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Sytten {Winter the Seventeenth} - [Video]

{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.

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[Lolita outfits? Seriously? Ilyana is dressed up in a Witch's Outfit herself.]

Umm... that outfit... Sometimes... I really have to wonder what kind of strange sense of humor the scientists must have. I haven't seen your pin though, sorry.
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Umm... that you are wearing a frilly skirt? Or that your pin is missing?

[There's definitely a hint of a smile on her face at the joke she just made.]

What's the significance of your pin?
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[She guessed he missed her joke about informing people of him being in a frilly skirt, but she let it go. The worst thing to do is to try to explain a joke if someone didn't get it, and simply cut your losses.]

Umm... would it be prying if I asked who?
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When did he give it to you?
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Oh... I can see why it's precious to you then. Do you remember when you last saw it? It could be that they thought it was an item of clothing and took it until this dress up game of their's is over.
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And when did you get the clothes?
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Hmm... then perhaps it wasn't connected.
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Do you really think you could?!
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I... you know... you may have a good point.

But some people would argue that there are fates worse than death.
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Norway, your dress looks so pretty! [She can't judge, considering who her brothers are...] Where was the last time you saw your hairpin? I'll help you look for it!
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Could someone have taken it, maybe?

Though I don't want to think anyone here is a thief...
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You always keep your bedroom door locked? [Paranoid much...?]
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I-it's just you at home, right?
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Can you think of anyone who might want to break in? Or maybe one of the smaller monsters took it?