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[Things have been pretty quiet from this guy for a bit. However, he needs to address everyone about some of the recent changes after this craziness with the body switching.]

To everyone who has noticed, both Commander Kresnik and Lieutenant Enil have been sent home. So that means there isn't many people on the Watch as of now.

[Seriously, how many were left?]

For those who don't what I'm talking about, the Watch is like a volunteer force that tries to protect the cities when things go wrong or during monster attacks. It's been...lacking lately but I'm getting things together so we would be prepared if a situation happens. While a good portion of the problems may be scientist-involved it doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

If you're interested, you can contact me through this post or see me in person at the dojo in Dissimulo.

[And for most people, the feed ends. The next part...]

[Private to Watch members.]

If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.
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Hey, if anyone is wondering where Conan, Ran, or Makoto are, they've gone home. Better for them to be there than here.

[Not only did he loose his roommates but also the woman he loved. Damn, and he wanted to show her that place in Spero. The message ends for most people except...]

Locked to Watch Members )
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[If you're around Discedo, you might notice one very patriotic looking soldier running down the street at a rather fast speed. Well, fast for a human that is. He doesn't look like he'll stop anytime soon, so forgive his rudeness if he runs by without saying hi.

Anyway, everything seems to be working out for him. He even jumps a few times, crossing a rather large distance with each jump. Feeling a little more confident that his abilities have returned, Steve starts to run a little faster. However, this all ends when he sharply turns the corner. He begins to lose his balance and stumbles along the road before crashing through the front window of a convenience store.

Hopefully you weren't picking anything up there.]

Ow... [He sits up and looks around, feeling guilty about ruining another store. Perhaps he should have waited longer...]

[ooc: Steve recently had his chip removed and started to practice in the streets. However, because he is the most graceful super soldier that ever lived, he just ruined one of the windows.

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[Steve was currently inside the new train that pulled up in the Discedo station. He wanted to explore this newly arrived train that supposedly led them to Lachesistein, although he was pretty sure that this was a trap of some kind. However, he still couldn't ignore the letter that he received from Bucky. If there was even a small chance that his best friend was there, he would instantly take it.

As Steve moved through the train, he noted the interior's conditions, which were mostly terrible. Feel free to bump into him though.]

[Later on, Steve was standing outside as he worked the communicator's video feed. Of course, the darn thing decided to shock him just as he was about to speak.]

Ow- [He tapped the screen for a moment and the video started to film the ground as Steve turned the communicator upside down in order to inspect it more.] Hope I didn't break it already...

[He eventually turned the camera back on him and you can probably see the train in the background.]

Does anyone know more about Lachesistein? A train recently arrived at the Discedo station and it's destined there, but there's no conductor in sight. [Not to mention that it reeked of rotting flesh with bugs crawling everywhere.] ...This entire thing may be a setup.

[Steve looks determined though.] I'm still going. Is anyone else planning to as well?
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[When the communicator turns on, there's nothing but shallow breathing on the other end. Be lucky that this was a voice only line otherwise they would see Adam's back away from the device but anyone could tell by his body language that he was upset.

Strike that: he was fucking pissed beyond belief. There's some kind of muttering coming from him, speaking Korean actually but if anyone knew what he was saying, it wasn't very good.]

Not only you have to take us from home, you decide to steal those closest to us as well? There's a reason why we don't care for you.

[There's another line he says but it's really not meant for children's ears. But the one thing anyone can manage to get out of the one-sided conversation was a name: Rocky. Yep, guess who got a letter?]

((OOC: Bold is Adam speaking in different language. Action for his dojo in Dissimulo.))

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[If anyone was walking around Discedo, you'll probably spot a soldier standing against a building. That wouldn't be too unusual of a sight, except that this soldier had a giant red, white, and blue shield strapped to his back. He also didn't seem to be bothered by the rain, but he was also wearing a blue helmet with a giant A in the middle of it.

