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((When the feed clicks on, all you see are Sakura's shoes. It... seems that she's dropped her communicator, but she makes no motion to pick it up.))

No... no way... He...

((There's a choked sound. Her feet push forward and they disappear from the screen. In their place a pair of glasses are dropped. Faintly, you may hear her calling out: shizuo?? Shizuo!! Where are you?!))

does anyone know how long shizuo has been gone for?
Like a couple of days or a week or a month or i have no idea.

((Meanwhile, she's just going to reside in his apartment, on the couch, basically crying off and on for the rest of today.))
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[ The feed turns on abruptly.

Lo and behold, two unlikely people stand in front of the camera, clearly unaware they've just gone live. By the way Suigetsu's standing, it's extremely clear the mind inside doesn't belong to the original body.

Sakura's figure, on the other hand, is pulling a very sassy pose. Hands on her hips, wearing a very uncharacteristic pout.

Okay, that's the plan. Did that sink in or do I need to fucking spell it out for you? It really isn't that hard to understand!

Yeah, I got it, I don't need another lecture from you.

Look, bitch. If this works, I won't have to see your ugly mug ever again. So shut up and concentrate.

[ There's a scoff from Sakura as she turns away and Suigetsu does the same, creating a lengthy distance between them in the apartment. They lean forward, sink low into a running stance. ]


[ They sprint at one another and the eventual impact resounds throughout the room with a loud splash and a deafening THUD. It's obvious that slamming into one another to make their souls jump back into their respective bodies was absolutely retarded.

So now Sakura had been reduced to nothing but a scattered puddle on the floor and Suigetsu is crumpled on the ground holding his large, bruised forehead, having crashed into the opposing wall.


[ Dramatic pause. ]


[ *Note: Suigetsu is pink text and Sakura is blue. The accounts "pinking" and "hydraulic" will be used respectively. ]
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((The feed starts out very...GREEN!! Looks like someone left their communicator in the grass. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the feed and NATURE for a little while. Guess it's the evening... Not much to see right now, you guys.But! Tune in. Sounds like things are indeed happening. The splashing of water faintly indicates where the feed originates. Occasionally the green wall of leaf is blown aside just slightly, showing off the shoreline and plain sky. You can guess it's a nice day out. Not sure why anyone would want to go swimming in this weather, or in THAT water. Crazy bastards, but isn't Discedo full of 'em.

More splashing; silence picks up. The leaf blocking your view rustles again, and a quick rush of the wind blows it momentarily out of the way.

While the scene was fleeting, anyone could rewind back and remind themselves that this is no joke. The pink haired doctor--Sakura, unsurprisingly--lays across the beach with her bodyguard over her. His mouth reaches down to touch hers. It's distant, but telling; the leaf replaces the scene almost immediately.

When it's finally blown out of the way again, some minutes later, she's sitting up, her arms swung around his neck. Shizuo is just then finding his way through this hug.))

((ooc; Backdated to the evening of the 16th over Shizuo's feed. They won't be responding to any messages until the next day (the 17th), MEANING by the time they say anything to anybody, they're caught up in the middle of Truth or Dare!!! Additionally, Sakura and Shizuo were in the hospital that evening, rather than returning home. Housemates should have gotten a message about not showing up. Here's a log if anyone cares for details HAHA.

BTW, for the event: Sakura is lies and obedience, Shizuo is lies and disobedience.))

[ Voice ]

Jul. 22nd, 2012 10:18 pm
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Alright look here, wise guys. As much as I love being stuck in the middle of god knows where, I do have things to do. One of which is getting this pizza and these movies back home—And heaven knows what my ex-wife is going to do if she doesn’t get a big, fat slice of this pepperoni and cheese. Hell, she might even try to eat our son. And let’s be honest here, nobody would be happy about that one.

So quit with the practical jokes, and give me some directions to that hellhole they call a hospital, or so help me God, I will hunt you down and make your life a miserable, miserable hell.

Oh and, Jumpsuit? I know you like to pull these kinds of stunts with Vivian, but if I find out you’re the one behind this. Oh, you had better believe you will pay, and pay dearly.
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[You have an extremely confused and rather large pirate, one of about ten feet tall on the screen. And guess what? He's nooot happy about it.]

Who the hell thought they could shrink me... [He mumbles a bit to himself and fiddles with the device.]

Someone better give me a damn good explanation of what the hell's going on here. I doubt I should be here at all. I'm Edward Newgate, if you need to... talk to me and whatnot. [After a bit more fiddling, he drops the comm and the feed ends.]

[Newgate can be found pretty much anywhere in Discedo, as he's wandering around quite a lot.]


