ran out of the house with nothing except her communicator (the thing followed her) so equipment? Nope, grabbed none. And where was she this week? Deep in the woods outside of town. REALLY DEEP.

Her steps were sluggish and choppy, like she didn't eat for a day or three. Then the device falls out of her hand, she obviously didn't give a shit about it and stopped in the middle of the town.

Where she suddenly slumped and passed out.]

((OOC: If replying by communicator, Sora will respond within a few hours. Commander HerpDerp will 'rescue' her but anyone doing action are welcome to find her after getting out of the middle of the street.))
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{There's a pause, and some shuffling, like Norway didn't know it had turned on.


There's a clatter when the communicator is dropped, and some norwegian cussing. Cover your ears, children!

Another minute before Nor picks up the damned thing again and starts to talk, sounding rather bored.}

I havn't heard much about what happend, with the letters.
I guess the mission was a bust, eh?

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[ The communicator clicks on. Immediately the sound of dripping, a hollow sort of clawing and then a loud splash crackles through the speakers. ]

No, I don't want to record, how do I- can't turn this off, where's the button for this... shit, this is embarrassing. Ah, whatever. [ Suigetsu has had no shame for the majority of his life anyway, why start feeling sheepish now? It's clear, however, that the communicator is half-submerged in water held in what appears to be a bathtub. It's why the audio is muffled, why the video is bubbly and obscure.

He tries to gather his liquid form up, managing a head and shoulders, but his skin is oozing and he drops right back down again. The most he can handle at the moment is getting his chin above the surface, hair fanning out around him.

Fuck this!




[ For anyone in 1113 in Dissimulo, Suigetsu might need some help. He's feeling kind of hungry and a lot bored. He doesn't mind whining like a little bitch about his condition, especially to his teammate. There's a long pause before he decides to try him again. ]

Sasuke, answer me, I know you're out there! You can't avoid me forever!

[ He splashes around for a bit, mouth submerged so he can blow tiny, angry bubbles. Then he resorts to more indirect methods. Soon, he may explore the pipes, but for now, he settles into his porcelain basin. ]

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[When the communicator turns on, there's nothing but shallow breathing on the other end. Be lucky that this was a voice only line otherwise they would see Adam's back away from the device but anyone could tell by his body language that he was upset.

Strike that: he was fucking pissed beyond belief. There's some kind of muttering coming from him, speaking Korean actually but if anyone knew what he was saying, it wasn't very good.]

Not only you have to take us from home, you decide to steal those closest to us as well? There's a reason why we don't care for you.

[There's another line he says but it's really not meant for children's ears. But the one thing anyone can manage to get out of the one-sided conversation was a name: Rocky. Yep, guess who got a letter?]

((OOC: Bold is Adam speaking in different language. Action for his dojo in Dissimulo.))

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[The camera turns on to show more of those doughy little puffs: this time, there's two boy mochis that look like a familiar tsundere doctor and a pineapple head pirate. The first one is raising his eyebrows off screen, only to have Layla zoom out and headbutt him off the table. Ouch man.]

Hey, what are you doing?

[Sora then appears on the screen, carrying another mochi that looks like the line facer commander derpbutt. Which Marco mochi sees and tries to tackle for some odd reason. Just another day in her life.]

I wonder if they get attracted to people and that's why they stay.

[Then she looks at the camera and smiles a little.]

It's been a year since I arrived to Fortuna but it hasn't felt that long. I know a lot of people might look back and think about going home, and I do too, but looking at what happened here...I'm actually happy. There are things I haven't seen back home or just doesn't exist. People that I've met here and are friends with...

While this place has the bad I can't doubt that but it also has the good. If it wasn't for this place...I don't think I could be as strong as I am now.

Well, I thought I would at least say that. And the mochis are getting a little restless minus this one here. [Pointing to the line facer who hops back on the table.] So I guess they wanted to say hello as well.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 10:25 pm
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[Gellert is back at his home in Dissimulo and the camera shows him at first gazing thoughtfully toward a black and white photograph that is sitting up against a cup on a side table. It depicts Gellert himself a few years younger, arm in arm with another young man who has long hair. Both of them look happy and the picture is actually moving, showing them silently laughing together.]

