Jul. 7th, 2012

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[The comm zaps on to show a certain grumpy marine tinkering away with about two hundred scattered motorcycle parts and three large wheels that look more they belong on a tank than motorbike. Smoker doesn't seem to notice he's getting zapped by a rather intense amount of electricity though. Maybe it's the leather. It gets a lot more insistent however, and there's a coarse swear at that.]

What the hell do you want? [Bonks the thing to shut it up.] Not like I give a damn what any of the miscreants are up to with Straw Hat gone.

[Yet another more persistent zap and Smoker scowls irritably.] Tch. Fine... Double the reasons to get my chip out.

[He taps a large gloved finger to the screen.] I need to talk to one of the doctors in this place. I know it's in high demand, but I'll offer trade to get my chip removed. [A vague gesture to the bike parts.] Even if I get this put back together, I can't use it without my devil fruit as it is. So yeah... that'd be appreciated. [Turns the comm back off. No one ever said Smoker was good with people.]


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