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{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.

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{There's a pause, and some shuffling, like Norway didn't know it had turned on.


There's a clatter when the communicator is dropped, and some norwegian cussing. Cover your ears, children!

Another minute before Nor picks up the damned thing again and starts to talk, sounding rather bored.}

I havn't heard much about what happend, with the letters.
I guess the mission was a bust, eh?

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{The video opens to Nor playing a haunting violin refrain on his gift from the item rain. Ha that rhymed.

The song ends, and he turns to the camera.}

Greece left.
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{All you see is chairs. Chairs everywhere. They're flying. I didn't know flying chairs was a thing in Discedo, but apparently it is.

Oh, no, wait, it's just Norway. He looks... pretty pissed. He's also carrying Danmark's axe, strapped to his back. Might wanna steer clear...}

[ooc; event post at the last possible second go! Nor's got berserk and extra energy and he will throw chairs at you.

No I honestly couldn't think of anything better to do for this.
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{You may or may not be surprised to see a few extra creatures around Dissimulo. Trolls, faeries, that sort of thing. The connection between them? They're all the stuff of myth, and also stuff usually only Norway (and maybe England) could see. That is, if his chip was out.

But why can everyone see them now?

The really big thing is that there's now a big green troll wandering around who looks like this;

His name is Odin and he looks pretty worried, as far as trolls go. If he sees you, he might come up to you and see if you'll help him find his country.

As for Norway, this massive amount of power is straining his human body, and given him a bit of a migrain. He's in his bedroom, attempting to try and reign in his powers. This is where he turns the camera on. He looks pretty tired.}

I'd appreciate pain killers, if anyone has 'em.
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I'd suggest not touchin' each other until the memories stop.
{By which he means, stay away from me.}
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