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Aug. 13th, 2012 12:35 am
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 Hey, does anyone...have any, uh. Pa...per?

Kind of an emergency, thanks.
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[ Hong Kong has his comm set up for a completely intentional, confessional style video. He's not wandering around or flicking things into buckets of water or filming himself blowing something up. Well, he ought to do that eventually, but not today. ]

So, hey. I didn't realize it yesterday because of all the celebrating and stuff, but it looks like it's been a year since I got here. Doesn't really feel like it. I mean, I seriously never thought I was gonna be here for that long.

Even though it's not that long, I guess. Anyway, I'm just posting this because I kinda wanted to say thanks to everyone. I know this place is like, super ridiculous sometimes, but there's a lotta people who work hard to make it better for us.

So, thanks.

And don't laugh, okay? I'm being serious here.

[ With that, he looks aside, seeming kind of embarrassed. He then ends the feed. ]
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[ At his feet, there's a piece of paper. Looking up and down the hall, Shizuo slowly crouches and plucks the neatly folded item from the crack under his door. His eyebrow raises, he turns it this way and that, then pulls it open unceremoniously, the sound of crinkling.

Why not, right? It might be a grocery list Bolin wrote and dropped outside the door on his way out or something. So he begins to read it. It doesn't take him long. There are only three lines of print.

A long moment of silence pervades the communicator. But when he speaks, it's barely a whisper.

... Kasuka...

[ If one waits long enough through the din that follows - namely the abrupt crash from Latimir 504's door being torn from its hinges - there's harsh breathing and quick movements, like he's throwing stuff into a bag.

Then, the sound of running. He spares Bolin a curt farewell on his way out the door, skidding into the hallway.
] Fuck, fuck! [ It's clear where he's headed. Discedo station.

If anyone wants to join him, they'll have to catch up, because he is flat out.
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[Hey Discedo.

Watanuki hopes you all have been wonderful lately, because he certainly has not. In fact, at this moment, Watanuki is dragging himself out of a ditch. He's not sure he remembers how he got here, but he's here now and he wants the whole world to know exactly how unpleased he is with his situation.

How is this even possible?!

[He grumbles under his breath, crawling the last bit out.]

How can you fall into a ditch and then come out a month later?!

[He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the sky. The phone falls to his side and only Watanuki's voice is heard before it ends.]

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[ For those who want an action post, you’ll find Terezi all about Discedo, acting out an intense COURTBLOCK DRAMA with a variety of rocks, twigs, and other shit she's colored on. The stage: a courtroom, with an imposing chalk-doodle on a building serving as the PRIME ADJUDICATOR. Terezi is the prosecution and executioner, as emphasized by homemade nooses hanging from the surrounding trees. There is no defense.

Over the course of night, Terezi will be putting her random assortment of shit on trials for many different crimes and will probably drag you into her roleplay if you approach. Even if you don’t watch, and your main goal is to get the fuck out of the way, she will still try to drag you in.

For those who would prefer a video post, Terezi will be broadcasting the best part of her roleplay scenario: the hangings. Periodically throughout the night, she’ll begin a video and announce a brief:

"Senator Berrytush of the Cotton Candy Forests, for corruption and contempt of the court, you are sentenced to be hanged until death!"


""Madame de l’Applesnuggle, nefarious treasons against the Empire and BenfromLost the Flipperbeast, you are sentenced to death! Accept your fate with dignity and grace!"

before tying the nooses around whatever inanimate object she’s decided is a criminal to her makeshift gallows (read: buildings/trees/shit) and hanging it. All trials end in death. Justice has been served.


Jul. 10th, 2012 12:48 am
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"Use this"? How am I supposed to use this piece of trash...?

[groangroangroan whiiine. the kid looks displeased, as do 90% of the people who first arrive here. he taps the red light with a gloved finger, continues to glare into its camera.]

... Right. So there's obviously peopl—

[he breaks off mid-sentence, eyebrows furrowing. turning, the camera swivels with him to catch sight of a department store and then his apparent cause for alarm*. but mental berating aside for not noticing the thing before it's literally within meters of him, yukio smiles. glances at the camera and tucks it into a coat pocket. enjoy the view of darkness for a while. calmly:]

Invaders must die.

[nope. she continues to move strangely, her crying more audible, it's as if it's she that's yet to notice him.]

What the hell.. I said, 'invaders must die'!

[a thud. the scraping of claws against broken cement, yukio taking a few faltering steps backward.]


[WHAM. the recording ends.]

