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 [It's been a couple of rough days and Adam's glad to be back to his youthful self. He had just learned that Conan's frequency had gone off the network and would assume that he went home. Sadly, he didn't think so: if Heiji and Japan had arrived back within a week and that woman who owned the motorcycle he borrowed (Thanks for that Kresnik: remind him to give you a good kick for that.), then he's not going to say anything until after the time is up.

But he will bring up that broadcast from late last night. So the feed turns on to a serious looking ranger.]

So if you didn't notice that broadcast for other than the bull about the 'hot steamy romance', something else was getting our attention: my kid and her boyfriend decided to get a little too crazy with machinery and somehow summoned a zoo. While I personally don't have a pet, some of you might and I doubt you want them cramped up in that room.

If anyone wants to go to this place Kain wants us to look at, let me know when you want to go and I'll take you there. It'll be better to have someone who's on the Watch to keep an eye on things while traveling there. If a group wants to go, then I'll make a list of who wants in on this little road trip.

((OOC: Sign up thread is here.))
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[ The following post and all subsequent comments by [personal profile] spectavi are broadcasting up on your communicators. Characters may comment to this post, but it will not be seen on the broadcast, nor will the characters of [personal profile] spectavi receive the comments. Much like watching television. ]

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