Mar. 2nd, 2012

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[The video shakes, but nothing can be seen until Tatsumi steps back from the comm. He is grinning wildly and seems very excited.]

Check this out! My back-scratcher changed color [He holds up a simple looking backscratcher, except it is blue and has a leopard print design?] and as weird as it sounds, it lets me change my clothes and stuff!

Just watch! It's really cool!

[Right now you are witnessing a magical girl transformation with sparkles and glowy ribbons and everything... except it's happening to Tatsumi. Yes. He just pretty much flashed everyone ever. Enjoy the freak show.

When the werepire's transformation finishes, you'll notice his outfit:
Not IC Cut - CUT FOR LEOPARd PRINT AND SPAREKLES )After grinning and giving a salute in his new frilly leopard print outfit, he runs back over to the comm and picks it up in some weird sort of excitement.]

See? Wasn't that amazing?!

I haven't really figured out how to make pants yet, but maybe if I keep using it I'll eventually get something better.

[He then points the back-scratcher at the com to say something more but some kind of light shoots out of it towards the screen. Everything goes blue and then the feed cuts.]
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{You may or may not be surprised to see a few extra creatures around Dissimulo. Trolls, faeries, that sort of thing. The connection between them? They're all the stuff of myth, and also stuff usually only Norway (and maybe England) could see. That is, if his chip was out.

But why can everyone see them now?

The really big thing is that there's now a big green troll wandering around who looks like this;

His name is Odin and he looks pretty worried, as far as trolls go. If he sees you, he might come up to you and see if you'll help him find his country.

As for Norway, this massive amount of power is straining his human body, and given him a bit of a migrain. He's in his bedroom, attempting to try and reign in his powers. This is where he turns the camera on. He looks pretty tired.}

I'd appreciate pain killers, if anyone has 'em.
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... Okay, fuck that. Seriously?! That is the last goddamn damn thing I need right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold!! Snow is the worst shit on the planet, no exceptions!! All right, maybe there are some exceptions, but not many!

Anyway, know I've been kinda sparse... I guess if there's anythin' someone needs help on, lemme know! Might as well make good use 'a my time stuck in here, heheheh. When the snow melts, that i--

[--then the (allegedly broken) stove behind him. bursts into flames. nbd.]


[leaping up from where he'd been broadcasting, tearing his coat right off, and attempting to suffocate that flame good. with... varying results. anyway, there's a few more minutes of cursing and him beating the fire with it, before the feed times out.]


locked to marceline, sasuke )
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