( video )

Jul. 6th, 2012 10:53 pm
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[ So Marceline is just chillin in her house in Dissimulo. I would put an excellent description of the surroundings here to get a ~feel~ for the atmosphere but it's honestly too dark to see anything but Marceline's pale face illuminated by the communicator.

Speaking of which, she's got a new fashion statement. Damn can this vamp rock a mask. Don't worry, Turkey. She left a nice replacement for you. It's made out of paper mache and bears a beautiful face on it. Yes she is quite the trendy lady tonight. Even better, she looks to be in good spirits!

Like I was telling a friend of mine the other day, I can name a few kidnappers who are less accommodating than ours. I mean, c'mon! We've got room and board, there's never a dull moment, and now they're giving us a slice of home. Problem with one of my little gifts though: didn't really give me the equipment to play it on. Couldn't even send over Beemo, huh?

[ She holds up... a video cassette! God it's like the 1990s all over again. The title says Heat Signature. ]

If any of you techies out there can manage a way to play this, I'm all for hosting a movie night. Gotta say, this has to be one of my favorite series of all time! It's a pre-Mushroom War thriller, really has you on the edge of your seat.

And any of you fancy doc's out there? [ She winks under her mask. Oh babby. Yeah she definitely wants to keep this thing. ] I wanna have a little chat with you. Otherwise I'll have to come find you myself.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 10:05 am
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I've been here for ages now, exploring, sleeping where I could.

But, something's not right. I've been collared! Muzzled! Restrained! And it's not sexy, it's appalling. I'm not whole!

I need help. Someone said that someone here fixes people.

Well! Fix me!
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[ yes, apparently Yukiteru is overcoming his social awkwardness for once to appear on the network - even if it's obvious he still seems a little awkward in talking to this many people at once.. ]

It really does seem like all of us got.. gifts of some sort, right? [ how else to call that random stuff they woke up with a few days ago.. ] It's a little weird, but it's not like it's bad to get these things, so I guess it can't be anything that bad..?

E-.. either way, I got a telescope. So I was wondering if we might be able to find out more about this place by looking at the stars.. Maybe there are some recognizable constellations? Has anyone tried anything like it before?

action part for yuno. )
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[ When the communicator turns on, you are immediately able to tell that Shizuo is in some kind of distress.

Not because you can see him, all you seem to be looking at is an expanse of sky and a few blond hairs like he's laying next to the device. The hoarse breathing and disoriented muttering is a dead giveaway though and he doesn't look like he's ready to walk around for a while yet. This might be because he's trying to sort out what happened in his head, but frustrated groaning signifies he hasn't had much luck.

A seagull circles him, perhaps a hint to where he is. Near water of some sort, the lapping of waves against something is making a noticeable sound in the receiver. The shoulder of a crumpled white shirt comes into view finally, his face following suit. He decided to sit up after all.

... I need... [ He closes his eyes and rubs at one of them tiredly; his voice is husky, he's pale, shaking, sweating, his hair is in complete disarray and there seems to be dried blood on his collar. ] I need help. Don't know what happened...

[ Shizuo never asks for help, but this time seems different. ] Don't know where I am. Don't know how I got here. I was... where was I... I can't feel anything.

[ With that he lays back down, slowly but surely, to wait for a reply. ]

[ Shizuo has gotten his chip removed anonymously! He's experiencing the removal sickness and his abilities, if angered, will go haywire, but other than that there are no other symptoms present. He just doesn't know where the fuck he is, but he hasn't looked at his map.

Edit: Gin found him! Everything but action is welcomed so hard. ]
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[Static starts across the voice feed, followed by some mumbling. It seems someone accidentally clicked it on while they were fiddling with the device.]

Dude, do you remember alchemizing these? I don't remember anything like this in my sylladex... Man, speaking of, where is my sylladex?

Why are you asking me? My sylladex launched my sword into the closest tree it could find. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to yank it out with a broken foot? Thanks by the way. I really wanted my toes to get touchy with your hammer. You don't even know. I'm going to get some heinous infection all up in this shit and you're going to have to amputate my foot to save my life or something. Except I refuse, but then we'll get attacked by a swarm of who the fuck even knows and tragically take them down, going down with them. You'll weep over my bloodied corpse. Why Dave? How could you leave me? You were the only bro I could have ever had such a rad bromance with. Now I have nothing. Sweet delicious tears. [Yeah, Dave has no idea where he's going with this too.]

[There's a snort and laughter from the other voice, and even without seeing it's pretty obvious someone is rolling their eyes.]

