Jun. 1st, 2012

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Jun. 1st, 2012 03:05 pm
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 Yeah, so now that my arms healing up nicely--Or. Well, I think it is. Sometimes I look at it and it's a-ok, and other times it's kind of...bleeding horribly. But you know, It doesn't hurt so I figure it's alright. I guess. I don't know what made me to think I could take on a monster, anyway. I should have just run...

Right, but that's not the point of this little announcement here. I'm actually...looking for my brother? I don't know why, but I never really thought to ask anyone about it when I first got here---Probably because, you know, this place is pretty...yeeeeaaaah, so it never actually crossed my mind, but--I'm really, really hoping he's here. We've always had each other's backs,you know? So...

He goes by Shizuo. Tall guy, kind of angry. He's blonde and likes to wear shades. If anyone's seen him around please let me know? Or... I mean, Shizuo if you hear this let me know where you are. It's been like...a week, man!

[ ....... ]

Wait. Why does Pabu have wings?

[ ooc: Bolin was hit by both memory loss and memory gain, and currently thinks he's from Ikebukuro and that Shizuo is his brother! And also random hallucinations. Wooo. ]

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[If you're wandering around Dissimulo, you'll notice the lieutenant sneaking around while holding a small box of tea. Why does she have it with her? I wouldn't ask because you won't get a straight answer. But the woman seems to be following something...

A rappig.

No lie, she's tailing a cute pig creature while having a cross between a look of hunger and crazy in her eyes. The only thing the communicator catches is the squealing of the monster as it runs away from Enil, who chases after it while growling of all things.

Beware of the pollen.]

((OOC: Enil has been hit with infatuation (with tea because it's her preciousssss), animal behavior, hallucinations and cravings for rappigs. Have fun!))
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( Drool there is drool on the communicator and screen. After that there is teeth and gut wrenching sounds. After a bit the communicator falls and Yuki is shown on the floor wearing her green nightgown. Currently she is laughing and holding her head. )

Doesn't taste like blood....I need blood. Kaname said blood was good...good yes.

( She then stops laughing and jumps up. )

Yes I will do that. Yes Yuki do that. Hmmm a nice bucket of Sora's blood sounds divine. But what about others? Others? Yes. Drink their blood. Hmm yes.

( Yuki runs around and then falls down in front of her communicator and screams. )



Jun. 1st, 2012 06:24 pm
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Well, this is inconvenient. I would suggest that if you haven't gone outside yet, don't. Just trust me, this isn't fun. Or at the very least wear something over your nose and mouth.

[She accidentally knocks the video on with her bad arm just as she's raising her right hand to discharge pent up energy right into a generator. The device sparks a little but seems to be able to handle the sudden discharge and continues to hum. Once the blast ends, she lowers her arm and tilts her head a little as if listening to something.

No, Washu was far from happy. This was simply too annoying for words! And guess what, she's taking it out on equipment in her own special way.]

[So Washu is suffering from blindness, a nasty case of too much energy and paralysis of her left arm. ^^; And she's not happy about it.]


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