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Hah... I see it now. The truth; reality. What it is to be a human being. That was their goal; their objective. The thing that they strived the most to show us, and all this time we were too blind to understand the truth of it all. These scientists which it seemed so many of us were bent on hating. It's become so clear now just how wrong we are!

Humanity is moving forward too fast. Step into the world that you once knew and you find that everything is big cities, bright lights, and ignorance. Automobiles whirl by, people rush past, the sun moves across a natural sky, looking down at the unnatural landscape below it, tarnished and scarred by the marks we leave behind. Cities sprout up like cancerous moles and, with bulldozers, scar earth's natural skin. We TRY to create a world that is perfect in our eyes and completely miss the fact that, through our selfish benefit, we are destroying what is good.

That is Discedo. That is why we are here. Look around us and we SEE for ourselves what our sins will make of us! The buildings are representative of our home worlds: once a tall megalopolis stooping over the paved roads, we now look out our windows as the predecessors of some race and see what destruction they wrought upon themselves. Is this not what will become of every world? Humanity indulges itself, and eventually the gods will strike it down to its very foundation, leaving those of us too foolish to realize the consequences of our own actions.

Civilization is such an ironic word: what civility exists in it? It breeds only selfishness and hate, pitting us against one another until one has ruined the other. What is it called... survival.... Ah! yes! Survival of the fittest. The true nature of civilization: kill or be killed. But here...

Discedo. We are surrounded but what is truly civil: the requirement for us to work together as a body, instead of against each other like warring creatures. If we wish to survive we must come together and cooperate. That is the goals of the scientists, it only makes sense!!

Heh, I can't believe I didn't see it before. It needed only a look for me to finally understand what it was that made this place so unique!!! The scientists. They want to STOP the deterioration of not only this world, but our world. But as it stands... it is too corrupt, and what does one do with a corrupt criminal? He locks him up and, better still, kills him to protect society.


Sweet rapture, I have been freed of a blinding light that I may finally see the truth. The scientists are merely a beacon, and with their guidance we can find the path to righteousness.
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Nhh... ((Why the feed picked now of all times to make its appearance will forever been unknown. Good ol' Clive's feed! Sure is good to see he's alive again!!! --Wait, again? ... Hold on this video is not of the hospital! It's... from... under a couch?))

What on--((THUNK)) Ow!! ((there's a grumble, a little shuffling, the feed moves suddenly as someone draws the communicator closer to him. He's unseen, and after a moment, this comes from his communicator:))


((The video doesn't stop here, and follows him as he attempts to shuffle out from under the couch. To be frank, he has no idea what's going on.))

((ooc; In case anyone wasn't aware, Clive is now suffering from AMNESIA. In sort, the blow to the head that he took from Karkat was enough to jostle his brain and bam. No memories of anything ever. If anyone cares, I did a write-up on the whole thing, but it's not necessary to understand that Clive don't remember shit.))
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[Aradia is sitting in Karkat's apartment, as cheerful as can be, wearing a colourful blue and purple polkadotted party hat ontop of her hood. You can tell it's Karkat's apartment because he's sitting behind her, bawling into his hands. His party hat is periwinkle and covered in an obscene amount of glitter, which is starting to collect around his head and shoulders as he weeps openly.

Clive is also there, his upper half sticking out from under the couch, a fashionable blue and red swirled party hat placed over his face. He doesn't appear to be moving at all.]

Hi! I'm Aradia, I just arrived here today, and it's very nice to meet you all! Karkat already gave me the basics of this place, about the city and the scientists and the chips, and about who else from the game is here—hi guys!—but I'm sure there are things he forgot, so if there's anything really important I should know I'd appreciate hearing it. I'd also love to meet everyone, so you're all invited to my corpse party!

[gesturing at Clive's unconscious body]

It's at... [pauses thoughtfully, then turns around to look at Karkat] Hey, where is this hivestem again?

[Karkat: still too busy crying to answer.]

Oh. Well, it's not a very tall hivestem, and it's next to the water! But I can go check outside if that's not specific enough.

