Sep. 11th, 2012

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Nhh... ((Why the feed picked now of all times to make its appearance will forever been unknown. Good ol' Clive's feed! Sure is good to see he's alive again!!! --Wait, again? ... Hold on this video is not of the hospital! It's... from... under a couch?))

What on--((THUNK)) Ow!! ((there's a grumble, a little shuffling, the feed moves suddenly as someone draws the communicator closer to him. He's unseen, and after a moment, this comes from his communicator:))


((The video doesn't stop here, and follows him as he attempts to shuffle out from under the couch. To be frank, he has no idea what's going on.))

((ooc; In case anyone wasn't aware, Clive is now suffering from AMNESIA. In sort, the blow to the head that he took from Karkat was enough to jostle his brain and bam. No memories of anything ever. If anyone cares, I did a write-up on the whole thing, but it's not necessary to understand that Clive don't remember shit.))
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Hey, if anyone is wondering where Conan, Ran, or Makoto are, they've gone home. Better for them to be there than here.

[Not only did he loose his roommates but also the woman he loved. Damn, and he wanted to show her that place in Spero. The message ends for most people except...]

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