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[This melody will be heard throughout the network. Listen to the sad, yet beautiful music. When the song ends, it becomes quiet, but only for a moment.]

Do you all truly know who you are? [He's in a rather philosophical mood today.] I mean not your name, but who you are. Do you know your true worth?

[Unseen by the network, he's sitting by the window of his and Stocking's apartment, looking up at the evening sky.]
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Ouch! Ugh, what a piece of shit. Do the scientists want their captives to die? I mean, honestly. So pointless, it just means more work for them. Stupid...

[ ...

then he's trailed off for several moments, as if momentarily forgetting what he's supposed to be doing. actually, that is exactly what. his voice is weaker, tired.

... Yeah. I'm only using this because I need something, not to chitchat with a bunch of idiots. I haven't eaten in two days because everything is awful and I can't leave. Not right now, anyway. Or I don't want to. You all should be grateful, by the way. I'm suffering for your safety as I don't think anyone here is as a) selfless or b) smart enough to know how not to screw up everything within a five mile radius.

[and that didn't really make a lick of sense. he seems to realize this.]

I think I said the point in there somewhere, I don't care because my stats are about to take a debuffing and I'mgonnahavet—

[BUT NOPE NOPE TOO MUCH TALKING. thankfully, he does manage to turn it off before all of discedo can hear the lovely noise of retching.]


Aug. 22nd, 2012 12:31 pm
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 Alright chumps listen up, because I'm only going to say this once:

I need to know a few things---When was the last time you got a physical, and why the hell have you waited so long to get another one? Especially in a place like this. Just look around, because who knows what god awful diseases are allowed to run rampant and unnoticed here.

Secondly, medical personnel. I need your attention and make it snappy. I'm going to need to meet up with all of you, preferably all at the same time--You know, like a board meeting in the depths of hell. So get your asses over here so we can set up a date that's good for all of us, and get a move on. This isn't something that can wait.
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Well, fuck you too! I'm not gonna start every post like this, but it's Yuki Kuran's birthday tomorrow-- an' I'm too damn good at this, really. If ya haven't gotten to know her already, ya should get on that. An' make sure to spoil her, cuz she deserves that too! Then there are a few more important people I need some dates from, eheheh. Promise I won't be doin' this everytime but hey, this shit's priority, cuz frankly there ain't enough to celebrate here.


Anyway, uh, movin' on. To all the nation-like entities here an' whatnot...

[needless to say, his tone's changed somewhat.]

Don' tell me you've ever wished ya were a human, eh?

[ voice ]

Aug. 13th, 2012 12:35 am
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 Hey, does anyone...have any, uh. Pa...per?

Kind of an emergency, thanks.
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[Good morning oh ye inhabitants of the planet Fortuna! Enjoying your sleep? Were your dreams peaceful and happy and nothing of the world you live in? You are? Welp, have your nice sleep be interrupted by the sound of very loud screaming.]


[And the screaming continues until the communicator times out.]

[ooc; Sai's first reset post in which she will lose all of her memories. Forward dating it cause will most likely be very busy on the 6th.]
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{There's a pause, and some shuffling, like Norway didn't know it had turned on.


There's a clatter when the communicator is dropped, and some norwegian cussing. Cover your ears, children!

Another minute before Nor picks up the damned thing again and starts to talk, sounding rather bored.}

I havn't heard much about what happend, with the letters.
I guess the mission was a bust, eh?

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[ At his feet, there's a piece of paper. Looking up and down the hall, Shizuo slowly crouches and plucks the neatly folded item from the crack under his door. His eyebrow raises, he turns it this way and that, then pulls it open unceremoniously, the sound of crinkling.

Why not, right? It might be a grocery list Bolin wrote and dropped outside the door on his way out or something. So he begins to read it. It doesn't take him long. There are only three lines of print.

A long moment of silence pervades the communicator. But when he speaks, it's barely a whisper.

... Kasuka...

[ If one waits long enough through the din that follows - namely the abrupt crash from Latimir 504's door being torn from its hinges - there's harsh breathing and quick movements, like he's throwing stuff into a bag.

Then, the sound of running. He spares Bolin a curt farewell on his way out the door, skidding into the hallway.
] Fuck, fuck! [ It's clear where he's headed. Discedo station.

If anyone wants to join him, they'll have to catch up, because he is flat out.
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[When the communicator turns on, there's nothing but shallow breathing on the other end. Be lucky that this was a voice only line otherwise they would see Adam's back away from the device but anyone could tell by his body language that he was upset.

Strike that: he was fucking pissed beyond belief. There's some kind of muttering coming from him, speaking Korean actually but if anyone knew what he was saying, it wasn't very good.]

Not only you have to take us from home, you decide to steal those closest to us as well? There's a reason why we don't care for you.