Anyway, everyone is welcome and I have lots of hats!


Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:13 pm
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I want to take the time to say what I've been feeling for only a short amount of time.

I love this world as much as I love my own world, and all of you in it. [ There is so little emotion here as he is typing. Well, aside from perhaps a little surprise at the fact that he reached for his communicator to say one thing and something completely different resulted. Yep, Sasuke certainly does have all lies for this event! ]

And I do not want to ask for anymore details on what occurred in Lachesistein. Keep those things to yourselves.
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[ The communicator clicks on. Immediately the sound of dripping, a hollow sort of clawing and then a loud splash crackles through the speakers. ]

No, I don't want to record, how do I- can't turn this off, where's the button for this... shit, this is embarrassing. Ah, whatever. [ Suigetsu has had no shame for the majority of his life anyway, why start feeling sheepish now? It's clear, however, that the communicator is half-submerged in water held in what appears to be a bathtub. It's why the audio is muffled, why the video is bubbly and obscure.

He tries to gather his liquid form up, managing a head and shoulders, but his skin is oozing and he drops right back down again. The most he can handle at the moment is getting his chin above the surface, hair fanning out around him.

Fuck this!




[ For anyone in 1113 in Dissimulo, Suigetsu might need some help. He's feeling kind of hungry and a lot bored. He doesn't mind whining like a little bitch about his condition, especially to his teammate. There's a long pause before he decides to try him again. ]

Sasuke, answer me, I know you're out there! You can't avoid me forever!

[ He splashes around for a bit, mouth submerged so he can blow tiny, angry bubbles. Then he resorts to more indirect methods. Soon, he may explore the pipes, but for now, he settles into his porcelain basin. ]

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Wowwww, an' here I thought everyone here kinda peaceful! Guess I was wrong, yer true colors are showin'. 'S called "Fortuna's First Great War (AD)"— [...] not the greatest ring to it, but I guess it'll have to do 'til I hear a better one. I've heard worse! So I'll be the neutral party an' swoop in at the last second on the clearly winnin' side. It's a great plan, dunno why more 'a ya nations don' try it more often. An' succeed.

But anyway, I've got somethin' more important, so stop fightin' over stupid shit for like five seconds an' listen up.


Yep! Sasuke's!! I bet he'll say he wanted it to be a ~secret~, but don' listen to him cuz everyone's gotta know. So I hope ya can get yer gifts together in record timin' if ya didn'. Iunno why ya wouldn' want the attention 'bout that anyway, 's not like he's turning fifty or somethin'. [... most likely.]

Ya can drop 'em off at 1113 in Dissimulo.♪ Thanks!!
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It seems Flora's finally been returned home. Good for her, and good on the scientists, I say. A young lady like that doesn't exactly deserve to be trapped in a place like this. Then again, I wonder how much different this place would be if those who deserved it were the only ones here. Some of us need it as well, correct? The opportunities Discedo gives us are astounding...

Before I get distracted, I've two requests. I'm looking for a Japanese teacher, and perhaps a video camera. Not like the communicators, an actual video recorder. Perhaps there's someone who knows how to provide one? I may be able to find something broken for repair. As for the Japanese, we'll put my prior knowledge at 'zilch'.

Oh, and, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any other theories they have about Fortuna? I'm attempting to compile some things, and unfortunately it seems all my old papers were ruined, and well, no better place to begin except from the start!


Jul. 5th, 2012 01:44 am
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...Use this. [The man in uniform raised an eyebrow, if anyone could even see the action from behind his goggles, as he looked over the note.]

Well, I suppose I was at least given something useful. S-so...I'm guessin' that there's other people using this frequency then? [Sighs and thinks for a moment. He was obviously kidnapped and most of his stuff was broken, save for the grenades and knife. So at least he wasn't entirely defenseless...plus he could always bluff with his guns. Of course he was also fairly good with his hands if all else failed...]