That didn't even make sense, Dave! But I guess I am sorry that the princess got his foot broken by a hammer that is not even that heavy. Can you ever forgive me?

I take offense to that. How dare you not keep my fragile, maiden tendencies to heart. I have a very delicate complexion going on. But I'll forgive you because I love you. Seriously though, where the fuck are we? I'm two years too early to be wherever we're supposed to be. Fuck if I know. Everything is kind of vague and I think I stopped giving a shit or two since nearly being a victim of trashy novels involving foursomes.

[There's a rustle of fabric. Dave had plopped down next to John, even if you can't see it.] What are you doing?

I am trying to figure out how this thing works. And I am pretty sure I am three years too early to be at the new session. Jade said it would take that long and I just sent you guys that letter. And isn't it kinda weird that we are the only ones here?

[There's more rustling as John fiddles with the functions, turning the communicator over in his hand.] Whoa! I think this thing is on.

Oh my god. You didn't get to see Karkat freak out. It was like the most embarrassing thing. You literally nailed him in the face and he had some major mental breakdown and everything.

Oh shit really? Ok. That's cool I guess. Ask someone where we are. Also if they have a can opener.

Haha, oh man, really? That sounds like something worth seeing! Ok, ok, uhh... Hello? Can anyone hear us? [He's not going to ask your dumb question about the can opener, Dave.]

[ooc| john is in blue, dave is in red!]
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[ Hello, residents of Fortuna. This feed has turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation. Its participants seem to be discussing something Quite Serious, if their tone is to be believed. Let's listen in, shall we? ]

If you thought you were safe, you thought wrong. )

Hundre— Ah… is your comm on? Oi oi they're gonna see what we did to the ceiling!

That's cool, they're bound to find out eventually. Hey, Marco, d'you think people ship us too?

Oh, if they do, we should give them a show, eh? [ Pirate leer and leans in suggestively as he turns it off. ]

[Video] - I

Jun. 4th, 2012 11:39 pm
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[There's an eye pressed up close to the screen... or as close as it can get, behind the wall of the glasses that James Potter is always wearing.]

...Bloody Muggle... whatsit...

[Comes the grumbling tone, under his breath. He's clearly not aware that the 'whatsit' is on as he pulls back to fidget with it, giving a last, valiant effort to make sense of it before giving up and tossing it to the ground.

The view now just shows half his head, far above and mostly sky.

He's failed (for the moment) at dealing with strange thing number two: so he'll go back to dealing with strange thing number one!

Which was--...where on earth was he?]

Portkey, maybe? Droll of them. Middle of nowhere, to boot... could at least have the decency to transport me some place pretty if they wanted to have an unfair duel.

[Though, even as he attributes the sudden move to the Death Eaters, he does find it odd that... none are about.

No one is attacking him, really.

'No one attacking' doesn't happen much, mid-war, behind enemy lines.

So if he's not behind enemy lines...]

Merlin... not going to figure it out just standing around here, James. May as well get a move on.

And stop talking to yourself. It's not an attractive quality...

[Really. The invisible people here in he-didn't-know-where might get the impression he was barking mad, if he didn't stop monologuing soon.]

[ Voice ]

Jun. 1st, 2012 03:05 pm
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 Yeah, so now that my arms healing up nicely--Or. Well, I think it is. Sometimes I look at it and it's a-ok, and other times it's kind of...bleeding horribly. But you know, It doesn't hurt so I figure it's alright. I guess. I don't know what made me to think I could take on a monster, anyway. I should have just run...

Right, but that's not the point of this little announcement here. I'm actually...looking for my brother? I don't know why, but I never really thought to ask anyone about it when I first got here---Probably because, you know, this place is pretty...yeeeeaaaah, so it never actually crossed my mind, but--I'm really, really hoping he's here. We've always had each other's backs,you know? So...

He goes by Shizuo. Tall guy, kind of angry. He's blonde and likes to wear shades. If anyone's seen him around please let me know? Or... I mean, Shizuo if you hear this let me know where you are. It's been like...a week, man!

[ ....... ]

Wait. Why does Pabu have wings?

[ ooc: Bolin was hit by both memory loss and memory gain, and currently thinks he's from Ikebukuro and that Shizuo is his brother! And also random hallucinations. Wooo. ]

text; 04

May. 30th, 2012 01:49 pm
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[ video clicks on. looks like the communicator is stuck under a couch. there's a lot of shuffling noises before the post times out.

for a girl who sees with her nose, pollen is a terrible thing. even if there aren't any added side effects.
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[She's new, obviously, and looking a little distressed as she tries to figure out the communicator well enough to make some use of it. Sitting down by the shipyard, her blonde hair is tied back in a messy ponytail, trying to keep it from getting in her face as she tries to figure out what's going on here.]