[He looks away from the moving photo and goes to pick up something that is lying next to it - a lethal-looking dagger with a glistening gem-studded hilt. Gellert inspects the blade curiously, running a fingertip along the surface.]

There is a strange generosity within this place at times...
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[The video shows moth-ridden sheets with a variety of stains in the background, but the foreground's barely more interesting than that: all it shows is Gin's white-gloved hand carrying tray of ball-shaped doughy snacks covered in sauce.]

... is this some sort of absurdly simple experiment or did someone simply feel compelled to make me takoyaki and break into my home to give it to me?

Can't say I'm fond of your stalkerish method of delivery, but I'd like to know who made it, even if it does look appetizing.

So. Don't be shy.


((Because if Gin received something like cartridges or something else useful, that'd just make things too easy for him. Instead, he receives a snack. :3))
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{The video opens to Nor playing a haunting violin refrain on his gift from the item rain. Ha that rhymed.

The song ends, and he turns to the camera.}

Greece left.
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Owen Harper's gone.

[The message is short and quick but it needed to get out there sooner than later if someone really needed it. Texting was better because to be honest, she wouldn't sound so good to everyone. It was really heartbreaking to lose someone here...even worse if they didn't have a home to go to anymore.

If anyone is out exploring the woods tonight, they'll find Sora huddled against a big tree and hugging Layla Mochi. No surprise that she's been crying rather hard either.]
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[Strange how this guy hasn't made a post in forever; the communicator sure remembered and gave him a nice shock for his troubles.]

I get it already: didn't use you so paying for it.

[He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, glad that he wasn't affected by the pollen going around. Actually, he and his ponyta were working on another little project and this post is a main reason to make it known.]

So if anyone remembers me saying that I was working on a dojo here in Dissimulo, I just finished up the last details. If anyone is looking for a sparring place or wants some lessons in defending, the doors at the high school gym are open.

[Filtered away from Makoto]

This is going to sound really odd but...does anyone know any good spots for a date?
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{All you see is chairs. Chairs everywhere. They're flying. I didn't know flying chairs was a thing in Discedo, but apparently it is.

Oh, no, wait, it's just Norway. He looks... pretty pissed. He's also carrying Danmark's axe, strapped to his back. Might wanna steer clear...}

[ooc; event post at the last possible second go! Nor's got berserk and extra energy and he will throw chairs at you.

No I honestly couldn't think of anything better to do for this.
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[If you're wandering around Dissimulo, you'll notice the lieutenant sneaking around while holding a small box of tea. Why does she have it with her? I wouldn't ask because you won't get a straight answer. But the woman seems to be following something...

A rappig.

No lie, she's tailing a cute pig creature while having a cross between a look of hunger and crazy in her eyes. The only thing the communicator catches is the squealing of the monster as it runs away from Enil, who chases after it while growling of all things.

Beware of the pollen.]

((OOC: Enil has been hit with infatuation (with tea because it's her preciousssss), animal behavior, hallucinations and cravings for rappigs. Have fun!))
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[When the camera turns on, the first thing everyone sees is two sets of neutral eyes. Or more like an expression of eternal deadpan. Some might believe that one of them belonged to a certain tsundere redhead but when they bounced away (yes, bounced), they were revealed to be those cute little blob things that Spectavi reported on before.

Yes, that is an Ange Mochi but the other one wasn't familiar to anyone except one other person: the owner of the communicator.]

Sora! Sora!

[The odd mochi called out to the girl on the ropes, who gave out a yelp and nearly fell down off screen but her voice was definitely heard.]


[The camera then gets a better look at 'Layla': a mochi with blue eyes and short blonde hair with a calm and cool expression.]

Wait, you're-

[Then Ange Mochi hops over and looks up at the acrobat, who looks just as confused.]

I think your owner isn't here...oh boy...

((OOC: Action parts are at Sora's training spot outside of town.))


May. 24th, 2012 11:23 pm
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[Whether it is by accident or design the camera is pointed toward a fireplace and Gellert is poking at some embers with a long stick. Then he looks contemplative as he simply gazes into the reawakening flames.]


May. 14th, 2012 02:42 am
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[Kresnik looks at all of the new people that have suddenly arrived in Dissimulo. Well, this has happened before.]

If needed, I'll explain the situation to you.


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