Nov. 3rd, 2012

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{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.

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It's too bad the costume doesn't give us certain attributes to go with it.

[Even though his video is turned on Izaya isn't looking at it. Instead he seems far more focused upon his own reflection in a nearby mirror.]

Such as immortality.

[Que a sigh as the informant turns to face the camera. For once his fur coat is gone, the strange ensemble replaced with clothes that actually seemed relatively normal - if not for the attached vampiric wings and teeth.]

Well we can always pretend! So, how about it? Any blood donor's out there~?

Humans preferred. ♥

[Otherwise he might gag.]


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