Jul. 14th, 2012

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[Steve was currently inside the new train that pulled up in the Discedo station. He wanted to explore this newly arrived train that supposedly led them to Lachesistein, although he was pretty sure that this was a trap of some kind. However, he still couldn't ignore the letter that he received from Bucky. If there was even a small chance that his best friend was there, he would instantly take it.

As Steve moved through the train, he noted the interior's conditions, which were mostly terrible. Feel free to bump into him though.]

[Later on, Steve was standing outside as he worked the communicator's video feed. Of course, the darn thing decided to shock him just as he was about to speak.]

Ow- [He tapped the screen for a moment and the video started to film the ground as Steve turned the communicator upside down in order to inspect it more.] Hope I didn't break it already...

[He eventually turned the camera back on him and you can probably see the train in the background.]

Does anyone know more about Lachesistein? A train recently arrived at the Discedo station and it's destined there, but there's no conductor in sight. [Not to mention that it reeked of rotting flesh with bugs crawling everywhere.] ...This entire thing may be a setup.

[Steve looks determined though.] I'm still going. Is anyone else planning to as well?
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[ At his feet, there's a piece of paper. Looking up and down the hall, Shizuo slowly crouches and plucks the neatly folded item from the crack under his door. His eyebrow raises, he turns it this way and that, then pulls it open unceremoniously, the sound of crinkling.

Why not, right? It might be a grocery list Bolin wrote and dropped outside the door on his way out or something. So he begins to read it. It doesn't take him long. There are only three lines of print.

A long moment of silence pervades the communicator. But when he speaks, it's barely a whisper.

... Kasuka...

[ If one waits long enough through the din that follows - namely the abrupt crash from Latimir 504's door being torn from its hinges - there's harsh breathing and quick movements, like he's throwing stuff into a bag.

Then, the sound of running. He spares Bolin a curt farewell on his way out the door, skidding into the hallway.
] Fuck, fuck! [ It's clear where he's headed. Discedo station.

If anyone wants to join him, they'll have to catch up, because he is flat out.


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