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Information on this event can be found here.
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[Damian sounds dreadfully, dreadfully bored over the communicator as he delivers the following message:]     I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen, Fortuna.

[Oh Damian, haven't you ever heard of the saying, 'be careful what you wish for'?]
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[You know normal people when things get them down drink, carouse, carry on, lock themselves in a tower and cry for ten years... Okay well maybe not "normal" but people other than Marco do that. Marco on the other hand, grabs a piece of chalk and makes a hopscotch set out in the middle of the most open non-plant infested piece of pavement he can find. And then of course he shows off, because when you can fly and do backflips like nothing, hopscotch is really easy.]

Oi oi, for the life of me I can't remember if there's a rhyme that goes with this, eh?

[Yes, completely showing off with a few backflips.] Anyway, someone want to come play with me?

[Feel free to mock him, yell at him for showing off, try to push him over... you know whatever.]
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[Hey, Discedo. How's it goin'? Guess what's goin' on today? Something a little more interesting cause Damian's a dull boy.

Perhaps she was bored or just wanted to do it for the fun of it, but where ever you may be wandering around outside whether it be on the ground or perhaps on the roof something had swatted you against your back before someone yelled out 'Tag'. Turn around and there's no one there, but there's that swat again against your back. The hell? Okay, look again and still no one is there, but look back and I'm on a horse and there's someone dressed in a odd looking stitched cowl that was shrouding her face and most of her body.]

I said TAG. You're not going to get anywhere being slow like that. Tch, tch.

[Gives a wag of her finger. Want to try your luck? She's in a real playful mood today, but then again she usually is. With the sudden odd increase of people, why not play a game?

Also she MAY or may not have pinched something off of you for some motivation. She'll give it back she swears. Hurr...~]

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Yukkiiii— [ it's kind of a concerned whine coming from the background. ] We should go back to the apartment, Yukki. There are too many people just suddenly showing up.. it's weird. [ also potentially unsafe..! yuno has her own device in hand as she had just been observing all the unfamiliar (and frankly odd) faces showing up on the network just now— she isn't broadcasting though, and only shows up into the feed once she approaches yukiteru looking a little uneasy. ]

But.. Yuno, I'm actually trying to find out more about all of that right now. [ he offers her a small smile - it's a little awkward, since he knows she most likely won't agree with this plan, but this is a weird occurence in this place so it might be important, right? on the other hand, the last thing he wants is for her to randomly go around and maim some of these people..

the boy glances back to the device, his expression awkward - how does one deal with suddenly talking to such a crowd - but he's trying to seem confident..! .. just.. failing on it, but it's the intention that matters. ]

Um, that being said.. if there's anyone who knows more about all of this, please tell us? Or if you need more information about this place, I guess you can ask that at least, but I might not be the best person to ask about that.. [ what is self confidence. ]

I-- [ nope, quickly correcting himself. ] we'll [ happy now, Yuno?! ] try our best though..!

[ yukiteru your noble plunge into social situations is appreciated except not really, so yuno the overprotective girlfriend™ will be reaching over to his device right now— her hand already blocking the feed. ]

That should be fine.. I'm sure if anyone has any information they'll contact us now, so—

[ click goes the feed abruptly. at least she only turned it off and didn't take it from him like she had the initial urge to. SHE'S TRYING, REALLY. ]

[ * ooc: this is a joint post; feel free to run into them around the discedo area and action it up if you like, otherwise replies will come from both yukiteru and yuno! ]


May. 12th, 2012 09:20 am
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[Sai can be seen sitting on the roof of a warehouse, danging her legs over an ledge.]

Why is this city suddenly getting a lot more nosier then before?.... And crowded too by the looks of it.

[ooc; tags will be slow as I am still working on my papers. So sorry about the short post.]


May. 12th, 2012 09:40 am
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 [Have a tiny detective glaring blearily into the camera.  He still hadn't quite recovered from his cold, and this was far too early for him.]

Oi.  What's all the commotion about?
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Ah... Why do I feel as though this has happened before? [He rubs at his temples, letting out an annoyed sigh.]

Aiyaa. Even with all my memories back I'm not sure whether something like this has happened before or not. It's all so fuzzy, aru.

[He releases his head before crossing his arms, tapping his foot impatiently.] At this rate we'll never be able to tell everyone our announcement. ...O-Oh? This was on? [He picks up the comm, flustered.] Ah, please disregard that last sentence, aru.

Though, since there are more people, if there's anyone out there that I know do stop by for some tea at my apartment. Of course, I am willing to offer a bit of assistance to people who I do not know too.
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[Marisa had slipped out onto a rooftop to watch the sky and the streets from a high viewpoint. She was thinking about all that had happened so far and what she had learned. After a quick glance about to see if anyone was there, she turns serious. The hat is removed and a hand runs through her hair as she walks towards the edge.]

This place really does not mess around. Once that stupid chip comes out...

[She puts the hat down and fishes out her Mini-Hakkero and concentrates for a moment, hoping that maybe the reactor might just give the tiniest of reactions. When it doesn't, she frowns and puts it away again into one of her many hidden pockets. and looks to the sky]
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Welcome to all the new people! My name is Yuki Cross and I'll be more than happy to help you find your way around here.


( Anyone who wants to meet the very kind Yuki can do so in Discedo. She is currently walking around greeting people. )
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This place is more crowded then it was yesterday. I wonder why.

[She shrugs at the device. By the looks of it, she's out on a walk around the city with Ryo-Ohki on her shoulder. What is she doing? Well judging by the fact that she has a crudely made messenger bag slung across her shoulder, she scavenging materials.]

