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[The camera view flips on upside down at first—its user was sleepy. She rights it with a grumble as soon as she notices, which isn’t that fast.

And apparently…Cirno? She looks a bit grumpy, though, and like she just woke up. Kind of like how Flandre does when someone’s disrupted one of her catnaps, actually.

Would everyone stop screaming for a bit? I’m trying to sleep and then someone goes and shouts the stupid device on and the rabbits hear and turn it over and then everyone is awake.

Did people forget the scientists are still here and do strange things all the time, or something?

[Ironic, since she hasn’t noticed her own sudden change in appearances yet. Because this was, in fact, Flandre.

“Cirno” grumbles again, gets up from the table she was sitting at, and starts to toddle away with an oddly stooped over posture. Funny, her wings felt awfully light today. And she was cold. Time for blankets.

She glances back at the device a bit belatedly, and just…glowers at it a moment. It’s too far away to easily get back to, and she had a nap to resume. Priorities!

Adell, go turn it off.

[Because the rabbit is clearly going to understand what she’s saying and not look after her quizzically, even after she disappears around a corner.]
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[Cube is seen in the cafe, as usual. Though, he's near the windows, tending to some potted plants. Most are just herbs of some kind. The little demon gives the communicator a smile before continuing.]

I was curious if anyone has any experience in horticulture.

More specifically, I'm looking to grow more of these strange pie trees. As one can imagine, since it bears pies as their fruit, I'm finding it very difficult to try and reproduce them. I've found that these trees have becomes quite useful for the cafe.

[That explains why he has had pie on the menu for a while now, doesn't it?]

I'm also very interested in learning about bonsai trees. I recall seeing many of them during my stay in Japan, and I'd like to learn how it works. Specially since I don't believe any magic was used to make them so small, and yet they were most convincing of their larger counterparts.

In the end, you have to admit that miniature versions of the pie trees would be quite adorable.

[He blushes, not meaning to say that, exactly.]

W-Well, any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

((OOC: Action is welcome. Cube is stuck with only truths and disobedience for the truth or dare event. You're most likely to run into him at Cafe Alpha, but anywhere around the city is fine too, just state so in tag.))

[ voice ]

Aug. 13th, 2012 12:35 am
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 Hey, does anyone...have any, uh. Pa...per?

Kind of an emergency, thanks.
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It's been weeks! I still haven't found this square doctor to get this chip out of me.

Being stuck this way is very tiring. Can someone tell me where this square doctor is?
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[Good morning oh ye inhabitants of the planet Fortuna! Enjoying your sleep? Were your dreams peaceful and happy and nothing of the world you live in? You are? Welp, have your nice sleep be interrupted by the sound of very loud screaming.]


[And the screaming continues until the communicator times out.]

[ooc; Sai's first reset post in which she will lose all of her memories. Forward dating it cause will most likely be very busy on the 6th.]
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[You have an extremely confused and rather large pirate, one of about ten feet tall on the screen. And guess what? He's nooot happy about it.]

Who the hell thought they could shrink me... [He mumbles a bit to himself and fiddles with the device.]

Someone better give me a damn good explanation of what the hell's going on here. I doubt I should be here at all. I'm Edward Newgate, if you need to... talk to me and whatnot. [After a bit more fiddling, he drops the comm and the feed ends.]

[Newgate can be found pretty much anywhere in Discedo, as he's wandering around quite a lot.]
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( The feed opens up to an empty bed room. However if whoever is watching is to stay a few more seconds, they can hear two different voices yelling at each other. )

This part isn't that important. )( Not that anyone can see but Stocking changes quickly and appears in the feed. She sits down on the bed she and China share. She is followed by China and they both stare at the screen, both grabbing each other's hands. China begins to speak with a big blush on his face. )

Nihao...We both have a very important announcement that we would like everyone to hear, aru.

( Stocking faces China softly and stares at him lovingly. )

Well you see the thing is I really love Yao...a lot, and he loves me.

Y-Yes that is right. Also whether or not you noticed, Stocking has a ring on her finger. A wedding ring...I gave her that ring.

And I'm going to marry Yao, the one who gave me the ring.

( China's expression suddenly becomes confident. )


So I, Wang Yao, and my fiancee, Anarchy Stocking, would like to invite family, friends, everyone to our engagement party and wedding.

So that's it. If anyone decides to fuck this up, I will murder you.

[OOC: That's right, they are getting married for those of you who didn't know. Also red is China and blue is Stocking. Feel free to have your character freak out or scream in joy. ]
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[Cube is in an apron today, standing behind the counter of the cafe.]

I'd like to announce that Cafe Alpha is open once more. I'm not sure how many new residents we have, b-but you're all welcome to come here for some tea or coffee.

The sweets we have are limited, I'm afraid. But I'm still allowing newcomers to have one sweet without needing to bring anything for exchange. First come first serve, however. So once they're gone, I'm afraid that's all I have for today.

[Without warning, Cube's attention darts to the side. His eyes follow something for a moment before he nervously starts to fidget.]

Ah, and... t-that's it!

Have a good day!

