Feb. 8th, 2012

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[China's sitting comfortably near his low table with a puzzled look on his face.]

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was dressed in a female Beijing Opera costume and I was singing and dancing. Maybe I drank too much at the Lantern Festival, or something, aru.

[He pauses to drink some of his green tea, which was sitting in a teacup on the low table.]

By the way, what's this I keep hearing about memories? Are you saying the dream I had was actually a memory? [Guess who hasn't had any experiences yet.]

[OOC: Hey man, this is China. Anyone is free to view memories ranging from his (lonely) childhood, to his dynasties, the wars, present day, and the Christmas he spent with Stocking here in Discedo (since that's the first and only real memory he's recalled of Discedo so far).]
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[ Good evening, Discedo. ]

[ Things have been a little quiet lately, haven't they? No crazy Frenchmen, no annoying English sibilings, just good old freaky Discedo shenanigans. ]

[ Well, tonight that's going to change. ]

[ Why is it going to change, you ask? Why, because there is a crazy fucking English pirate wandering around the docks, searching for a ship that just isn't there. Cursing like a sailor in an accent that hasn't existed in three-hundred-and-fifty years. ]

This may be an omen, aye, that it be, but I damn the bloody sea-wolf to the depths who thought it good to put me here! Stranded, marooned like a bitch to the world! I'll have their heads and bollocks as well, that be the only sure thing I be saying! [ He's currently waving his cutlass around, threatening things that aren't there (and surprisingly, even he can't see these things he's threatening this time around), acting like a general psychopath as he tries to figure out how the fuck he got here. ]

'tis be true, I be nowt better than the damnable lot, that I be! But why be I here, here of all the God-forsaken places, by George, what have I done to deserve this? [ Woe is him. Yes, he's being influenced heavily in this era by France. How did you guess? He finally takes a seat right in front of the screen, currently unaware that he's being recorded. ]

There be no rum, nor grog, nor nary a drop of wine to cleanse the tongue! Aye, this must be Hell and though I be deserving of it, need it be so cruel to a gentleman o' fortune? [ Misery misery misery. He drops his head a little, pulling off his hat. A few seconds later, the video cuts out. ]

[ ooc: This is England from 1670, and currently he's lost all his previous memories of Discedo. So, this is sort of a reintro! ]
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I'd suggest not touchin' each other until the memories stop.
{By which he means, stay away from me.}

( video; )

Feb. 8th, 2012 07:11 pm
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[ Marceline looks none too happy with the recent happenings. Who knows what people could see in her mind? Hell, they might actually get the impression that she's not as bad she seems, and who wants that? That would be boring. ]

Uuuugghhhhhhhhh. [ Letting out some frustrated growls as she tunes her bass axe. ]

Thought I was done with this whole memory business when I told off my ex. At least I'm not passed out this time. Whatever, as long as none of my memories get erased. Any bonehead tries that, and I suggest you take a good long look at the memory of what happened to my ex when he tried it.

[ I'll give you a hint:

She sighs. Honestly, she can't really be mad if someone accidentally sees something.

Look, here's the deal: you catch a glimpse of anything embarrassing, just leave it, alright? I'll do the same. Unless you're a certain lucky guy named Sadiq.

[ Griinnnnn. ]

While I'm here, any docs around? My whole "look around for the chip myself" thing didn't exactly work as planned.

[ She holds up an arm wrapped entirely in rags. ]

I haven't had an infection in, well, forever, so we best hurry this up.

[ ooc for memory event: if your character wants to see any of Marcy's memories, lemme know! Anything from AT is up for grabs if you're familiar with the series. If not, be prepared for some craziness. ALSO SHE IS SITTING ON THE ROOF OF HER HOUSE IN DISSIMULO so action is welcome! ]

( text; )

Feb. 8th, 2012 08:15 pm
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Greetings my fellow kidnapped peeps living in anarchy! As you guys may have noticed, this place is playing mind games on us. Some of you are thinking "oh shit, this is like that time with the crystals, except you can't accidentally swallow them and have to look at naked pictures of France to vomit them back up." The rest of your are as lost and confused as Andy Warhol when he's off drugs. I know the spooks and some other dudes have got the broadcasted media covered, but you know what this place is sorely lacking?

The truth.

In fact, it goes beyond the truth, because it's so true you don't even need logic or reason to understand. It's a little something I'd like to call... truthiness.


it just gets stupider )

And to whoever who's responsible? I wanna have a few words with you. Privately.
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 [Hello to everyone in Dissimulo this evening! If you're out and about, you might see this woman walking around the town. Her mission: to find out more about this place. There's just two things you need to know:

One, do not sneak up on her. She will find out and clobber you with a rock. A cougar tried that and it ended up dead. Blame instinct.

Two, she doesn't talk much and isn't the friendliest person. So if she ignores you at first, don't worry. But feel free to try and talk to her...

Just watch out for those stray memories that's been going around because her's are not pretty.]

(OOC: So yep, action post! Enil's around both Discedo and Dissimulo tonight and terrible memories are a definite with her. Have fun!)
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