Excuse me... [A good start, right? Polite.] I'm a recent arrival to this place and would appreciate any information I could be given on it. It's not quite right for anywhere I know of home.

[It's short, but effective, she hopes. Canada then more or less repeats herself in French, then German and Russian and Japanese, the first languages that come to mind for good international communications.

But just to be safe, she tries text, too:]

Information and/or assistance in returning home would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


May. 19th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This has gotta be some kind of… screwed up dream…

[ There's lightly panicked breathing, albeit calm for one who has just woken up in a strange world. Adrenaline is high, but there's no one around for him to blame, nothing around for him to throw.

A blond man in bartending regalia lights a cigarette, unconcerned with the fact that the communications device is making a small documentary: Inside the Pocket, the untold story. There's a grunt of disproval, he obviously realizes something's amiss after a quiet beep alerts him to the piece of technology hidden from view.

What the hell is-… a phone…?

[ He's obviously stressed, his voice clipped, strained as though he's trying to keep his wits about him. The feed shakes, the image blurs from a violent motion, a rough hand locked around the camera. A thumb moves and you finally see the man's face.

… He looks quite angry, a tick at his brow, a twitch at his jaw where his teeth are clenched around the filter of his abused cigarette. Like an animal backed into a corner.

Spyin' on me now? Tch. I don't get it -- whaddaya want me to do?

[ The image takes on a new angle; Shizuo holds the camera up, pointing it down towards his face at a rather artistic angle and he stares up into it with a squint over his sunglasses as though trying to decipher an unintelligible code. ]

Well… fuck this. Fuck you. Like I'll make it that easy!

[ Expression darkening, the cigarette he can be seen holding snaps between his fingers. The device loses focus immediately, white noise flickering briefly when the uneven ground catches it, managing to land with its camera pointed up at grey sky.

Just in time to record the heel of a dress shoe dropping down on the lens.

Problem solved!
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Yukkiiii— [ it's kind of a concerned whine coming from the background. ] We should go back to the apartment, Yukki. There are too many people just suddenly showing up.. it's weird. [ also potentially unsafe..! yuno has her own device in hand as she had just been observing all the unfamiliar (and frankly odd) faces showing up on the network just now— she isn't broadcasting though, and only shows up into the feed once she approaches yukiteru looking a little uneasy. ]

But.. Yuno, I'm actually trying to find out more about all of that right now. [ he offers her a small smile - it's a little awkward, since he knows she most likely won't agree with this plan, but this is a weird occurence in this place so it might be important, right? on the other hand, the last thing he wants is for her to randomly go around and maim some of these people..

the boy glances back to the device, his expression awkward - how does one deal with suddenly talking to such a crowd - but he's trying to seem confident..! .. just.. failing on it, but it's the intention that matters. ]

Um, that being said.. if there's anyone who knows more about all of this, please tell us? Or if you need more information about this place, I guess you can ask that at least, but I might not be the best person to ask about that.. [ what is self confidence. ]

I-- [ nope, quickly correcting himself. ] we'll [ happy now, Yuno?! ] try our best though..!

[ yukiteru your noble plunge into social situations is appreciated except not really, so yuno the overprotective girlfriend™ will be reaching over to his device right now— her hand already blocking the feed. ]

That should be fine.. I'm sure if anyone has any information they'll contact us now, so—

[ click goes the feed abruptly. at least she only turned it off and didn't take it from him like she had the initial urge to. SHE'S TRYING, REALLY. ]

[ * ooc: this is a joint post; feel free to run into them around the discedo area and action it up if you like, otherwise replies will come from both yukiteru and yuno! ]

video; 02

May. 9th, 2012 01:08 pm
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[ There are no explanations. There are no sounds. Only art. ]

cut for shitty art scrawled on a wall in chalk )
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[ Private to Taiwan, locked 90% / Audio; Mandarin ]

Hey, if you get this message, can you get ahold of me? I won't bug you or ask any questions or anything, I just wanna be sure you're all right, that's all.

[ Public / Video; English ]

[ Hong Kong comes on the feed looking a little grim. He glances off to the side for a second or two before he starts talking. ]

We're looking for Taiwan. She went missing after everyone got back from that trip. If you've seen her or you know where she might be, can you let us know? It's important.


[ And that's that. This is also open to action for anyone, if you want. ]
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