Jun. 28th, 2012 04:30 pm
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[A familiar zap can be heard with a small yelp before the communicator switches over to video to show Sai, or Heather as she came to be known in this world, laying down on the floor.... With four blades stabbed into the floor around her head and shoulders. Terry is slowly on her chest, quite unaware of the blades.]

I think that the scientists are getting more and more playful in delivering their gifts.

[She lets out a sigh and frowns.]

.... For those that may know him, Greece is no longer here.

.... Please tell me that Sakura-chan is still here....
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[ yes, apparently Yukiteru is overcoming his social awkwardness for once to appear on the network - even if it's obvious he still seems a little awkward in talking to this many people at once.. ]

It really does seem like all of us got.. gifts of some sort, right? [ how else to call that random stuff they woke up with a few days ago.. ] It's a little weird, but it's not like it's bad to get these things, so I guess it can't be anything that bad..?

E-.. either way, I got a telescope. So I was wondering if we might be able to find out more about this place by looking at the stars.. Maybe there are some recognizable constellations? Has anyone tried anything like it before?

action part for yuno. )
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[If anyone was walking around Discedo, you'll probably spot a soldier standing against a building. That wouldn't be too unusual of a sight, except that this soldier had a giant red, white, and blue shield strapped to his back. He also didn't seem to be bothered by the rain, but he was also wearing a blue helmet with a giant A in the middle of it.

Anyway, there was a small frown on his face as he worked the communicator in his hands, obviously not used to this kind of technology. However, he'll get at least the basic video function working in a few minutes.]

Is... is this working? [Steve looked at the video feed with a somewhat confused expression. He was uncertain about using this thing in the first place, but with his enhanced abilities suddenly disappearing and the thought of the serum only being temporary because of that, he decided to use it. Besides, he wanted to find Bucky and the others as fast as possible. Sneaking around in this place didn't really get him anywhere.]

This is... Captain America. [He seemed a little awkward admitting that.] Does anyone the coordinates of our current location? Or a brief description will help as well.
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[ When the communicator turns on, you are immediately able to tell that Shizuo is in some kind of distress.

Not because you can see him, all you seem to be looking at is an expanse of sky and a few blond hairs like he's laying next to the device. The hoarse breathing and disoriented muttering is a dead giveaway though and he doesn't look like he's ready to walk around for a while yet. This might be because he's trying to sort out what happened in his head, but frustrated groaning signifies he hasn't had much luck.

A seagull circles him, perhaps a hint to where he is. Near water of some sort, the lapping of waves against something is making a noticeable sound in the receiver. The shoulder of a crumpled white shirt comes into view finally, his face following suit. He decided to sit up after all.

... I need... [ He closes his eyes and rubs at one of them tiredly; his voice is husky, he's pale, shaking, sweating, his hair is in complete disarray and there seems to be dried blood on his collar. ] I need help. Don't know what happened...

[ Shizuo never asks for help, but this time seems different. ] Don't know where I am. Don't know how I got here. I was... where was I... I can't feel anything.

[ With that he lays back down, slowly but surely, to wait for a reply. ]

[ Shizuo has gotten his chip removed anonymously! He's experiencing the removal sickness and his abilities, if angered, will go haywire, but other than that there are no other symptoms present. He just doesn't know where the fuck he is, but he hasn't looked at his map.

Edit: Gin found him! Everything but action is welcomed so hard. ]
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[Gellert had finally figured out the subway and made his way to Discedo. This was the first time he had been to any of the other cities of Fortuna - as he currently resided in Dissimulo - and he was looking around curiously.]

[He knew he had to find Denzel Crocker and visit Ilyana but he would be interested to speak to anybody else who happened to see him as well. If he found a doctor to enquire more about chip removal, he would find that very helpful too.]
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[Static starts across the voice feed, followed by some mumbling. It seems someone accidentally clicked it on while they were fiddling with the device.]

Dude, do you remember alchemizing these? I don't remember anything like this in my sylladex... Man, speaking of, where is my sylladex?

Why are you asking me? My sylladex launched my sword into the closest tree it could find. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to yank it out with a broken foot? Thanks by the way. I really wanted my toes to get touchy with your hammer. You don't even know. I'm going to get some heinous infection all up in this shit and you're going to have to amputate my foot to save my life or something. Except I refuse, but then we'll get attacked by a swarm of who the fuck even knows and tragically take them down, going down with them. You'll weep over my bloodied corpse. Why Dave? How could you leave me? You were the only bro I could have ever had such a rad bromance with. Now I have nothing. Sweet delicious tears. [Yeah, Dave has no idea where he's going with this too.]

[There's a snort and laughter from the other voice, and even without seeing it's pretty obvious someone is rolling their eyes.]

