Jul. 6th, 2012

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[Helen has spent the past month keeping mostly to herself, trying to give equal time to the hospital in Discedo and the makeshift clinic in Dissimulo, even when she isn’t needed. Her only goal has been to stay busy, try to forget that those responsible for bringing her here had given her daughter back to her only to tear her away again. She isn’t certain she will ever be able to forgive them for that.

This evening, however, that bitterness has given way to something else. Several days previously, she had woken to find her father’s journal on the stand beside her bed, her cello resting nearby. She had played, then, as she has every day since, the music melting the tension, restoring some of her former peace. Every time she plays, she feels more like herself, stronger.

The feed clicks on as she crosses to a chair, gently stroking the instrument, her smile unmistakable. Her fingers automatically find their proper positions, and soon after, she begins to play.

( video )

Jul. 6th, 2012 10:53 pm
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[ So Marceline is just chillin in her house in Dissimulo. I would put an excellent description of the surroundings here to get a ~feel~ for the atmosphere but it's honestly too dark to see anything but Marceline's pale face illuminated by the communicator.

Speaking of which, she's got a new fashion statement. Damn can this vamp rock a mask. Don't worry, Turkey. She left a nice replacement for you. It's made out of paper mache and bears a beautiful face on it. Yes she is quite the trendy lady tonight. Even better, she looks to be in good spirits!

Like I was telling a friend of mine the other day, I can name a few kidnappers who are less accommodating than ours. I mean, c'mon! We've got room and board, there's never a dull moment, and now they're giving us a slice of home. Problem with one of my little gifts though: didn't really give me the equipment to play it on. Couldn't even send over Beemo, huh?

[ She holds up... a video cassette! God it's like the 1990s all over again. The title says Heat Signature. ]

If any of you techies out there can manage a way to play this, I'm all for hosting a movie night. Gotta say, this has to be one of my favorite series of all time! It's a pre-Mushroom War thriller, really has you on the edge of your seat.

And any of you fancy doc's out there? [ She winks under her mask. Oh babby. Yeah she definitely wants to keep this thing. ] I wanna have a little chat with you. Otherwise I'll have to come find you myself.


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