[Just before the feed cuts off, he can be seen ducking behind the counter, out of sight.]

((ooc: Feel free to ACTION anything in Cafe Alpha.))
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-The video is having a lot of trouble focusing, but some people might pick up the transmission as coming from Mariner High. The camera darts about, the owner taking in everything in a hurry. What's more, was who the transmission was coming from at all... Finally, she speaks in Japanese.-

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[Cube's voice sounds very level when the feed starts.]

I'm sorry.

I hope everyone from the voyage is alright now.

[Awkward silence.]

I suppose I should return to Cafe Alpha to see what may need to be addressed.

If there is anyone willing to assist me in moving furniture about Discedo, I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Private to Flandre | 75% Locked )

(ooc: Cube has been revived. Feel free to run into him in the hospital, cafe, or anywhere in-between.)
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Where can I found some books in Dissimulo? Or do I have to go back to Discedo? Any genre is fine.

What about the garden here?

Where can I get bullets for a Beretta M1934 model?

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[The device is turned on, adjusted, and then shows Cube's face.]

Ah, good evening, Discedo. I do hope you're all keeping dry.

Does anyone have any recommendations for living quarters? As much as I like where I am, I believe it's about time to-

[A flash of bright light fills the room as a loud crack of thunder follows. Not a second later, the little demon is knocked over by a blur of red and yellow. The communicator falls to the floor and slides to reveal Flandre clinging to Cube quite tightly.]

F-Flandre-chan! L-Let go! Too tight-- ack!

Le tonnerre, le tonnerre!

[Cube reaches for the communicator, gagging and trembling with all his strength to type something while the vampire has him in a death grip. Rather than send what he typed, the feed clicks off.]
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Hey everyone, spring's coming up in this place, right? As much as it can anyway. But that's just the thing, we don't really have much for flowers or things in Discedo.

I know Japan's been pretty down lately, so I'd really like to do something to cheer him up and spruce up this place.

That said, I'd really like to put some spring murals inside the apartment buildings. I'll need anyone who can draw or paint, and we can add whatever else people think of as spring, or they just want to put in, but something that would be nice to see and come home to every day, eh?

What do you all say?


Feb. 28th, 2012 12:51 pm
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[Oh hey guys. Everyone enjoying new superpowers? Well, while that's going on.... Have a growling gruff newbie. He looks pissed.]

"Use me"? This hardly looks like a den den mushi, and if this is a new marine model, I sure as hell didn't get the memo for it. Or I ignored it.

This is Vice Admiral Smoker, and I demand answers. Starting with where my ship and idiotic crew are. I just caught trail of Straw Hat and I intend to get back on it as soon as possible.

[He starts wandering around the city of Discedo.] Tsk. What the hell island is this anyway? Looks a little too good of shape to be Punk Hazard. [Yes, he said Discedo looks like it's in good shape in comparison... go figure.]
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...Well, that was unexpected...

[Floating over the city happens to be  this spaceship. ]

Whatever is going on is also affecting pets with powers it would seem.

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Text to Cube )

Text to Naruto )

Text to Yazoo )

[ooc: If you want a text from Yuffie make sure you poke me in the OOC of discedo and I'll post it here~~]
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[Anyone familiar with the Northern Lights Bar will recognize where the video feed is shooting from. Cube's head is resting casually on the bar while his arm is stretched out. The little demon lifts a finger and pets the head of a fat keese.]

Do you think he'll come back, Bat-san?

[The rest of the recording is of "Bat-san" biting Cube's finger... and Cube not really responding much to it. Instead, his focus is within himself, recalling his last conversation with Shinji.]


Feb. 5th, 2012 09:43 am
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[For the first time ever, Marco gets a loud shocking zap. Normally he's way more on top of this thing. For an entire year he's always made sure to watch the thing like a hawk. Must be a special occasion for it to trip him up now. At first glance, Marco appears to be crying, but upon realizing the video got turned on, he stuffs the comm under a pillow. Then mumbles something incomprehensible through the pillow, which keeps being zappy thanks to the comm. So his face comes back into view as he takes the pillow off; deadpan as ever.]

Damn thing...

I guess I haven't been using it much since the switch, eh. [Like... at all. Good job Marco.]

I've just been busy. [Which explains nothing of the tears :|] So how is everyone? Having fun with the mummies? [And then because he's not used to it, he thinks he turned it off, but nope.]

Oi Japan! The hell is with this route? It's so sad! Stop making me fall in love with a pigeon!

Uwah... it's okay dove boyfriend, I'll stay with you no matter how short it is!
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So, as everyone has probably noticed there is a horde of undead mummy creatures wandering around the city. After careful research and extensive testing, I have discovered that they are highly flammable. Now~ Who wants a bonfire?

Moments after she made her little 'announcement', Washu was already out the door of her apartment and taking to the streets. In her hand happens to be a simple can of hair spray. In the other, a lighter.  The petite red-head calmly walks up to a mummy and aims the can at him before spraying and bringing the lighter up to ignite the spray. Seconds later, there's a flaming mummy in the streets attempting to attack her. Of course her personal shield protects her as she watches the undead thing burn.


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