Oct. 2nd, 2012

[Emo Eric]

Oct. 2nd, 2012 02:42 pm
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[Eric appears on the screen. It looks like he's been drinking.]

It seems like nothing good ever happens to anyone I care about in this place. Getting your chip out is bad. I know, I did it. But I've never seen anything like this. And I still don't know what happened to Heather.

I would like...

I would like to go home. But, I don't know how to do that either.

I'm going to find a bar. And, I'm going to get drunk.

Come and find me. I don't care who.
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Fall is in the air, yes it is! Yes it IS!

That means costumes, and PARTIES! I want a costume! I want to have a PARTY!

Where can I have a party? I'll throw it myself if I have to, if any handsome men will come.
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[Things have been pretty quiet from this guy for a bit. However, he needs to address everyone about some of the recent changes after this craziness with the body switching.]

To everyone who has noticed, both Commander Kresnik and Lieutenant Enil have been sent home. So that means there isn't many people on the Watch as of now.

[Seriously, how many were left?]

For those who don't what I'm talking about, the Watch is like a volunteer force that tries to protect the cities when things go wrong or during monster attacks. It's been...lacking lately but I'm getting things together so we would be prepared if a situation happens. While a good portion of the problems may be scientist-involved it doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

If you're interested, you can contact me through this post or see me in person at the dojo in Dissimulo.

[And for most people, the feed ends. The next part...]

[Private to Watch members.]

If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.


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