Um, yeah. Er...if anyone is listening in right now...I would really like some answers, right now. [His voice sounded firm, if somewhat forceful, angry and violent. Which was probably to be expected.]

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[He wakes up with a gasp like he'd been drowning, eyes darting about in a panic. What had happened? Why was he in the middle of the street?

...and was it raining on him? Really!?

With a groan he got to his feet and fished around for the network device. Time to check the damage.]

Right so...that was fun. A completely pointless trip nowhere, thanks 'Powers that be' I admire your logic.

[There's a huff and he wipes the rain water off his face in annoyance.]

I don't particularly like being fucked with so, next time you want to send me 'home,' a little warning would be nice.

Oh, and let me guess: I've been re-chipped, haven't I? You all certainly know how to make a bloke feel welcome.

[All right, that's enough bitching.]

Oi, no one's blown up my hospital, have they?
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[ The feed clicks on in an abandoned building. It is focusing on a small wooden table, light shining through the window behind it. For a place like this, it is somehow a rather nice image.

Sitting on this table is a loaf of bread.

After about ten seconds- gotta let you all soak in that bread- Jack walks into the frame, pulls up a little wooden chair, and sits facing the camera in a pose that may look familiar. On these small communicator screens, he may look like he's scowling. But anybody who looks and listens close will realize he's actually suppressing laughter. ]

I'm onto you, secret bread cult. [ he makes little quotes with his fingers on the "secret" ] I'm onto you.

[ and then he bursts out laughing.

comment on jack's continued bread-related adventures, discedo?? ]


Jun. 20th, 2012 10:19 am
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[ As soon as that feed starts it's the auditory element and not the visual one that's the real attention-grabber, camera pointed at an unhelpful angle for recording the scene. The unmistakable sound of a fist making impact can be heard, followed then by the much wetter noise of metal piercing flesh and an inhuman cry of pain. It's clearly the tail end of some fight or another, that's for certain.

Still, only a certain dour shinobi is caught in the footage and not his now suspiciously silent opponent, thanks to the aforementioned poor camera placement. He flicks blood from the knife in his hand with one quick motion of his wrist, glancing over as an afterthought. It's only then that he notices that he's being recorded at all, a "che" following before Sasuke's approaching the discarded communicator and kneeling down before it.

What a pain... [ That bloodied hand turns it off. ]
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Father's day! Ah, a lovely day, I will say; remembering the male who, hopefully, raised us all with love and care. No, I'm not about to ask all of you about your fathers--I'm not really the intrusive sort, though...! I do have a sort of puzzle for all of you. It's one that I would love to tell my own father.

PUZZLE 011: Two masked men

The puzzle works like this. I'm going to tell you a scenario, and using yes or no questions you must deduce exactly what is happening in this situation. I can only answer yes or no--or other variants of those two answers--so make sure to ask the right questions! No limit to how many you ask, of course... Here's your scenario:

A man leaves home and, after making three left turns, he ends up back at home, and finds two masked men waiting for him.

So, can you deduce what's happening here?

((ooc; wow i forgot to add that this is audio. Okay whatever i just like my htmls.))
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[ Hello, residents of Fortuna. This feed has turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation. Its participants seem to be discussing something Quite Serious, if their tone is to be believed. Let's listen in, shall we? ]

If you thought you were safe, you thought wrong. )

Hundre— Ah… is your comm on? Oi oi they're gonna see what we did to the ceiling!

That's cool, they're bound to find out eventually. Hey, Marco, d'you think people ship us too?

Oh, if they do, we should give them a show, eh? [ Pirate leer and leans in suggestively as he turns it off. ]
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Was that report needed? Especially at the end? Such information is not needed and especially to be described in that manner. How often does this happen?

Also, thank you all that came to my rescue. My injuries are healing and if there is a way that I can repay all of you for your kindness then please let me know. All that I can offer are my songs but I can try to find a way to properly repay you back.

Is my lord Brooke behaving himself?
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a man with fiery pinkish red hair trying his best to work the contraption, while a dragon sits next to him looking rather bored.]

