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[Things have been pretty quiet from this guy for a bit. However, he needs to address everyone about some of the recent changes after this craziness with the body switching.]

To everyone who has noticed, both Commander Kresnik and Lieutenant Enil have been sent home. So that means there isn't many people on the Watch as of now.

[Seriously, how many were left?]

For those who don't what I'm talking about, the Watch is like a volunteer force that tries to protect the cities when things go wrong or during monster attacks. It's been...lacking lately but I'm getting things together so we would be prepared if a situation happens. While a good portion of the problems may be scientist-involved it doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

If you're interested, you can contact me through this post or see me in person at the dojo in Dissimulo.

[And for most people, the feed ends. The next part...]

[Private to Watch members.]

If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.
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[Behold! It's Ilyana wearing jeans.... and her shirt is wow. So not there. She's practically topless. There's a shirt on the arms and just covering up her nipples, but seriously a good stiff breeze is endangering her of flashing everyone.

She's also wielding a jitte two feet too big and glaring at the comm.]

I need more food and I need it now. This dumb chick passes out every two hours unless she eats enough to feed an army.

[ooc: responses will come from [personal profile] hungryhungryjustice!]
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Hey, if anyone is wondering where Conan, Ran, or Makoto are, they've gone home. Better for them to be there than here.

[Not only did he loose his roommates but also the woman he loved. Damn, and he wanted to show her that place in Spero. The message ends for most people except...]

Locked to Watch Members )


Sep. 6th, 2012 06:30 am
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Have you ever woken up with a craving for everything, ever? [No, but seriously. The courthouse has been taken over. Boxes of cigars, the most unhealthy food he could get out of the shops possible, a single bottle of booze (it's hard when you've got a pirate emperor's son hoarding it all) and apparently.... smooth rocks? Go on and hazard a guess what that's about. But seriously, if there's a minor vice, it seems he's been addicted.]

Nothing is making this headache go away.

I'd take pills, but at this point I'd probably get addicted to them too. God damn it. Anyone got a solution? Or something?

And Washu, that motorcycle ride will come... whenever this headache goes away. Damn.

[ooc: Right I got sick with bad timing (always) so this is pretty late. Smoker's chip event is still in effect, anyone else can have their characters addicted to and/or craving anything you feel like! Sorry it's late! It runs through the 7th though if you still want to get a post in!]
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Why?! Why oh why?!

[Brooke can be seen on screen trying to blow into a harmonica... but.]

Oh the tragedy... the TRAGEDY!! Yohohoho! I cannot play the blues about not having any lips, if I cannot play the harmonica to go with it. And I can't play the Harmonica without lips! Oh the ironic tragedy!

[He's laughing so hard, but also crying buckets.]

I guess I'm finally paying my dues,
Because I got the no lips blues!

I tried to play a harmonica,
Cause it sounds awful sweet,
But I cannot play without lips,
And that isn't very neat.

I don't have a saxaphone,
And guitar just won't quite work,
And complaining I don't have lips,
Just makes me sound like a big jerk!

Oh, I don't want to whine,
Complain, Refute, or Shout,
But without any lips,
I should just get the heck out,

Yeah I can only lose,
For singing this kinda blues,
Cause baby, baby, baby!
I got the... nooooooooooo lips blues!

[And with the end of his song, Brooke crashes his head into his desk.]

(OOC: So Brooke is addicted to the blues for Smoker's chip event. So roughly half his tags will be sung in the blues.)
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[The Camera clicks on to show Washu tinkering with the camera. Once she notices it she opens her mouth to speak.]

I love when this thing turns on by itself.

[She pauses, rolls her eyes and shakes her head before shutting the thing off before going back to her tinkering.]

[ooc:... for the truth or dare event. Washu is stuck telling only lies. >.< This should be interesting.

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{The Doctor currently looks extremely pleased.}

Good morning, everyone! Hope you're all doing well and all that. Lovely wedding, last week. Weddings, always fun. {He grins.}

I've got some exciting news, though! I've finally fixed my screwdriver! {Which he then holds up. It's a little bulkier than normal, due to having to use improvised parts.} Now I can help out a bit more. Fix things, make things... Perhaps that's why I'm called the Doctor, eh?



Aug. 2nd, 2012 03:45 pm
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[When the video pops on, Washu is sitting at her desk in her office at the hospital. Don't mind the clutter. She's still reorganizing.]

Alright, listen up. I have a few things to say. First, as everyone may now know, the chip location has been revealed by one of our lovely scientists. One of the ones not trying to kill us. Because of the delicate placement, I really need to ask everyone not to try and remove it themselves. Please come to the hospital and located a medical professional better equipped for extraction.

Unless you want to be deaf~. Then by all means, go for it. I just want to be able to watch and laugh at your stupidity~.

Second~. If anyone sees a statue that looks like an angel covering its eyes with its hands, please run away and let everyone know.

Now~ For my last point before everyone decides to ask. Yes, I will do chip removals. IF you are interesting enough.

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With her trusty gun strapped to her side, she heads towards the train station. The train itself reminds her of 20th century Earth technology. So, outdated but effective for travel. Not that she had much of a choice anyway. Though the lack of updates gave the archeologist plenty of hints to what the past civilization was like. Well, that and museums helped.

River makes her way on to the train and frowns a little at the smell. It's unsettling but she's smelled worse. She finds a seat and starts to toy with her scanner, attempting to get any information about the surrounding environment she can. Every once in a while she would look up when someone passed her. There was something just... unsettling about this train and their location.


