Jul. 15th, 2012

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I'm not even sure if this letter is even authentic my friend is....

[Dead. Aerith was dead....and has been for the last couple of years. Though with Kadaj being here briefly, who was DEFINITELY dead the last time she saw him it was a possibility wasn't it? The initial thought of Aerith being here really tug on her heart strings and got her nerves going, but she was refusing to show it other than the brief worrisome look she had in her eyes.

She paused briefly as her voice trailed off before she spoke again.]

Then there's this train... [She motioned her communicator around her. She had decided to take a look inside and check it out.] I've been on a train and it's no fun at all. It's as bad as being in a plane or airship.

Dammit, why did it have to be a train...

I usually know a trap when I see one, but I can't say I want or like people kidnapping others or impersonating them for that matter. Going to be real peeved if this train is heading to plummet off a cliff or something to that effect. Doesn't seem to be any kind of detonation devices of the like on the train from what I could see.

But..oh GAWD, this train already smells like death already. Where did they get this from a graveyard? The scent is so putrid...I'm already feeling sick and the thing isn't even moving.[She lowered her hand away from her mouth and fanned the air around her.]

Who else happens to be going anywa--
[Her sentence is stopped short when a bug or two falls on her. Yuffie positively, absolutely HATES bugs. So, don't mind her freaking out and dropping her communicator to dust herself off. Well, more like flail around and scream because.... EW, EW, EW EW GROSS, NASTY, DISGUSTING. BLEH BUGS.

And the feed ends.]

[Filtered to Cube]


I think I'll go and check this out and see if it's a wild goose chase or not. Think I'll come by and get some of my gear I left over at your place though in a minute.


Jul. 15th, 2012 01:51 pm
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It was only a matter of time before Washu made her way towards the newly arrived train. Who knew when it would take off so this was a perfect time to study it. That, and she wanted to make sure she was on it when it left especially after the letter she received.  Sasami needed her so, she was going to be there to rescue her.

Of course she knew this was probably a trap of some kind, she was a genius after all. But there was still a small chance that it could be genuine. Besides, if it was a trap, she was confidant that she would be fine~. Washu was too tricky not to be. Ryoko however... all the more reason to come along. To keep that brash child of hers alive.

....The could have done  something about the smell though.

Anyone wandering the train might come across the petite scientist sitting..floating on a cushion above one of the seats and encased in a protective force field just to be on the safe side. As for what she's doing? Typing away on her computer of course!


Jul. 15th, 2012 08:03 pm
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Um...I'm going to guess that this happens a lot.

...The train and letters I mean. {He looks over his own letter from his brother for a moment or two.}

B-but, these can't actually be real, can they?


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