Aug. 5th, 2012

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[Good morning oh ye inhabitants of the planet Fortuna! Enjoying your sleep? Were your dreams peaceful and happy and nothing of the world you live in? You are? Welp, have your nice sleep be interrupted by the sound of very loud screaming.]


[And the screaming continues until the communicator times out.]

[ooc; Sai's first reset post in which she will lose all of her memories. Forward dating it cause will most likely be very busy on the 6th.]
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It's been weeks! I still haven't found this square doctor to get this chip out of me.

Being stuck this way is very tiring. Can someone tell me where this square doctor is?
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( Yuki's communicator is currently on the floor and broadcasting a little girl sitting in the shade covered up holding a plush bunny. She is currently crying and looking down at her bunny. )

O-Okasama....Okasama....Mama. Where are you? Why did you take me away from Otosama and Oniisan?

( She's crying softly but enough to be heard.

Small footfalls mix with the light crying until another set of legs pass the screen. As the other child crouches, it becomes obvious it's a younger Tatsumi. His face doesn't show much, except a tinge of boredom as he sighs. )

Let's go.

( He offers Yuki a smile before tugging on her sleeve. It becomes clear that the girl crying is a younger Yuki. She looks up at him and stops crying; a sad face still on her. Yuki grabs what she thinks is another toy (the communicator), then gets up and grabs his hand tightly. )

Let's go find your mom.

( Yuki nods. )

Her name is Juri Kuran...she has long curly hair...and hates rain.

[ooc: blue is Tatsumi. action and video are welcomed.]
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[The video feed had turned on and the image of a cyan haired child looking rather lost appeared. If anyone had been looking around for Ryoko for whatever reason this would be the reason why you haven't seen her lately.]
What is this place...?

[The girl looked worried and gave a nervous tug on her bangs while looking around.]

I don't recognize this remote planet...I..I wonder if this is another one of Kagato's tests.

[Though he usually didn't randomly dump her in a place she didn't know, well at least without telling her first. Her ears drooped slightly at the thought that she might have gotten herself lost. ]

He's going to get mad at me again if he has to look for me. I just know it.

Ah--Ryo-ohki! Ryo-ohki are you here? Please answer!

[Amber eyes glanced up at the sky briefly to look it over. There was no sign of Souja anywhere in the sky and more so Ryo-ohki wasn't anywhere around either. This place looked rather abandoned. Realizing she's probably all alone and possibly Kagato abandoned her. Her eyes began to water slowly and she tried to suppress the sounds of crying.

No, crying was for the weak like he mentioned to her before, but Ryoko hated more than anything to be alone. It was such an awful feeling.]

[ooc:And Ryoko has her chip out. Crying child, wat do? >w< Also, working on other posts I swear I am.]

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