May. 2nd, 2012

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Geeze, what happened?

And how long have I've been asleep...? I don't even remember when I had dozed off....mff, my back is killing me.
[To be expected from laying on a position pretty often. Though she doesn't realize she's been rather comatose for a few weeks. Her body tired, though she definitely wasn't sleepy.

There was a soft rustle and low creak made.]


Conan? Adam? Are you around?
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[When the feed starts, the only thing anyone can see is a big brown eye, like if someone was trying to see if the camera was working. When it moves away, the eye revealed to belong to a blue haired young girl, no older than four. If anyone knew what a certain line facer looked like, this would be her.

And given that she's wearing her uniform NOT MADE FOR KIDDIE SIZE, something's up.

Enil just looks at the screen, giggles and starts using the communicator to hit the ground. Why? Because it's fun of course! She's too engrossed in it to notice the feral creeping up on the side, delighted to see a potential snack. And it pounces...

Too bad it's kind of dumb because Enil ended up ducking out of the camera's view, making the feral miss her and slam right into a tree. Or more specifically, into a hole in the tree, making it stuck. That ends up getting the girl's attention.]

Puppy stuck!

[...someone please get her before she does something bad.]
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[ Private to Taiwan, locked 90% / Audio; Mandarin ]

Hey, if you get this message, can you get ahold of me? I won't bug you or ask any questions or anything, I just wanna be sure you're all right, that's all.

[ Public / Video; English ]

[ Hong Kong comes on the feed looking a little grim. He glances off to the side for a second or two before he starts talking. ]

We're looking for Taiwan. She went missing after everyone got back from that trip. If you've seen her or you know where she might be, can you let us know? It's important.


[ And that's that. This is also open to action for anyone, if you want. ]
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Things are always so weird here. I just don't get it. That or I'm seriously loosing track of the time I've been here.

[She wasn't even sure what day it was. Wonder if having a calender even makes a difference.]

Oi, this place looks a little worse than usual. The hell happened while I was out of it?
[There was a scratch of her head before looking at the communicator.]

Has anyone seen, Cube? I haven't been able to get in contact with him or locate him anywhere. It's making me a little worried...
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Quite an interesting turn of events. Still, it's in poor taste to place start some sort of Game without even explaining the rules, wouldn't you agree? [The voice is fairly deep, sinister, and eerily calm. One can almost picture a shadowy silhouette while foreboding music plays in the background.] ... Assuming I'm not talking to myself, naturally.

[A pause.]

That said, if anyone listening can explain what's going on... or at least tell me where I am, I would be in your debt.


May. 2nd, 2012 11:20 pm
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[The feed turns on to show Sai sitting down with Terry in her lap. Her arm has grown back to now a skeletal structure with enough muscles to move her fingers (thanks to a fail rescue mission).]

Ne? What is more important? Your life or your identity or are they one and the same?

[She goes to let out a small sigh, moving one of the bone fingers to scratch Terry under her chin.]

Are there any doctors that can remove chips out there?..... I need to speak to one.
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