I wonder if there's anyone I know in this batch....

[Moments later the device clicks off and she's off wandering around again.]
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[Denzel is leaning on the balcony rail of the penthouse]

Look at all of them and this desecrated world. I always thought if the world ended up like this would be because I, Mr. Denzel Crocker! Ruled it. Not being at the bottom just trying to squander like some animal... It's besides the point humans are apes!

And I'm not even allowed out!

[Hitting his hand in anger] OW!... There sure is a strange abundance of people. What the heck is with that?

Isn't it bad enough that those scientists pulled us from our own worlds and play mockey with us? [Eyes the green parrot on his shoulder for a moment]

...Oh, well. It's not like I actually miss home, not outside of the - FAIRY GODPARENTS! [Spazzing in place. The parrots flys up for a moment] At least.

Edit: [Action] [Denzel can be found on the streets of Discedo with his tracker and butterfly net]
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[all you can hear is the sound of someone distinctly falling down a short flight of stairs. England's okay, but... He only has one thing to say:]

What the devil's going on now?!

[ooc: he can speak french, russian, german and japanese though. chinese is kinda rusty. won't admit to speaking spanish but he WILL speak Portugese.]
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What's with all the new people?

( Clearly your not welcomed. )


( If any of the new people wish to speak to Stocking she is currently walking around the place with shopping bags. More people equals less supplies so she's stocking up on sweets. )
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I've got this weird feeling of deja vu, like I asked this already, but does anyone have fireworks? Because that would be like, totally awesome. I still have part of my ceiling to trade, if you want. Or drawings. I can do that too.

[ Give him all your fireworks. If you don't have fireworks, that's okay. He would still love to talk to you. You can get him here or via action at his apartment OR outside wandering around Discedo OR on the way to Dissimulo/in Dissimulo.

Also, the ceiling is totally useful! It could be used for a lot of things. Like possibly I don't know. Useful things. ]
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They say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Seems like Fortuna's getting pretty crowded...

[As cold as his voice usually tends to be, he does sound mildly amused this time around.

He's never been fond of people and he always tries to keep to himself, but, he almost misses seeing so many people crowding the streets. Call it a nonsensical nostalgia and foolish sentimentality, but he likes seeing people out and about, even if he wants nothing to do with them personally. He misses the congested streets of Tokyo.

With the sudden influx of people arriving to Discedo, they just might serve him in the future as suitable prey.]
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With so many new people coming in, perhaps Differo needs to make an emergency broadcast to welcome everyone. Seems like a bit of trouble, I doubt we can rally everyone together for a presentation before the week is over...

Well, welcome in any case! I'm afraid I can't search you all out, but I'm more than willing to help those that I can. Clive Dove is the name, located over in Dissumulo. Quiet place--lovely place really. I recommend anyone come here as it tends to be, hm, a little safer. Champagne runs these streets from time to time, I'd say!

I'll be in Discedo today, though. If anyone stops by the high school, I do enjoy visitors.

((Or, if anyone would prefer, it seems Clive was true to his word, laying out rat-traps in the Differo broadcasting room and cleaning up.))
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[The sudden influx of people has put Helen somewhat on guard. Things have been quiet since her arrival, and from the impression she had gotten from those around her, such calm was not entirely common. Still, she's far from interested in staying in her apartment all day, or however long this is meant to last. She's never been fond of sitting still.

Concealing her knife and gun, she slowly makes her way down to the street, doing her best to stay out of the crowd as she studies the people milling about.

(ooc: 4th wall post. Feel free to bump into her, literally or figuratively, anywhere in Discedo.)
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[Video starts in the evening where the moon is out in a somewhat greenhouse. The lights are off and the only thing illuminating is the moon itself. Least that's what it looks like. It's not in great health but Kirika is there with a simple table and a couple cups set up. She's sitting down taking a sip as if it was a tea cup.]

Um... Anyone would like to join for tea? There isn't any biscuits...

[[ooc: come and join for moonlight tea party.]]
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[However the hell you managed to get your hands in a communicator, there is now a blonde lady in your screen, along with a few creatures that might seem all too odd, unless you come from the Pokemon world. They don't seem particularly distressed, even though Fortuna is a creepy post-apocalyptic dead land with nasty monsters that want to skin you alive; they have been here for a while.]

Everyone, I know this may be a lot to ask right now, but please, try to stay calm! I'm not sure what's going on, myself, but I can say for certain that it's not safe to to be out in the streets! If you can, try and find shelter inside the buildings as soon as possible-- and if you need help, don't hesitate to ask! These-- [She moves the camera a bit to focus on her team] --are my Pokemon, and we will try to get to you as quickly as we can.

[And considering she has a mach-speed landshark dragon of death by her side, that means it shouldn't take her long at all. Once the feed is turned off, Cynthia will be flying all over Discedo in search for new arrivals, as there sure seemed to be a whole lot of them for it to be normal. But questions will have to wait. For now, her priority is to rescue anyone in need!

... if she can stay out of trouble first, herself.]

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Stay out of my room.

[Wherever that ends up being. New faces, none of them even remotely familiar, and he's been here far too long to think anybody he knows will ever show up.

That's just as good. Edmund puffs out his cheeks --then remembers his this-thing is still on and he quickly shuts the feed. Hopefully the new hoard of barbarians will heed his... warning and... yeah.]
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[Hungary comes on screen seeming to be quickly reading updates on her communicator. At first she looks nervous, but then relaxes.]

Oh, okay, just a sudden massive influx of new people. This place has done worse.

Hi, everyone. My name's Hungary and this place is pretty much hell, but you learn to make the best of it. If you end up staying long, anyway.


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