That didn't even make sense, Dave! But I guess I am sorry that the princess got his foot broken by a hammer that is not even that heavy. Can you ever forgive me?

I take offense to that. How dare you not keep my fragile, maiden tendencies to heart. I have a very delicate complexion going on. But I'll forgive you because I love you. Seriously though, where the fuck are we? I'm two years too early to be wherever we're supposed to be. Fuck if I know. Everything is kind of vague and I think I stopped giving a shit or two since nearly being a victim of trashy novels involving foursomes.

[There's a rustle of fabric. Dave had plopped down next to John, even if you can't see it.] What are you doing?

I am trying to figure out how this thing works. And I am pretty sure I am three years too early to be at the new session. Jade said it would take that long and I just sent you guys that letter. And isn't it kinda weird that we are the only ones here?

[There's more rustling as John fiddles with the functions, turning the communicator over in his hand.] Whoa! I think this thing is on.

Oh my god. You didn't get to see Karkat freak out. It was like the most embarrassing thing. You literally nailed him in the face and he had some major mental breakdown and everything.

Oh shit really? Ok. That's cool I guess. Ask someone where we are. Also if they have a can opener.

Haha, oh man, really? That sounds like something worth seeing! Ok, ok, uhh... Hello? Can anyone hear us? [He's not going to ask your dumb question about the can opener, Dave.]

[ooc| john is in blue, dave is in red!]
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[If anyone's out and about in Discedo, they might be treated to the somewhat eerie sight of Gin skulking about in his ever-present long black, crow-like trench coat and matching fedora. His hair isn't let loose today, gathered and hidden underneath his coat. He looks mildly less threatening today, in as much as a shady man constantly followed by ominously cawing birds can look nonthreatening, as he carried a lumpy bundle of cloth (on closer inspection, it might be made up of a pair of shirts) that clattered and tinkled with a metallic sound as he walked. Judging by the place he emerged from, it can be assumed that the sound was caused by him lumping together so many tins of canned food into his makeshift bag.

He looks almost as unfriendly as ever, unsmiling and perpetually glaring, only every now and then, his glare falters and he reaches up to angrily knuckle his eyes.

Instead of heading back to Dissimulo as quickly as he normally did after acquiring what he needed, he milled about, walking aimlessly through the street.

Care to approach?]
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((Action/Video; Early afternoon))
((Sakura has been looking through all the new plant growth, trying to find any possible herbs for antidotes, medicine, or even as a poison. A hard look, but it seems she's found an interesting variety to test out.

There's just. one Problem. Monsters.))

...Uh. Did that thing just blink? Ah, --OH MY ((BUUUUUUURRRRPPP. The screen is filled with a dark smoke and the screams of a poor Sakura. Those who are on the same block as the hospital might hear her.. or run into her.))

((Audio->Action; Late afternoon))
I need.... noodles.((So exhausted... the feed clicks off.

For those of you who didn't keep your doors locked, and well, if your windows are open even. Or there was any kind of way to sneak in. Guess who's ninja'd in. Sakura is now hunched over and raiding your cabinets, shoving all form of dry noodles into her mouth, literally crunching on the stuff. When she turns, her eyes are squeezed shut. She sniffs. Bugs are flying around her, mostly ants and bees.))


((ooc; FOR THE FIRST ACTION Sakura will be blind, berseked, confused, energy boosted, and bravery. Meaning she WILL try to hit you, will PROBABLY chase you if you try to run away... and has super shitty aim, so you're safe for the most part unless you WANT to be punched to the moon?!

FOR THE SECOND ACTION Sakura will be craving dried noodles, has inhibition loss (meaning she might say something mean or do something she'd otherwise regret), animal behaviours, attracts bugs, and again, bravery & blind.

Basically, Malboro suck because they slaughter you with all the status ailments ever and it sucks. she was attacked, and hence... well first of all that malboro will regret ever getting hit, but secondly, Sakura is just totally out of it.))


May. 19th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This has gotta be some kind of… screwed up dream…

[ There's lightly panicked breathing, albeit calm for one who has just woken up in a strange world. Adrenaline is high, but there's no one around for him to blame, nothing around for him to throw.

A blond man in bartending regalia lights a cigarette, unconcerned with the fact that the communications device is making a small documentary: Inside the Pocket, the untold story. There's a grunt of disproval, he obviously realizes something's amiss after a quiet beep alerts him to the piece of technology hidden from view.

What the hell is-… a phone…?

[ He's obviously stressed, his voice clipped, strained as though he's trying to keep his wits about him. The feed shakes, the image blurs from a violent motion, a rough hand locked around the camera. A thumb moves and you finally see the man's face.

