Sep. 5th, 2012

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Why?! Why oh why?!

[Brooke can be seen on screen trying to blow into a harmonica... but.]

Oh the tragedy... the TRAGEDY!! Yohohoho! I cannot play the blues about not having any lips, if I cannot play the harmonica to go with it. And I can't play the Harmonica without lips! Oh the ironic tragedy!

[He's laughing so hard, but also crying buckets.]

I guess I'm finally paying my dues,
Because I got the no lips blues!

I tried to play a harmonica,
Cause it sounds awful sweet,
But I cannot play without lips,
And that isn't very neat.

I don't have a saxaphone,
And guitar just won't quite work,
And complaining I don't have lips,
Just makes me sound like a big jerk!

Oh, I don't want to whine,
Complain, Refute, or Shout,
But without any lips,
I should just get the heck out,

Yeah I can only lose,
For singing this kinda blues,
Cause baby, baby, baby!
I got the... nooooooooooo lips blues!

[And with the end of his song, Brooke crashes his head into his desk.]

(OOC: So Brooke is addicted to the blues for Smoker's chip event. So roughly half his tags will be sung in the blues.)
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[The familiar sound of a BUZZZAP! can be heard along with a yelp. A figure picks up the comm before tossing it across the room. A better look of the figure shows a pale female, between the ages 10-12, with some strange features. Light green eyes with red markings around her eyes and arms. Her hair is also in a strange style but is pure white with more red markings and tuffs in it that could be.... Ears? And there is a small fluffy tail behind her as well and she moves back to the comm and picks it up.]

What is this and where am I?

[A brief pause.]

What is my name?
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Doth the smutty raven mate with the snow-white heron?
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