This certainly isn't a poke-gear is it? Do you think this is how it works Dragonite?

[It seems to turn it's head to nod at him, but does little else, apparently on the look out for something.]

Well then, to anyone receiving this message, I am Lance of the Indigo League Elite Four. I woke up here finding myself with two thirds of my pokemon missing, and this device which I assume was left here by whoever is responsible. Whoever has done this, know that I will not tolerate any theft, and I especially do not appreciate being kidnapped here for whatever nefarious purpose.

If anyone knows anything about these thieves and kidnappers, I would appreciate answers so that I may teach them the true meaning of justice. I do not know where I am, or what has been done here, but I intent to find out.

[He nods solemnly at the device before turning off the device, apparently having managed to figure out how it works to a degree.]
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal Ilyana gorging herself on all manner of delicious looking foods, like pizza, apple pie, sheppard's pie, chocolate chip pie... what do all these things have in common? Why yes they are PIES! There even may be a PI in there too. What's truly remarkable though is that they are all growing off of the trees surrounding her. It is a feast of wonderfully strange pies, and Ilyana is taking advantage of every bite she can get her hands on.]

Theefe pief arf reeaphy goof!

(These pies are really good!)

If anfyonf wanfs anyf fof fhem, (If anyone wants any of them) [She takes a moment to stop and swallow] I suppose I could share too. I don't know what incredible magic created these beautiful and wonderful trees, but I'd protect them with my life.

[And she's back to eating them again.]
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[ There's the sound of quiet, fearful breathing. A gasp. Some rustling as she stands and...quickly falls to her knees once more. She doesn't have it in her to stand. ]

I'm---alive? But...[ But how? ]

[ Some time later a text goes out: ]


What day is it?
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With so many new people coming in, perhaps Differo needs to make an emergency broadcast to welcome everyone. Seems like a bit of trouble, I doubt we can rally everyone together for a presentation before the week is over...

Well, welcome in any case! I'm afraid I can't search you all out, but I'm more than willing to help those that I can. Clive Dove is the name, located over in Dissumulo. Quiet place--lovely place really. I recommend anyone come here as it tends to be, hm, a little safer. Champagne runs these streets from time to time, I'd say!

I'll be in Discedo today, though. If anyone stops by the high school, I do enjoy visitors.

((Or, if anyone would prefer, it seems Clive was true to his word, laying out rat-traps in the Differo broadcasting room and cleaning up.))
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[Greetings, Discedo! How are you today? Hopefully you're doing better than Watanuki!

When the feed starts, it's obvious it's purely accidental. Watanuki holds the communicator in his hand as he walks randomly in one direction. He hadn't recognized where he was when he woke up, and sitting had proven to get him no where. So he had picked one direction and started walking.

--can't believe this!

[He's not even bothering to keep his voice down.]

I wake up in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a phone! There's no way I'm going to make it to school on time now!

[He makes an aggravated noise in the back of his throat.]

If that woman wanted me to do something for her, she could have just asked! She didn't need to just drop me here with no warning! Of all the inconsiderate...!

[Aaaand, just like that, the feed turns off again, just as accidentally as it started.]
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It seems things are finally starting to warm up around here... I was never really fond of winter, really. As a child I loved it; I would play often in the snow, but some time in my teens it seemed.... much more dreary. Perhaps it was a chance in perspective? Everything is so dead in winter. Fall is bad too; watching the leaves fall and decay.

Spring. I like spring much better. Actually, it was in the spring I was told an absolutely delightful puzzle

PUZZLE 007: Springtime

"love, petunias, happiness, apples, budding, easter, tea, and ants"

I was told these were the necessary items to have a perfect spring right about when I was turning fourteen. After she told me that, she then asked me to solve this:

Change the position of just one of the words in the sequence mentioned before so that it is in an alphabetical sequence.

I think that's when I first took an interest in puzzles as well. Tell me, residents of Discedo, do you have a favourite season? Or least favourite; I know plenty of indifferent people who have plenty to dislike.
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