Anyway, there was a small frown on his face as he worked the communicator in his hands, obviously not used to this kind of technology. However, he'll get at least the basic video function working in a few minutes.]

Is... is this working? [Steve looked at the video feed with a somewhat confused expression. He was uncertain about using this thing in the first place, but with his enhanced abilities suddenly disappearing and the thought of the serum only being temporary because of that, he decided to use it. Besides, he wanted to find Bucky and the others as fast as possible. Sneaking around in this place didn't really get him anywhere.]

This is... Captain America. [He seemed a little awkward admitting that.] Does anyone the coordinates of our current location? Or a brief description will help as well.
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[Strange how this guy hasn't made a post in forever; the communicator sure remembered and gave him a nice shock for his troubles.]

I get it already: didn't use you so paying for it.

[He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, glad that he wasn't affected by the pollen going around. Actually, he and his ponyta were working on another little project and this post is a main reason to make it known.]

So if anyone remembers me saying that I was working on a dojo here in Dissimulo, I just finished up the last details. If anyone is looking for a sparring place or wants some lessons in defending, the doors at the high school gym are open.

[Filtered away from Makoto]

This is going to sound really odd but...does anyone know any good spots for a date?
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{Well, well, well, look who's back. You'll see the view behind the Doctor's head consists of a view of Spero from the top of the University. And then the communicator buzzes and is prompty dropped with an 'ow', reverting the view to concrete and the Doctor's boots.

The man picks up the bloody thing again, but he doesn't seem to worry about it.

Hello, everyone! Sorry about that, I think my communicator shorted out or something... Should probably fix that... Can I fix that? {He trails off for a moment before remembering what he was meant to be doing.}

Anyway, sorry, again, about not being in touch, but I've been exploring this city! Spero, was it? There's loads of stuff here, I've learned a lot! Like orcas! Did you know there used to be orcas in the lake? Although, I havn't found out what happened to them all yet, but I suppose it might be the nuclear fallout, it does that sometimes, you know...

I'm coming back now, though, I've rather missed sleeping in a proper bed. And tea, I'd quite like a cup of tea.

[He'll be answering until he get's back to Discedo, and then you can come find him in person if you so desire. He might be a bit tired by that point though.]
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( The feed opens up to an empty bed room. However if whoever is watching is to stay a few more seconds, they can hear two different voices yelling at each other. )

This part isn't that important. )( Not that anyone can see but Stocking changes quickly and appears in the feed. She sits down on the bed she and China share. She is followed by China and they both stare at the screen, both grabbing each other's hands. China begins to speak with a big blush on his face. )

Nihao...We both have a very important announcement that we would like everyone to hear, aru.

( Stocking faces China softly and stares at him lovingly. )

Well you see the thing is I really love Yao...a lot, and he loves me.

Y-Yes that is right. Also whether or not you noticed, Stocking has a ring on her finger. A wedding ring...I gave her that ring.

And I'm going to marry Yao, the one who gave me the ring.

( China's expression suddenly becomes confident. )


So I, Wang Yao, and my fiancee, Anarchy Stocking, would like to invite family, friends, everyone to our engagement party and wedding.

So that's it. If anyone decides to fuck this up, I will murder you.

[OOC: That's right, they are getting married for those of you who didn't know. Also red is China and blue is Stocking. Feel free to have your character freak out or scream in joy. ]


May. 19th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This has gotta be some kind of… screwed up dream…

[ There's lightly panicked breathing, albeit calm for one who has just woken up in a strange world. Adrenaline is high, but there's no one around for him to blame, nothing around for him to throw.

A blond man in bartending regalia lights a cigarette, unconcerned with the fact that the communications device is making a small documentary: Inside the Pocket, the untold story. There's a grunt of disproval, he obviously realizes something's amiss after a quiet beep alerts him to the piece of technology hidden from view.

What the hell is-… a phone…?

[ He's obviously stressed, his voice clipped, strained as though he's trying to keep his wits about him. The feed shakes, the image blurs from a violent motion, a rough hand locked around the camera. A thumb moves and you finally see the man's face.