… He looks quite angry, a tick at his brow, a twitch at his jaw where his teeth are clenched around the filter of his abused cigarette. Like an animal backed into a corner.

Spyin' on me now? Tch. I don't get it -- whaddaya want me to do?

[ The image takes on a new angle; Shizuo holds the camera up, pointing it down towards his face at a rather artistic angle and he stares up into it with a squint over his sunglasses as though trying to decipher an unintelligible code. ]

Well… fuck this. Fuck you. Like I'll make it that easy!

[ Expression darkening, the cigarette he can be seen holding snaps between his fingers. The device loses focus immediately, white noise flickering briefly when the uneven ground catches it, managing to land with its camera pointed up at grey sky.

Just in time to record the heel of a dress shoe dropping down on the lens.

Problem solved!
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Guess the scientists got kinda busy bringing people here, huh?

Well, welcome to Discedo everyone! Sorry about all this; it's sort of a mess around here. Springtime in Discedo, what can I say? ((AWKWARD LAUGH.)) Anyway, well, if there's anyone who needs a hand with anything like moving in or finding stuff, just give me a shout, alright? I'm Sakura; you should find me over at the hospital the rest of today, so don't be afraid to stop by, either!

Anyway.. hope everyone's feeling better. ((sort of directed at the Exploration team. Yeah, she's still sort of having trouble bouncing back.))

[ Voice ]

May. 1st, 2012 12:21 pm
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 [ There is silence for a long, long time--He'd died, on that trip. He should be dead. he was, a-ok. Breathing. Alive

The hell... ] everyone who went on that exploration trip okay? I--[ I died. I should be dead. ]--wanted to make sure those skin stealing bastards didn't get their hands on [ sakura ] anyone else, yeah? Just...let me know everything turned out okay. 

Heh...they couldn't keep me down for long, huh? Yeah yeah, I'm too cool to be gone for good. [ He tries to sound boastful. Obnoxious.  Like himself. It sounds forced, though. He's too worried about Sakura and the others.

If they had died...would they come back, too? ]

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[Initially, there's nothing shown but darkness. It's essentially an over-glorified voice post.] It's a good thing you have a sense of humour.

Because I don't.

[The cloth slips away from the camera of the communicator, turning red once it's far away enough for the camera to catch the light reflecting off of it.

When the image comes into focus, it displays a long, bright red trench coat hanging on the wall, a good distance away from the floor (so it can be assumed that whoever's holding the communicator is either very tall or standing on a chair or some other elevated surface), with a lovely fedora of a matching colour hanging off of it. The belt is pink, as is the hat's rim.]

I haven't had a smoke in days. The weapons shop is worthless. I've had a building collapse on me and a snivelling little brat. And now, you think it's funny to screw up my perception of colours?

[The camera shifts to a view of the window. A brilliantly bright red raven perches in the window, squawking loudly, looking like it robbed quite a few cardinals of their feathers.]

... I need a drink.

((Backdated to April first. ^o^;))
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[It almost feels like home, with the humidity and the rain today, but this place is too... concrete to be anything close to home. Is it strange to be homesick? After spending years just wanting to get away from the wars and get some peace and quiet, Vietnam has finally gotten it but this... is not the right kind of peace and quiet. It's eerie.]

[Two days after arriving, she realized that this pretty plastic-glass thing is actually a telephone that sometimes does video. A lot of deliberation went into this because if the people here are dangerous, then Vietnam may have just given away her location and signed herself to the slaughter. Audio was safest. Her curiousity wins this time, though.]

Allo! [Oh god, that sounded too perky and too French. Let's try that again in English. Vietnam can do this.] Hello. [That sounded like the right intonation, but a little too solemn, maybe try that--no, no Vietnam. Leave it be.] I am--[pauses, should she really say?]... someone, it does not really matter. [awkward laugh.] Can anyone say what this place is? Maybe a date too. This is... really not 220 BCE, is it?

[A long pause.] Thank-you.
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Hey, it's Sakura.

Anyone seen or heard from Naruto since yesterday? He said he was going out to do something but I haven't seen him since. ...His frequency isn't working, either.
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Hmm hmmhmm, hmmm~ ((Sakura sounds pleased with herself, at the least as far as her sing-humming is going for her.)) Okay, now just the head.

There! I guess I forgot the other stuff, too, though... ((A moment, and she pulls out her communicator. The video opens up to Sakura standing besides a snow man just a head taller than she is. She looks down at the communicator, smiling a little as she pokes the writing screen.))

Hey, anyone have some stuff I could put on a snowman? Like buttons or a scarf?

((Sakura's been at it for about an hour, quietly rolling up snow and layering it on top of each other. Anyone could join her if they want! She's content playing in the snow alone.))
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