[There's another line he says but it's really not meant for children's ears. But the one thing anyone can manage to get out of the one-sided conversation was a name: Rocky. Yep, guess who got a letter?]

((OOC: Bold is Adam speaking in different language. Action for his dojo in Dissimulo.))

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[Here is a slightly tired and much older version of the little voice you have heard all week. She hasn't quite figured out that something is back. Nor does she know what happened other then sleeping the past few days. ]

This place just keeps getting better and better..

Okay, The blind thing was annoyin' and the loss of powers thing is too, but didja have to drain energy?

((OOC- For the post for PC98 her, assume either she ended up dissconnecting or for those who found her, she ended up running away. I will still reply to that though.))
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[Strange how this guy hasn't made a post in forever; the communicator sure remembered and gave him a nice shock for his troubles.]

I get it already: didn't use you so paying for it.

[He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, glad that he wasn't affected by the pollen going around. Actually, he and his ponyta were working on another little project and this post is a main reason to make it known.]

So if anyone remembers me saying that I was working on a dojo here in Dissimulo, I just finished up the last details. If anyone is looking for a sparring place or wants some lessons in defending, the doors at the high school gym are open.

[Filtered away from Makoto]

This is going to sound really odd but...does anyone know any good spots for a date?

[ Audio ]

Jun. 5th, 2012 03:09 pm
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Okay, well, it... it looks as though we have it under control now. I can't.. [ He begins to mutter something, clearly trying to sort through his thoughts. A snuff and shuffle. He sighs as he combs his fingers through his hair. ]

Ah-ah... You, all.. all of you. If there's anyone still, well, affected by the pollen you should.. What I want to say is, if you're still bothered by the pollen we would... like to know. We didn't want this to happen; so we will... administer antidotes if you need more. I presume the hospital has already received the first package...

[ There's a silence. He's drumming his fingers rampantly on the desk. ]

Good then, I'll just.. wait. --Right; good.

((ooc; This is an open scientist post; the hospital DID receive a package a few days into the event with various said antidotes, as stated here, that definitely quelled any effects if need be. Anyway, feel free to comment to Kevin or talk amongst yourselves here.))

Voice; 004

May. 23rd, 2012 06:58 pm
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[It has been a few days since things have settled back into relative quiet, leaving behind only memories of those she has so recently encountered. Memories of having her daughter back. After the latest Spectavi broadcast, she's certain this has been simply another cruel trick of their overseers. Her message is simple, quiet; she doesn't have much else to say.]

Perhaps their goal truly is to torture us.

[Turning off the recording, she slips the communicator into her pocket, heading for the door. Perhaps a walk is in order.]
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Umm... hello? Is... is there anyone there? I'm not sure who exactly I'm speaking to, as I've never used something like this before, but... does anyone know where I am? I... I was traveling with a merchant caravan until just recently, but I'm afraid I'm a bit lost. I... ohh...

[The voice on the audio feed grows fainter, until an audible thud is heard.]

Ooh... I'm so sorry about that... I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit faint... This kind of thing happens to me from time to time. Does... does anyone have any food they might be able to spare me? I feel... so weak...
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[The communicator came to life in her hands. She had a fairly decent look around the place, and she figured it was time she ask for some help on a few things. Not surprising that it took her this long. It's rare that she asks for help. From strangers no less! But no, this place was different, and she would have to put her preferences aside if it meant finding a way out of here.]

Tell me, how does one go about getting a place to stay here? I've seen the apartment buildings, but I don't exactly know how to get a place of my own. I also suppose that a job would be in my best interests.. That's assuming there are jobs open in this area.
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[all you can hear is the sound of someone distinctly falling down a short flight of stairs. England's okay, but... He only has one thing to say:]

What the devil's going on now?!

[ooc: he can speak french, russian, german and japanese though. chinese is kinda rusty. won't admit to speaking spanish but he WILL speak Portugese.]
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...I'm sorry this is late but I can't wait any longer.

[Her voice sounds rushed and slightly panicked; it was due to another nightmare. They started up again but more frequent and vivid. And that was not a good sign.]

When can we get these machines out of me?

(OOC: Failed filter. Feel free to respond to this.)
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[All that can be heard from Conan's communicator is a loud clattering sound as he drops the device onto the floor and a  series of painful hacking coughs.]
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[Cube's voice sounds very level when the feed starts.]

I'm sorry.

I hope everyone from the voyage is alright now.

[Awkward silence.]

I suppose I should return to Cafe Alpha to see what may need to be addressed.

If there is anyone willing to assist me in moving furniture about Discedo, I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Private to Flandre | 75% Locked )

(ooc: Cube has been revived. Feel free to run into him in the hospital, cafe, or anywhere in-between.)
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