… He looks quite angry, a tick at his brow, a twitch at his jaw where his teeth are clenched around the filter of his abused cigarette. Like an animal backed into a corner.

Spyin' on me now? Tch. I don't get it -- whaddaya want me to do?

[ The image takes on a new angle; Shizuo holds the camera up, pointing it down towards his face at a rather artistic angle and he stares up into it with a squint over his sunglasses as though trying to decipher an unintelligible code. ]

Well… fuck this. Fuck you. Like I'll make it that easy!

[ Expression darkening, the cigarette he can be seen holding snaps between his fingers. The device loses focus immediately, white noise flickering briefly when the uneven ground catches it, managing to land with its camera pointed up at grey sky.

Just in time to record the heel of a dress shoe dropping down on the lens.

Problem solved!
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[It's past three am and there is one annoyed power ranger sitting in bed and wide awake. Why is he annoyed you may ask? The people suddenly appearing in his bedroom, that's what. This had better not be one of Kain's bright ideas.]

...why am I getting the feeling I should know what's going on?
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Geeze, what happened?

And how long have I've been asleep...? I don't even remember when I had dozed off....mff, my back is killing me.
[To be expected from laying on a position pretty often. Though she doesn't realize she's been rather comatose for a few weeks. Her body tired, though she definitely wasn't sleepy.

There was a soft rustle and low creak made.]


Conan? Adam? Are you around?
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[The video feed springs to life as a mass of wet and slightly curly blond hair greets the screen. Before long a hand moves it back to show one very pissed off and hatless golden eyed witch.]

Alright now...What the hell is going on ze? If this is some sort of joke, they can knock it off right now.

[She pauses, putting her hat back on her head as she looks around for a moment]

Where is this anyways..? I don't think this is Gensokyo anymore...

[She frowns a bit as she turns the video off, the last thing she mutters about is something along the lines of 'I look like a drowned rat...Patchy would have a field day at this....']
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[Action A]

[It's evening and China is in Dissimulo. He's sitting on a rock while the female Thestral he's been looking after is but a few feet away from him. She lifts her head to look into his sad expression, but she doesn't venture closer to him. When China turns on the comm, his expression quickly becomes more bitter than sad.]

I remember. Everything. [He closes his eyes before laughing dryly and facing the ground so his bangs cover his eyes.] And of course Japan gets sent home at this time, aru.

[When he lifts his head, the whites of his eyes have turned into a blood red color, but only briefly, for when he speaks his eyes return to normal.] Damn you scientists to Dìyù...

[Action B]

[It's very late in the evening when China returns to Discedo, feel free to stop him as he walks back to his and Stocking's apartment. Meanwhile, when China finally does reach his destination:]

I'm home.
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[What is this? The communicator turns on to

a stick. A long, twisty, gloriously brown thing that is repeatedly poking its screen.

Holding the stick is a kid wearing shorts and long socks and a beige polo shit but that's not at all important. It's a kid, and he thinks he's getting closer to triggering an unexploded bomb every time he pokes the strange device. He looks far too bored to be doing what he thinks he's doing.]

Boring, stupid thing. Germans can't even make proper bombs, the pigs.

[Poke poke poke

Alright, he's getting bored and he's dropping the stick

and he's bending over to pick up some rocks. Can you guess what they're for?]
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[Hello, Discedo! There is a blonde Champion on the feed, along with... a big pair of red eyes, blinking from underneath the shadows behind her. She doesn't seem to be aware of that, though, or at least she's not particularly concerned.]

I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I see quite a few people here have been entrusted with Pokemon since we last went exploring the old factory. As I am currently the only one in Discedo who originally came from a world inhabited by Pokemon, I would be happy to offer any kind of assistance you might need with them!