Jul. 15th, 2012 01:51 pm
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It was only a matter of time before Washu made her way towards the newly arrived train. Who knew when it would take off so this was a perfect time to study it. That, and she wanted to make sure she was on it when it left especially after the letter she received.  Sasami needed her so, she was going to be there to rescue her.

Of course she knew this was probably a trap of some kind, she was a genius after all. But there was still a small chance that it could be genuine. Besides, if it was a trap, she was confidant that she would be fine~. Washu was too tricky not to be. Ryoko however... all the more reason to come along. To keep that brash child of hers alive.

....The could have done  something about the smell though.

Anyone wandering the train might come across the petite scientist sitting..floating on a cushion above one of the seats and encased in a protective force field just to be on the safe side. As for what she's doing? Typing away on her computer of course!

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[The comm zaps on to show a certain grumpy marine tinkering away with about two hundred scattered motorcycle parts and three large wheels that look more they belong on a tank than motorbike. Smoker doesn't seem to notice he's getting zapped by a rather intense amount of electricity though. Maybe it's the leather. It gets a lot more insistent however, and there's a coarse swear at that.]

What the hell do you want? [Bonks the thing to shut it up.] Not like I give a damn what any of the miscreants are up to with Straw Hat gone.

[Yet another more persistent zap and Smoker scowls irritably.] Tch. Fine... Double the reasons to get my chip out.

[He taps a large gloved finger to the screen.] I need to talk to one of the doctors in this place. I know it's in high demand, but I'll offer trade to get my chip removed. [A vague gesture to the bike parts.] Even if I get this put back together, I can't use it without my devil fruit as it is. So yeah... that'd be appreciated. [Turns the comm back off. No one ever said Smoker was good with people.]


Jul. 5th, 2012 01:44 am
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...Use this. [The man in uniform raised an eyebrow, if anyone could even see the action from behind his goggles, as he looked over the note.]

Well, I suppose I was at least given something useful. S-so...I'm guessin' that there's other people using this frequency then? [Sighs and thinks for a moment. He was obviously kidnapped and most of his stuff was broken, save for the grenades and knife. So at least he wasn't entirely defenseless...plus he could always bluff with his guns. Of course he was also fairly good with his hands if all else failed...]

Um, yeah. Er...if anyone is listening in right now...I would really like some answers, right now. [His voice sounded firm, if somewhat forceful, angry and violent. Which was probably to be expected.]


Jul. 3rd, 2012 10:05 am
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I've been here for ages now, exploring, sleeping where I could.

But, something's not right. I've been collared! Muzzled! Restrained! And it's not sexy, it's appalling. I'm not whole!

I need help. Someone said that someone here fixes people.

Well! Fix me!
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Father's day! Ah, a lovely day, I will say; remembering the male who, hopefully, raised us all with love and care. No, I'm not about to ask all of you about your fathers--I'm not really the intrusive sort, though...! I do have a sort of puzzle for all of you. It's one that I would love to tell my own father.

PUZZLE 011: Two masked men

The puzzle works like this. I'm going to tell you a scenario, and using yes or no questions you must deduce exactly what is happening in this situation. I can only answer yes or no--or other variants of those two answers--so make sure to ask the right questions! No limit to how many you ask, of course... Here's your scenario:

A man leaves home and, after making three left turns, he ends up back at home, and finds two masked men waiting for him.

So, can you deduce what's happening here?

((ooc; wow i forgot to add that this is audio. Okay whatever i just like my htmls.))
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a man with fiery pinkish red hair trying his best to work the contraption, while a dragon sits next to him looking rather bored.]

This certainly isn't a poke-gear is it? Do you think this is how it works Dragonite?

[It seems to turn it's head to nod at him, but does little else, apparently on the look out for something.]

Well then, to anyone receiving this message, I am Lance of the Indigo League Elite Four. I woke up here finding myself with two thirds of my pokemon missing, and this device which I assume was left here by whoever is responsible. Whoever has done this, know that I will not tolerate any theft, and I especially do not appreciate being kidnapped here for whatever nefarious purpose.

If anyone knows anything about these thieves and kidnappers, I would appreciate answers so that I may teach them the true meaning of justice. I do not know where I am, or what has been done here, but I intent to find out.

[He nods solemnly at the device before turning off the device, apparently having managed to figure out how it works to a degree.]
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[Luke's very unhappy and confused right now. One moment he's traveling back to London with the Professor after their latest mystery involving an opera singer, and the next he's found himself on some random street in Discedo with no idea where he or the Professor are.

Needless to say, he's a bit scared.

Hope you liked your eardrums, guys, because the moment Luke sees the communicator he grabs it and starts yelling into it.]


Professor?! Emmy? Is anyone there? I don't know where I am! I found this strange device but I'm not even sure if I'm using it right...what is this awful place anyway?

...I think I can hear growling. T-there aren't wild animals around here, are there?

video; 02

May. 9th, 2012 01:08 pm
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[ There are no explanations. There are no sounds. Only art. ]

cut for shitty art scrawled on a wall in chalk )
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not an IC cut, just lots more capslock )
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 [Have a shivering and completely soaked Conan.  From the background of the feed it is fairly obvious that he is on the roof of one of the buildings in Dissimulo.]

Is anyone able to make it through the flood?  Its too deep for me.


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