Sep. 6th, 2012


Sep. 6th, 2012 06:30 am
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Have you ever woken up with a craving for everything, ever? [No, but seriously. The courthouse has been taken over. Boxes of cigars, the most unhealthy food he could get out of the shops possible, a single bottle of booze (it's hard when you've got a pirate emperor's son hoarding it all) and apparently.... smooth rocks? Go on and hazard a guess what that's about. But seriously, if there's a minor vice, it seems he's been addicted.]

Nothing is making this headache go away.

I'd take pills, but at this point I'd probably get addicted to them too. God damn it. Anyone got a solution? Or something?

And Washu, that motorcycle ride will come... whenever this headache goes away. Damn.

[ooc: Right I got sick with bad timing (always) so this is pretty late. Smoker's chip event is still in effect, anyone else can have their characters addicted to and/or craving anything you feel like! Sorry it's late! It runs through the 7th though if you still want to get a post in!]


Sep. 6th, 2012 07:17 pm
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[The room is colored of red and purple, on the walls are filled with blueprints. There are scientific models decorating the room, as well as plushies and random crab images on the walls.

You can see a close of Denzel, laying on his stomach it would appear and stuffing his nose into a purple pillow, if you listen, you can hear the loud whiffing he's making into the pillow. Pausing, Denzel raises his head enough to see his entire face and slowly licks his overbite and crook teeth with his tongue.]

Edit[Open Action] [Anyone passing around in Discedo may have a man fall on them..]

(Have a sex addict >.> Action open for Washu)
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[Washu's in her kitchen staring at her coffee pot as she waits for its life giving liquid to finally finish. Sitting beside her is Ryo-Ohki who is looking at her curiously and sitting on the table around her are various mugs. All of them empty and looking like they all held some sort of drink at one point.

No matter how much caffeine she ingests, it never seems to be enough to feed the addiction or to chase away the headache. Whoever is responsible for this is going to get hell from her when she finds them. ]


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