[Meanwhile, the shadowy creature behind the trainer is still lurking closely, spreading out what look like wings of some sort - except wings don't normally have claws, do they?] They're not quite like regular animals, and I admit they can be a handful sometimes, but they definitely know how to compensate for every bit of effort you put into caring for them. I'm sure you'll have a great time tog--

[Cynthia never gets to finish her sentence as the shadowy thing sort of leaps forth and everything else is darkness. Oops?]

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[ America has been lying low ever since his little "excursion" with Tatsumi. Part of it is because it's pretty awkward to face up to doing terrible things, even if they weren't done by choice, even though he had no control in almost every sense. No matter what though, it's always hard to deal with the consequences of hurting those you care about. So he hasn't. He's been content to sit numbly at home and keep himself together.

But there's another reason.

America now wears a grin that's mostly reminiscent of his usual ones: cocky, self-assured, triumphant. Look closely though--look at the dark circles under his eyes, the healing bite marks on his neck, the bruises, and suddenly that sharp edge to his smile seems a little off.

Two weeks! Two whole freaking weeks and there ain't hide or hair of the bastard left! Discedo, I've done the impossible: I've solved your vampire problem. Let this be a lesson to all creatures of the day, night, or otherwise who are getting any ideas about going toe-to-toe with Hero of Hegemony!

[ It is at this point that he holds up his right hand. It's not a hand. It's a chainsaw.

Let's let that sink in: America has lost his hand and now he has a chainsaw in its place.

America has a chainsaw hand. And it works.

This is a travesty against all things sane. A beautiful, stupidly glorious travesty.


[ The chainsaw is turned on to accompany his near-maniacal laughter for an extra dramatic effect. Bruce Campbell would be proud of this display of lunacy.

After a bit he finally calms down. The smile remains on his face, but it seems a little more forced.

Gonna guess being dead for two weeks means he's staying dead for good. All those safe measures I took to make him stay dead, it damn well better work. [ Because if it doesn't... well, he's not sure what he'll do. His smile falters a moment, then comes back a little sadder. ]

And, uh... to y'all that are wonderin', and the ones who saw me... that night. I'll talk! Dunno how ready I am, but it ain't like I'm gonna get any more ready, right? Point is, I'm okay now, you're okay now, everything's okay!

[ Except he's really not. Hell if he'll talk about that though. ]

Oh! And if anyone knows where my hand went, lemme know! Stupid thing keeps running off on me.

[ Everyone might want to check under their covers tonight. You know, just in case a sentient severed hand happens to be there 8))) Why do I write these things what is wrong with me.

Also on a quick ooc note! I'm still chipping away at the event log, but if you have any questions about outcomes with your character/plotting/whatev, just drop me a line through PM or plurk or whatever mode of communication is comfortable for you!
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[Coming from China's comm today is a series of random notes from his bamboo flute. Doesn't sound like the usual expertise he displays. What about the whole "changing color phenomenon"? Well, he's already had his freak out, so now he's feeling slightly better. Then... you may or may not hear the sound of him taking in a big breath before--]


[The flute makes a very high pitch cry as China blows all his air into the instrument. Then, again, comes the--]


[He keeps doing it. Taking a deep breath. Blowing with all his might into the instrument. Hopefully no one becomes deaf because of him.]

[OOC: As a result from getting his chip removed, China's become a child again, a child who can't speak or understand any language besides his own. All tags will be answered with [personal profile] not4000yet. (Forgot, can't comment with that account since it isn't part of the discedo community.) This is only the first phase of the chip after effects. Feel free to yell at him, or whatever you like!]


Mar. 25th, 2012 07:29 pm
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 [The scene on the communicator is completely dark.  Nothing of the situation can be seen.  All that can be heard is the sound of breathing and the creaking of shifting lumber.  And Conan's voice.  

It is tight.  Controlled.  Absolutely calm.  Only someone who knew him very well would notice the concealed terror straining it.]

Is anyone around in Dissimulo?  I think we need some help.  A building fell on top of us and I can''t get out.  Its because I was listening to the crows and forgot to pay attention to where I was going. 



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