Jul. 5th, 2012


Jul. 5th, 2012 01:44 am
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...Use this. [The man in uniform raised an eyebrow, if anyone could even see the action from behind his goggles, as he looked over the note.]

Well, I suppose I was at least given something useful. S-so...I'm guessin' that there's other people using this frequency then? [Sighs and thinks for a moment. He was obviously kidnapped and most of his stuff was broken, save for the grenades and knife. So at least he wasn't entirely defenseless...plus he could always bluff with his guns. Of course he was also fairly good with his hands if all else failed...]

Um, yeah. Er...if anyone is listening in right now...I would really like some answers, right now. [His voice sounded firm, if somewhat forceful, angry and violent. Which was probably to be expected.]

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[The camera turns on to show more of those doughy little puffs: this time, there's two boy mochis that look like a familiar tsundere doctor and a pineapple head pirate. The first one is raising his eyebrows off screen, only to have Layla zoom out and headbutt him off the table. Ouch man.]

Hey, what are you doing?

[Sora then appears on the screen, carrying another mochi that looks like the line facer commander derpbutt. Which Marco mochi sees and tries to tackle for some odd reason. Just another day in her life.]

I wonder if they get attracted to people and that's why they stay.

[Then she looks at the camera and smiles a little.]

It's been a year since I arrived to Fortuna but it hasn't felt that long. I know a lot of people might look back and think about going home, and I do too, but looking at what happened here...I'm actually happy. There are things I haven't seen back home or just doesn't exist. People that I've met here and are friends with...

While this place has the bad I can't doubt that but it also has the good. If it wasn't for this place...I don't think I could be as strong as I am now.

Well, I thought I would at least say that. And the mochis are getting a little restless minus this one here. [Pointing to the line facer who hops back on the table.] So I guess they wanted to say hello as well.


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